04 Nov 2015
November 4, 2015

Guest Author – Cora Schupp

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Second Generation German



Don’t get me wrong – I love Canada. I was born and brought up here on its soil, water and sun. It will always be first and foremost my home. However, growing up in the 1960’s and 1970’s as children of IMMIGRANTS IN SEARCH OF A BETTER LIFE (sound familiar?) there are some cultural experiences that have been inlayed in many of us – much like decorative art, which contributes to the beauty of the finished object. I think many of you can relate – and maybe not all as Germans, but some as Northern European. At the very least, maybe you will get a chuckle or two.
1) You’ve had it drummed into your head for as long as you can remember to be on time. After all, your Dad was a German Soldier (but not a Nazi, because no one had a Dad that admitted they were a Nazi) and his favourite expression was:

Fünf Minuten vor der Zeit, ist des Soldaten Pünktlichkeit.

This roughly translates as; “To a German Soldier, being punctual means being five minutes early” This can apply to Doctor’s appointments or just meeting a friend for coffee. And heaven forbid if you show up early – you still catch yourselfself waiting in the car in a driveway until your watch reads the correct hour.

German beer mugs2) If you hoist a glass with friends and say “Prosit”, they have to look you in the eye. That doesn’t mean a stare, but our eyes should meet – after all, we will never be as young as this again.
So jung kommen wir nicht mehr zusammen.”

3) You still judge a person on their handshake. Your mom told you over and over again that if a person only offers part of their hand, it means they are cheap. If they won’t give you their hand, which is free, they will not be generous with themselves in other ways. Some people lay their hand in yours and it feels like a cold clammy fish, and others pump so hard you think your hand will break (and you make your living from your hands!)

Shaking handsIn your mind there is nothing ruder than having someone reach out their hand to you to shake it, but they are already looking over your shoulder to see if someone more interesting than you is in the room. You wonder why they bother.

4) You enjoy being a guest in your Canadian friends homes and have had many a good meal and fun times. Everyone is working hard these days, and you especially appreciate the relaxed manner of hosting, and make no judgment calls – hey, you don’t have to cook the meals and you appreciate their generosity and hospitality!

However, when it comes time to invite them to your home, you somehow can’t bring yourself to serve meals on paper plates and plastic cutlery. You have a dishwasher after all, and what good is your fine china if you don’t use it to serve friends? And heaven forbid if there isn’t a freshly laundered and ironed white tablecloth underneath all that goulash and dumplings. You just can’t help yourself! (My parents were Niedersachseners – it’s their fault!)

5) Your idea of heaven on earth is a good sour pickled herring – even better in a cream sauce with apples and onions. Bring up Hackepeter which is raw ground pork on a crusty bun with a raw onion ring, and a raw egg broken over it – your Canadian friends are barfing in the corner just thinking about it, and you are thinking “What’s wrong with that? I don’t get it?”

HackepeterAnd you always wonder why people giggle when you say “Strammer Max“, and you are 58 and google it, and find out why.

6) You know how to make soup out of a bone and an onion. Your friends tell you that when World War III starts, they will run to your house because you will know how to feed them.

7) On the subject of world cuisine, American is on the bottom of the list. You’ve been to Oktoberfest celebration in the States where deep-fried Twinkies were on the menu, next to Bavarian Fish Tacos, warm American beer served in (gulp) plastic cups, and you are wondering why everyone makes such a fuss over your good herring.

8) What ever you do, DON’T MENTION THE WAR. For those not familiar with the inside Fawlty Towers joke, go on YouTube to https://youtu.be/yfl6Lu3xQW0

9) You couldn’t understand why all your parents’ friends talked about Bremen, Berlin, and Cologne at home, but talked about Vienna outside. Then it dawned on you at about age 12, that lots of Germans pretended to be Austrian to their Canadian neighbors, who associated Austrians with the cutsey “Sound of Music” people, all Germans as Nazi’s, and didn’t know the difference between Lederhosen and Leberklosse. (My own Mom said she didn’t want to be a hypocrite, because everyone would find out anyway, and she wanted to be liked for herself. Besides, in the German community, all knew each others accents and dialects anyway.)

10) You were brought up to call everyone Mr and Mrs., or at the least Auntie and Uncle, and to this day you stammer through “sie” grammar rather than “du” because all you really learned at home was family German. Then you go to night school and learn there are 7 different ways to pluralize a noun, and you give up. Right there. But then you visit Germany and everyone is really nice about. I mean really really nice.

