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Time to Sign Up to a German School

German Schools for 2015/2016 Just in case you are new in town, here is list: Vancouver Westside German School http://www.vwgs.org/ Location: Junior (Tuesdays) Lord Kitchener Elementary 3455 W. King Edward Ave., Vancouver, BC V6S 0C7, Canada Contact School to find out whether your child would be in the Junior Department or in the Senior Section. […]

Jaegerhof Restaurant Rave Review

Christopher and Kassandra Gehry purchased the Jaegerhof Restaurant in 2014, when it was 33 years old. Their motto is:  A Taste of the Alps. My husband and I were treated to a meal on Wednesday, July 8th, 2015 at 6 pm, where we both enjoyed the Schnitzel with fried potatoes & Bratwurst, and then a delicious […]

Summer Digital Magazine Almost Ready

I am almost finished publishing the first summer newsletter of the Digital Westcoast German News. Stories, so far, include information on Beatrice Schreiber, the new Bauhaus Restaurant, the Mulvehill Wilderness Resort, the Roedde House Museum, the Saengerfest 2015 and more. If anyone else would like to place an ad, I am asking for a “donation” […]

German Artists Needed ASAP

The “HeArt of Europe” festival is going to be part of VIVA Granville Social Vancouver – weekend of July 18th and 19th creatively transforming streets into vibrant public spaces during the summer. The festival will be located on Granville Street. HeArt of Europe Festival, an exciting family-friendly event, where everyone can experience and enjoy the rich […]

German Classes During Summer 2015!

Summer is a time when it is easy to forget German for children who are learning it as a second language. If you have children who would like to attend 1/2 hour sessions once or twice a week, please let me know: a. Conjugating verbs b. Memorizing and building on vocabulary c. Writing short paragraphs […]

Guide on the Side vs. Sage on the Stage

Unpacking the new draft curriculum in BC (this is one of the few topics that have really nothing to do with German or Germany, but may be of interest to those from Germany interested in moving here and have their children attend school in the district of the Vancouver School Board). “BC participants in consultations, […]

Transgender Rights – Canada vs. Germany

How are these handled by the Law? Transgender topics and trending terms are now dominating the news, thanks to Caitlyn (aka Bruce) Jenner. It is a new world out there, with change coming through the governments, the schools, the courts of law, the media and driven mostly by the GLBT community around the world. Since […]

Keep Up German in Summer Holidays

How can I be sure that my child continues to learn? There are 3 ways to ensure that your child continues to keep up their German language abilities during their 3 months of summer holidays. From the end of May to September 2nd, there is no formal German School and those 12 weeks that can lead to the […]

Saengerfest Highlights

When I was invited to attend the Saengerfest weekend with all related activities, I did not know what to expect. Thursday night was designated a “Welcome Party” where the 8 choirs from Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, Spokane, WA, as well as Kelowna, Richmond, Vancouver and Victoria met at the Alpenclub & sang together.  Friday night, June 5th, was […]

40th Saengerfest – Basic Overview

Successful Saengerfest Thanks to MGV Lyra Surrey, BC – Eight different choirs spent the last 3 years preparing for the 40th Saengerfest, which was held in the Chandos Pattison Auditorium in Surrey on Friday, June 5th, 2015. MGV Lyra was the host choir, and out of their 50+ members, they chose Horst Zimmermann to be the […]