Elke in a black dressElke Porter is a public relations & communications consultant who publishes the Westcoast German News Blog, Das Schwarze Brett Magazine, Germans in Canada Newsletter and works as a part-time secretary on the Board of the German Canadian Business Association.

Elke has a passion for social media, blogging, writing screenplays, photography and creating short YouTube videos.

Elke also creates WordPress websites for entrepreneurs or non-profits and has volunteered for hours at her children’s schools in the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC), as well as at special events.

In the past, Elke worked for 8 years in the field of early childhood education, 3 of them at a German Preschool in Sydney, Australia.  Even then, Elke worked for the local ECEBC organization, editing and writing for their newsletter.  She also contributed to fundraising and special events.

Her educational background includes a diploma in Early Childhood Education, a diploma in print and web design, and finally, a certificate in public relations.  Elke also takes courses, watches how-to’s and reads books to help improve.  Her goal is to create super advertisements and to help her clients get noticed.

The main thing is that Elke believes in the concept of CANI – Constant and Never Ending Improving and works hard to keep updating her knowledge and skills.

About Westcoast German News

This blog started out as a newsletter called “German Voices Vancouver” back in 2007. Before that, I had a nanny agency called “European InHome Services”. It never really got off the ground, but it did introduce me to a wide variety of people that had me thinking how cool it would be go connect the German Community on the west coast with a newsletter. A year later in 2008, I changed it to “Westcoast German News”. I published the newsletter monthly and eventually started my blog. Finally, I started publishing a digital magazine under the name “Westcoast German News” in 2013. I did 6 issues, but it wasn’t financially viable. Ever since then, I have been blogging. So I regularly publish events, stories and articles/press releases about Austrians, Germans & Swiss on this blog. Still happy to find contributors, readers, advertisers, sponsors & columnists from the community!  Lately, I decided to add an events page and a director listings (links) page, as well.

About Das Schwarze Brett Magazine

In 2015, I thought about publishing “Das Schwarze Brett” magazine. Some people wonder where this name came from. In 2003, I became involved with the German Playgroup at the St. Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in East Vancouver. We started that playgroup with 6 children and it is still around today (2018). When I wanted to write a newsletter sharing information, I called it “Das Schwarze Brett”, which loosely translated means “Notice Board” or “Black Board”. Some people feel the name has negative connotations, and that black is associated with death, but I feel, if I keep changing the name, I will have to change all the branding that has led up to the name being discovered in the community, so I am going to leave it at that. Now, on the other hand, if someone wants to sponsor the work it will take to change, for a mere $2,000, I would be willing to spend the time to change the name/colour/philosophy. Das Schwarze Brett accepts advertising in 3 sizes (1/3 page, 1/2 page, full page), sponsors for a whole issue for $2,000 and also classified ads at $10 a line.

German News in Canada

Through a Google search, I discovered a platform called Paper.Li. You can name an online Newspaper, choose a topic and then have it become an aggregator from the web, finding videos, pictures, stories & events that are tied to your topic.  The link to this brand new paper that started January 2017 is https://paper.li/e-1514674290#/ – Let me know what you think and if it is at all helpful.  As I am just newbie, I am limited to 10 “sources” of information, so I tried to pick a variety of topics that would interest Austrian, German & Swiss readers.  This newspaper has no opportunity to advertise, but is more like a convenient place to learn about soccer, food, culture & events both in Germany and here in Canada.