11) You have a relative that actually worked in a castle. For a Knight. (My venerable grandmother, who lived to be 97, while hoisting a beer and singing naughty tavern songs, told me that she worked for a Knight in a Castle, in the stables). Ok, Oma, I thought, you are in your cups. Then you do your research and find out that when your Grandma was 14, in 1914, living in Essen, there was a castle in town, owned by a Knight, and is still known today for its horse racing, and you realize she was indeed, probably right.

Max & Mor12) Max und Moritz were infinitely more interesting and evil than The Simpsons.

13) Calendars in Germany always start on a Monday – the first day of work, of course. In Canada they start on Saturdays, split half way through the weekend, which makes no sense at all. You find yourself double checking the dates – never mind the 24-hour clock. 21:00? Ok, minus 12, think, think, oh that’s 9:00 pm. Maybe?

14) Back on the subject of beer: you are immensely proud of the 1516 Purity Law Reinheitsgebot, which insists on only water, barley and hops. The idea of mixing fruit juice in your beer makes you shudder. Only Belgians do that. Or Americans.

15) Everyone has always told you German is a harsh, ugly language, and you believe it. Then you meet an Iranian music teacher that tells you how beautiful it is. How, while singing, you have to draw out the consonants and finish the T crisply, because the audience waits for it in expectation. I.E. Lust and Brust are sung Luuuusssss   T, and Bruussss T. Then everyone sighs and is happy. I finish off with Mr Bean singing Ode to Joy.


This is a true story.

 Curve Digital Service

October 29, 2015

Written by Cora Schupp in New Westminster, BC, CANADA


Cora Schupp Biography


Cora grew up in northern BC but now lives in New Westminster with her husband Hans. She is self employed doing professional bookkeeping and accounting for a variety of clients, and became a published author in April of this year.


Cora and Hans sing in both the Austria Vancouver Club Melody Choir and the Concordia Choir in Vancouver. She speaks a broken “Hoch Deutsch” but has been unable to master a word of “Schwab” or “Bayern”



Cleaning Up in a Dirty Business

Cora Schupp Wrote “Cleaning Up in a Dirty Business” in April 2015.

Alison MacLean is a Seasoned Journalist and Combat Cameraperson

Filming the concert organized by the German Consulate in Vancouver and the Jewish Consulate from Toronto, called “Israel & Germany Two Cultures – One Future” was Alison MacLean’s way of giving back.  She spent 3 months in Afghanistan and really appreciated the help she received from the German Armed Forces at Camp Marmel, among others.

Two ladies at Camp Marmel

Two German Soldiers at Camp Marmel

Camp Marmal is the largest base of the Bundeswehr outside of Germany. It is next to the Maulana Jalaluddin Balkhi International Airport in Mazar-i-SharifAfghanistan, close to the Hindu Kush mountains. The camp was opened in September 2005 and gets its name from the bordering Marmal Mountains. Camp Marmal hosts the staff of the German Armed Forces in Afghanistan, Regional Command North of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), as well as the Quick Reaction Force (QRF), stationed at Camp Mike Spann.

More than 5,000 soldiers are currently stationed at Camp Marmal. Additional forces come from the US, Croatia and 14 other NATO countries as well as from Georgia. From Camp Marmal, ISAF soldiers conduct work in northern Afghanistan related to physical security and joint civil/military projects, in addition to the major task of supplying the Provincial Reconstruction Teams.

People at Camp Marmel

The Police Chief, Afghan Translator and female Police Officer and Uniform recipient.

I am attaching some pictures from Camp Marmal. I have a nice story of my time on Base last year. Very grateful for the support that I received, as all Journalists have become targets in the Arab world. The Base enabled me to have some security. Each day I was in the Mazar E Sharif Community, without protection. I brought Direct Aid to a Orphanage, Women’s Prison, and the Afghan Police Women, who I feature, and outfitted with over 80 Uniforms last year. Camp Marmal has enabled my Direct Aid, and the Vancouver Consulate is now assisting with my Fund for Computers for Orphans, said MacLean in an e-mail.

Three Afghan Orphans

The Third picture is three little girls at the Orphanage that I will continue to assist.

On her last trip Alison MacLean provided Educational, Medical, and Funds to support these three groups.

Now MacLean is focussing on her new documentary called “Burkas2Bullets”, coming out in 2016:

“My documentary focuses on Afghan security, with profiles of police and military women.

Women make up 50 per cent of Afghan society, and a growing number of women are training to become frontline workers.”

Studienleiter & Deutsch-,Russisch-, Urkrainischlehrer/in Gesucht!

Der SL stellt den Studienplan fuer andere Lehrer zusammen und unterrichtet selbst. Der SL bestimmt die Qualität des Unterrichtes, besucht den Unterricht und führt Training für die Lehrer/innen, leitet das Team, ist Vorbild in den Fragen der Struktur des Unterrichts, bestimmt das Sprachniveau der Kinder und Studenten, und ihre entsprechenden Klassen, wählt aus und kontrolliert die Lehrmaterialien und die Ressourcen.

Die Hauptpflichten

  • Durchführung des Unterrichtes (Deutsch, Ukrainisch, Russisch)
  • Management des Ausbildungsprozesses in “Odessa to Berlin”
  • Organisation und Durchführung des Interviews mit Bewerbern und Durchführung der Trainings (der zentrale Punkt der Arbeit als Leiter) für alle Lehrkräfte
  • Management und Führung des Ausbildungsprozesses in “Odessa to Berlin”
  • Vorbereitung und Auswahl der passenden Lehrmaterialien, Bestellung der methodischen Unterstützungen, entsprechend den Studenten und den Schülern entgegenkommen, ihrem sprachlichen Niveau und der Altersgruppe (7 bis 25 Jahren).
  • Vorbereitung und Durchführung der Veranstaltungen, die auf die Unterstützung und die professionelle Entwicklung der Lehrkräfte gerichtet sind.
  • Bereitschaft zum Neuen und zum selbständigen treffen der Entscheidungen

Berufserfahrung in der kommerziellen Branche, Fähigkeit, Geschäfte zu schliessen

Spezielle Forderungen zum Kandidaten:

  • Vorherige Erfahrung in der Führung eigener Sprachschule ist obligatorisch, der Schwerpunkt des Unterrichtens:  Deutsch, Russisch und Ukrainisch
  • Das Beherrschen vom Deutsch, Russisch und Ukrainisch auf dem Niveau der Muttersprachler
  • Bisherige Erfahrung des Unterrichtens nicht weniger als 6 Monate in einem der europäischen deutschsprachigen Länder (Deutschland oder Obstetrik)

Vorherige Berufserfahrung in der kulturellen Branche, insbesondere – auf dem Gebiet der modernen Literature. Die Berufserfahrung in der Organisation der Kulturellen Ereignisse für Jugend und Kinder.

Der Lohn pro Stunde Betragt $40 CAD.
E-mail:  Please send your resume and cover letter to:
ardra (at) primus (dot) ca – put it all together, such as name@host.ca with no spaces!

Interview at the Vancouver Alpenclub on Wednesday, October 28th, 2015


Celebrating 50 years of friendship, the German Consulate General and the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs are pleased to present:

Johanna Krumin and Markus ZugehoerMarkus Zugehör (Piano)
Johanna Krumin (Soprano)

October 29, 2015 at 7:00 pm
Norman Rothstein Theatre
Jewish Community Centre
950 W41st Ave, Vancouver

All proceeds to be donated to the Louis Brier Home and Hospital and the German-Canadian Benevolent Society of BC

Markus Zugehör and Johanna KrummenInterview with Markus Zugehör

  1. How long have you played piano and where?

I started playing piano when I was six years old and enjoyed it. I was always willing to practice, even as a child. When I was 11, I started playing the French Horn. I achieved my Diploma at the Music School in Leipzig in 1995 and after this, studied piano in Leipzig and Paris. I have been playing for over 36 years now. My Grandmother also played piano, which inspired and encouraged me. I was always fascinated by voices, as my parents always had music playing at home.

  1.  What was your career highlight up until now? 

When I attended the International Opera Summer Program in Tel Aviv-Yafo In July 9th to 29th, 2015. After working 3 weeks with the young opera singers who attended the program we performed together and I extremely enjoyed this event because of its very special and intense atmosphere. It was this kind of rare concert where you feel an overwhelming excitement during the whole concert.

  1.   What is your Favourite City to Perform In?

I am somewhat of a nomad and love something about every city I visit and play in. Paris is one of the cities I enjoyed studying in, and Calcutta, where I played my first-ever concert, organized by the Goethe Institute, will always be special to me. And, of course, Vancouver is amazing. It is my first time in Canada, and my first time in Vancouver.

  1.  When did you hear about this concert on the 28th of October?

This concert has been in the planning stages since last year, but I was informed some time in January of 2015, after New Year’s.

  1.  Why is it important for you to participate?

It is important to participate in this concert, because it is a way of communicating without using words. It is a challenge, a privilege and a great honour. The occasion was meaningful, and provided an opportunity to put together a program, using suggestions from the German Consulate in Vancouver, that would communicate a very concrete message of connection and sharing and allow the audience to be brought together and inspired.

  1.  What are some goals you have for the near future?

After returning home from this trip, I plan to take it easy until the New Year. I am still working with a variety of voice students and helping them be the best they can achieve. I can’t say exactly how many students I have, as they tend to travel and show up on a random basis. For approx. 6 years, I have been working with various “body work methods”, such as Cranial/Sacral Therapy and the Continiuum Movement, and combining this with musical activities for my private students and master classes.

  1.  Where can I find out more about you or your Work?

I do not have a website or a Facebook Page, and have recently given up my handy (mobile phone). You can find my works on iTunes, Amazon and Wergo.

On StageConcert HallHanding out flowersStage


VIP RowInterview with Johanna Krumin

  1.  Why did you choose a career in singing?

I sang before I was even able to speak. and have always needed singing, like I need food and drink. I decided to study voice, as I couldn’t imagine doing anything else and wouldn’t have had time if I had any other career. I also love literature and the works of famous composers, such as Bach, Mozart, Schubert and see this as the best that we have to offer. My day is usually spent doing voice and muscle training, meditation, and studying music. I interpret and sing other peoples songs, but I have not composed original works.

  1.  What was it like performing at the Mongolian State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre in Ulan Bator?

During the era of the Soviets, the Mongolian State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre was constructed. I had an amazing 3-months there, funded by the government of Austria, where I was able to work with a team of Mongolian singers.

  1.  How often have you played with Markus Zugehör?

We met during an engagement in Gewandthaus in Leipzig, Germany, for the first time in 2002, and since then we have played together regularly. We also have a CD that we have released together.

  1.  Waren sie schon einmal in Vancouver?  Wenn ja, wie gefällt es ihnen hier und wenn nein, worüber haben sie sich am meisten gefreut einmal hier zu sein?

When I was a child, I remember visiting a relative in Toronto. I cried when I had to go back home and remember thinking: Some day I am going to move to Canada. As a child, my experiences in Canada deeply moved me. This is why I think it is neat that I could come here and play in this country, especially since I still haven’t moved here, as planned. I am really enjoying my time in Vancouver and look forward to some of the events that the German Consulate has set up for us while here: visits to the Vancouver Alpenclub to play skat, a trip to Steveston, a tour of the city with stops in Chinatown and Gastown, a trip to Whistler and the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish. Basically getting an insight on life on the west coast.

  1.  Why is it important to you to participate in this particular concert?

My parents often talked to me about the importance of the Holocaust. To me, Jewish Musicians were also part of our German Culture and I just couldn’t imagine one without the other. Composers, such as Felix Mendelssohn, Leonard Bernstein and Gustav Mahler, are worth their weight in gold. Their contributions provide both material to work with and inspiration.

  1.  What are some plans you may have for the future?

I never make plans for the future, but I do have a few exciting projects coming up in the New Year. There are some that will be particularly interesting and I look forward to new experiences.

  1.  Where can I buy your CD?

You can buy my music on iTunes, Amazon & http://www.wergo.de/shop/de_DE/artists/23/johanna-krumin/


And this is really what it was all about:

Germany & Israel standing together:

Four VIP's


26 Oct 2015
October 26, 2015

Belgian Mission – CETA Seminar

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The Seminar

Selfie at the Fairmont HotelWhen I was invited to the two-hour “The Canada-EU Trade Deal:  Impact on Your Business” Seminar, I decided to go, just to see what is happening with CETA.  I heard my first mention of CETA in 2010 and always wondered what the delay was. Recently, the new General Consul to Germany, Josef Beck, explained to me how the 1500 page ceta doPanel of Speakers at Belgin Seminarcument has to be translated into the 28 official languages, which can take 6-months or longer. I have to admit, I did not really take all the translation work into account.  I just assumed the document would be in English. The Consolidated CETA Text can be found here:  http://www.international.gc.ca/trade-agreements-accords-commerciaux/agr-acc/ceta-aecg/text-texte/toc-tdm.aspx?lang=eng

The moderator of the seminar was Mr. Luc Luwel, from the Association of Belgian Chambers of Commerce.  He began the day by introducing Ms. Christine Hogan,Canada’s Federal Deputy Minister of International Trade, who was the first to speak.  Then the Honourable e. Marie-Anne Conns, the European Ambassador to Canada from Ottawa had a turn.  All speeches took place in the “Vancouver Island Room” on the conference floor at the Fairmount Hotel Vancouver on Georgia Street.  Once the main speeches were done, the Panel was set up.

The Panel consisted of Mr. Bart Van Vooren, an Attorney in Brussels/Belgium,  Mr. Piet Vanthemsche, the President of the Belgian Farmer’s Union.  Then, Mr. Celso Bascariol, President of the EU Chamber of Commerce in Canada-West, as well as an Attorney for Watson & Goepel LLP in Vancouver spoke.  We also heard from Mrl Jayson Myers, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist at the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters.  Finally, Mr. Valere Vangeel, the Belgian Federal Ministery of Economy, SME’s, Self-Employed & Energy, was asked to present the closing statements.

Panel of Speakers
Selfie with Belgian Delegate

The panel members each received a turn to talk, then we had a question and answer session.  My question was “Now that Trudeau has been elected, what does he say to CETA?”  The response was that they felt he supported CETA and that he hasn’t changed his mind since he first expressed his thoughts.  The aim of the seminar was to provide insight into how the CETA agreement could influence your business and how you should prepare for this now!


Canada and European Union (EU) Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement was created due to the fact that “Canada’s historical and cultural ties with the EU make it an ideal partner for an ambitious, comprehensive trade agreement. In fact, the EU is already our second-largest trade and investment partner, next only to the United States. The EU, with its 28 member states, 500 million people and annual economic activity of almost $18 trillion (see Table 1), is the world’s largest economy, bigger than the United States (see Table 2). CETA will eliminate tariffs for Canadian goods entering the EU market, providing them preferential access not enjoyed by our competitors in other countries, which still face tariffs. CETA will also guarantee Canadian service suppliers secure preferential market access. These improvements to our trading relationship with the EU will give Canadian businesses—from farms to engineering consultancies—new opportunities to increase their exports of world-class goods, services and expertise.” A lot more information can be found here:  http://international.gc.ca/trade-agreements-accords-commerciaux/agr-acc/ceta-aecg/understanding-comprendre/overview-apercu.aspx?lang=eng

More Seminars

Seminar ‘The Agro-Food sector in Belgium: Together Strong in Quality & Innovation’
Tuesday October 27, 9:30am-11:30:
Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, Vancouver Island Room, Conference Floor
900 Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC, V6C 2W6

Register by sending an email to: BelgianAgroFoodSeminar@shaw.ca

20 Oct 2015
October 20, 2015

Book Launch at TenTen Tapas!

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TenTen Tapas - under Burrard Street Bridge.

TenTen Tapas – under Burrard Street Bridge.

Last night, Monday, October 19th, also known as Election Day in Canada, I attended Sandra Rechsteiner’s Book Launch at TenTen Tapas, just below the Burrard Street Bridge at 5:30 pm. Her book called “Your Natural Health Beauty and Wellness Guide” was published on Amazon on Kindle late September and will now soon be available in the German language in Europe.

At first, I found the venue a little challenging to find, especially since I had never been there before.  We used to live on Robon Street in downtown Vancouver and had often visited the neighbourhood, because there used to be a Thai restaurant that we liked.  But Sandra made the right decision to hold her charming event in such a nice venue.  (www.tententapas.com) We all received a gift card for free Tapas and I will definitely be going back to try them out.

Sandra Rechsteiner (left) and Derek Oelmann.

Sandra Rechsteiner (left) and Derek Oelmann.

Once inside, and meeting owner Derek Oelmann, I, and all of the other attendees had such a good time.  Sandra has such a large collection of friends and associates from her days as a fitness coach, from her days as a Networking Marketing specialist for Forever Living Products (Forever Living is a multi-billion dollar company with a presence in over 145 countries that manufacture and sell dozens of exclusive, beneficial wellness products based on one of nature’s purest gifts – aloe vera.), from her days attending Millionaire-related events, from her business as a lifesyle and motivational coach, from her eWomen’s Network and just from everyone she has met along the way. Sandra is also the founder of “Accomplish Now”, her business that will show you how to live a “Level 10 Life”.

She will help and empower you to believe in yourself and your abilities.  As a cancer crusher, she has the power of a “Never Give Up” mindset. She teaches you how she learned to THINK and DREAM BIG, how to transform your body and mind, and how to get rich doing what you love. Find your passion & purpose and live Your life to the fullest. You deserve it. Sandra teaches you how to take action Now.

“I don’t even have to hear what Sandra is saying, I just have to watch the energy and animation she uses to express herself and I am already inspired.”

Quote by me (and everyone else that I talked to about Sandra).

IMG_6576The bookEveryone had an opportunity to sample some flavoured aloe vera gel with either red wine or white wine, to enjoy some tasty Tapas, while choosing the items for the gift bags. We were encouraged to take silly selfies, to leave a video testimonial, to be creative and excited.  Sandra gave a short presentation on Aloe Vera and her book, then she showed us a 2-minute video about aloe vera and how it is produced, and finally she was live interviewed by me with just a few questions regarding her journey to finishing her book, and then the door prize drawing was done.  This is for a 3-day Millionaire Summit that will be held in May 2016.

Sandra was born and raised in Switzerland, where she married had a child and then was diagnosed with cancer when her son was two.  This was the catalyst that helped change her life.

IMG_6587Rest of the story from her website:  (http://accomplishnow.com/bio-sandra-rechsteiner/)

In 2012, Sandra followed her heart and immigrated to Canada with her family where she decided to live her mission and create greatness. She gave up a great career and a great Lifestyle to find her calling and purpose in life.  For Sandra, her mental and physical health, are always of the utmost importance. She became a certified Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Fitness Coach and teaches others a physical and mental Healthy Living. She is currently pursuing her dream to become a Millionaire and on that journey wants to help millions of others achieve their Health and Wealth dreams too. Freedom means the world to her.

She is now actively helping change peoples lives, she helps ordinary people achieve extraordinary lives by mentoring them simply, effectively and flexibly to develop their own home-based business within one of the biggest industries, Health & Wellness.

Sandra realized early in her career that a) she is passionate about people and their abilities. Her mission is to globally create better Health & Wealth. and b) she is passionate about Personal Growth. She has helped many people find their purpose and passion to succeed in Business and in life.

15 years expertise in Human Resource and Potential Management,  Founder of Coaching/Training Company in Switzerland, World Traveler, certified Personal Trainer, Lifestyle Fitness Coach, Wife and Mother, Certified Train the Trainer, Peaks Training by T. Harv Eker, #1 NY Bestseller “The Secret to the Millionaire mind” Been trained by Blair Singer, Adam Markel, Dennis Cummins, Joel D. Roberts, Sam Crowley, Loral Langemeier

You can purchase Sandra’s book here:  http://www.amazon.com/Natural-Health-Beauty-Wellness-Guide/dp/1517160383

Sandra can be seen here with Monika Becker with Clear Directions (http://cleardirections.ca/)  and Michela Quilici, Managing Director of the eWomen’s Network Vancouver Metro Chapter.

Sandra, Monica, Michela

19 Oct 2015
October 19, 2015

Volunteer German Translator Needed!

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I have already translated this letter sent out by SOS Kinderdorf.  Since I am not a “Native German Speaker”, I would like someone who speaks good German to have a look to ensure that the grammar is correct and that everything makes sense.

Are you willing to help out?  Good cause for charity! Here is a short explanation and below is the fundraising letter.

SOS-Kinderdorf im Überblick

Alles begann mit einer Idee: Ein Kind braucht eine Mutter, Geschwister, ein Haus und ein Dorf. Um Kriegswaisen ein Zuhause zu geben, gründete Hermann Gmeiner 1949 das erste SOS-Kinderdorf im österreichischen Imst. 1956 folgte mit dem SOS-Kinderdorf Ammersee die erste deutsche Einrichtung dieser Art. Heute ist SOS-Kinderdorf weltweit in 134 Ländern und Territorien mit über 2.400 Einrichtungen vertreten.

Träger der SOS-Kinderdorf-Arbeit sind jeweils die SOS-Kinderdorf-Vereine in den verschiedenen Ländern. In Deutschland helfen insgesamt etwa 3.400 Mitarbeiter in 43 Einrichtungen mehr als 95.000 Menschen. Darüber hinaus unterstützt der deutsche SOS-Kinderdorfverein 127 SOS-Einrichtungen in 42 Ländern weltweit.




Liebe Familien

“Ich hasse Halloween!”

Das ist was Kendra, ein neunjaehriges Pflegekind, das gerade unserer SOS Kinderdorf in Surrey beigetreten ist, mir ein paar Tage her erzaehlt hat. Ich war schockiert!

Halloween ist eine Zeit fuer Kinder ihre Kreativitat freuen lauf zu lassen, um sich in eine Welt der Geister und Kobolde zu vorstellen, und die Aufregung aller Dinge gespensterisch zu geniessen. Fuer viele Kinder ist es eine Feier auf die sie seit Monaten schon freuen. Aber Kendra wollte nicht, an irgend etwas Teilnehmen – nicht das Verkleiden, nicht die Dekoration , nicht einmal die Süßigkeiten.Tagelang konnte Kendra’s Pflegemutter sie kaum ueberzeugen, dass es Sicher war das Haus zu verlassen, weil sie so viel Angst vor Halloween hatte. Auf die grossen Nacht selbst, als die ersten kostumierten Daemonen an die Tuer klopften, weinte Kendra und versteckte sich.

Meistens lieben Kinder Halloween, also waren wir zuerst von Kendras Angst verwirrt. Dann, als ich mehr ueber ihr Leben erfahren habe, bevor sie nach SOS Kinderdorf kam, fing ich an zu verstehen, warum Kendra die “Gruseligste Nacht des Jahres” nicht spassig oder spanndend fand. Wie viel Pflegekinder, hat Kendra jeden Tag mit Angst, Gewalt und Misshandlung gelebt. Zu jeder Zeit konnten die Erwachsene um sie herum in Monster verwandeln, und nicht die Erfundene die uns auf Halloween begeistern, aber Echte, die das Leben von Kindern mit Gewalt und Schmerz erfuellen.

Bisher war Kendras Kindheit schlimmer, als die meisten von uns sich vorstellen koennen. Aber Sie koennen uns helfen, Kendra mit Liebe und Sicherheit zu erfuellen, so dass im naechsten Halloween Kendra sich Sicher genug fuehlt, ihre Phansasie freien Lauf zu lassen. Mit eine Spende an SOS Kinderdorf, sind Sie Sicher, dass Kendra und andere Pflegekinder die Hilfestellung und therapheutische Behandlung erhalten, das sie brauchen um von Jahren von Misshandlung und Vernachlaessigung zu heilen.

Bei SOS Kinderdorf BC, haben Pflegekinder die Moeglichkeit in innovative Programme teilzunehmen, deren Ergebnisse sich beweisen haben. Im vergangenen Jahr, haben unsere professionelle Berater und Therapeuten 84 Kindern und Jugendlichen geholfen Hoffnung und Kraft zu finden, Freundschaften zu schliessen und in der Schule erfolgreich sein. Das ist eine 75% Erhoehung dem Vorjahr gegenueber, und mit ihrer Hilfe, werden die Zahle der Kinder die Hilfe brauchen bei SOS Kinderdorf weiterhin wachsen.

Jetzt, wo sie ein Haus im SOS Kinderdorf BC gefunden hat mit uns, nimmt Kendra an unserem Dorf-zentrierte Kunsttherapie und an intensiven Drama und Erzaehlung Therapie teil. Es ist ein Teil des Fokus hier im Dorf fuer Kinder die ein seelischen Schock gelitten haben. auf spielerische und liebevolle Art Therapie auszufuehren. Kendras Fortschritte in diesen Programmen werden sorgfaeltig durch das Dorf hoch ausgebildere Therapeuten ausgefuehrt, die Helfen, dass sie sich sicher und unterstuetzt genug fuehlt das Trauma in ihrer Vergaengenheit zu verarbeiten.

Wir wollen Sicher sein, das Kendra auch Spass hat. Das ist wichtig, weil verletztbare Kinder wie Kendra, mussen lernen, das sie Spielen duerfen und wie sie ihre Kreativitaet entdecken koennen. Nach allem was Kendra schon in ihrem kurzen Leben erlebt hat – Gewalt, Vernachlaessigung und Schmerzen – werden wir ihr helfen, dass sie sich Sicher fuehlt, und wieder lachen kann.

Jedes Kind verdient es mit Liebe, Respekt und Sicherheit aufzuwachsen. Das SOS Kinderdorf BC bietet liebevolle, sichere und stabilie Haeuser, an Kinder wie Kendra, die nie gewusst haben, wie es ist, ohne Angst zu leben. Durch Therapie und Beratung helfen wir diese Kinder, ihr vergangenen Trauma zu verarbeiten, und die Angst und Schrecken zu ueberwinden, damit sie sich voll und ganz Entwickeln koennen. Sie koennen eine bessere Zukunft fuer Kinder, Pflegekinder und Jugendliche schaffen, mit eine heutigen Spende an das SOS Kinderdorf BC. Sie werden unsere innovative Therapien unterstuetzen, die Heilung und Trost fuer die schwaechsten und gefaehrdeten Kinder und Jugendliche in unsere Gesellschaft anbieten.

Ich frage mich, wie Kendra sich naechstes Jahr zu Halloween verkleiden wird? Als Prinzessen? Als Ballerina? Als Schmetterling? Jetzt, wo Kendra in Sicherheit ist, und die Pflegen und Unterstuetzung bekommt die sie braucht, wird ihre Welt sich in vielen verschiedenen Wegen eroeffnen. Ihr Fantasie kann sie auf eine wunderbare Reise nehmen, und in der Zukunft kann sie hier gedeien, dank Ihre Unterstuetzung vom SOS Kinderdorf BC.

Eine Spende an das SOS Kinderdorf BC ist schnell und einfach zu erledigen. Um eine Online-Spende besuchen Sie einfach unsere Webseite unter www.sosbc.org und clicken sie auf den “Spendenbutten”. Oder rufen Sie uns einfach bei 604-574-2964 – an. Es dauert einen kurzen Augenblick ihre Spenden Infos ueber das Telefon zu geben.

Sie koennen auch die Antwortkarte unten ausfuellen. Wie auch immer Sie sich entscheiden zu geben, oder wieviel sie geben, ihre Spende wird einen grossen Untershied in dem Leben eines Pflegeskindes machen. Wir hoffen, das Kendra ein glueckliches Halloween im naechsten Jahr feiern kann!

mit freundlichen Gruessen,

Douglas Dunn

Executive Director, SOS Children’s Village BC

PS Ihre Spende wird dafuer sorgen, dass Kendra und alle Pflegekinder in unserem Dorf Therapie und Beratung bekommen, die sic brauchen. Bei SOS BC wollen wir, die ersten von 563 internationalen Haeusern sein, die intensive therapeutische Programmierung anbietet.

18 Oct 2015
October 18, 2015

2015 Election Poem

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Nicht gerade Deutsch!  Not German, sorry!


There are strange things spun as the election is run
To choose Canadas leader this year.
The election trails lead to Facebook tales
That will fill you with wonder and fear.
The Internet sites have the strangest prizefights
But the one that has me floored
Is the pushing back and the counterattack
When its really the same across the board
By Elke Porter
With a tribute to Robert Service

15 Oct 2015
October 15, 2015

SOS Children’s Village Gala

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Gingerbread Village - Peak of ChristmasThis year, for the first time, they are pleased to introduce tabled seating and a buffet dinner for their 21st Annual Holiday Gala

We invite you to join us at Vancouver’s preeminent spectacle of holiday magic – now celebrating over two decades of success! It’s your exclusive opportunity to view the premiere of the SOS Children’s Gingerbread Village before the general public, and the perfect way to kick off the holiday season in style and elegance.

The exciting new venue format for this year’s Gala features tables and chairs for all guests, with a delightful buffet dinner and dessert. Global BC Personality Kaitlyn Herbst will be the Master of Ceremonies for this special evening. Last year’s Gala sold out two weeks early, so we recommend purchasing your tickets well ahead of time.

The 21st Annual Holiday Gala takes place atop beautiful Grouse Mountain, the Peak of Christmas, and is a festive evening featuring fine wines, craft beer, and delicious food – all in support of a good cause. After your magnificent Skyride up the mountain, be among the first in the Lower Mainland to wander through the famed SOS Children’s Gingerbread Village. The enchanting Village sets the standard for gingerbread works of art in Vancouver, and the level of detail used by local culinary experts in their creations is astounding.

At the Holiday Gala, you will be treated to a wonderful experience of live entertainment, captivating live & silent auctions, a trip raffle, and a 50/50 draw – this is a night you don’t want to miss.

With over 200 guests expected to attend, including all our key partners, the most rewarding part of the evening is that net proceeds go directly to SOS Children’s Village BC’s programs and homes for local foster children, and for homeless youth who are struggling to live independently.

Dress code: Cocktail Attire

Purchase Your Tickets Online:
$99 EACH

Includes: A delicious buffet dinner with dessert, wine and beer, and live entertainment. (A Skyride and parking pass, a $52 value, are also included in the ticket price.)

– See more at: http://www.sosbc.org/news-events/gala

Sandra HappyCertified trainer & lifestyle Coach Sandra Rechsteiner has written a book “Your Natural Health Beauty and Wellness Guide” that will show anyone interested how to reach for success at her October 19th Book Launch at TenTen Tapas at 5:30 pm on Monday:http://powerofaloeverabooklaunch.eventbrite.com/.

For just $25, will participate in a selfie-contest, sign a video guestbook, and receive a free copy of the book, complimentary drinks & appetizers, as well as a gift bag full of surprises. Members of the media will receive a free pass just for attending. Rechsteiner will also read from her book and be available to show her fans how to stay vital, fit, healthy, beautiful & happy.

Rechsteiner founded the company “Accomplish Now” in 2012 and offers a mix of health and business coaching. She is a “cancer crusher” and has a “Never give up.” attitude that helps her move towards her goal of being a healthy millionaire, as well as showing others how to follow in the same path with sheer energy & enthusiasm.

Sandra is such an amazing, energetic and positive person, who empowers me every time. She always believes in me and more importantly, made me believe in myself for the first time in my life.” says Lindsay Y., a client of Accomplish Now.

Accomplish Now is a global leader in personal development and holistic health. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to help her clients shape up, feel great and be the person that they always wanted to be. Swiss-born Sandra Rechsteiner is not only a coach and personal trainer, but also mentors people to find their purpose and passion to succeed in business and in life. Due to high demand of her book, Rechsteiner will also be launching a German translation in Europe in November.

Her next book will focus on her own truly inspirational story: the mindset that allowed her to survive cancer and reach for her big goals now. Anyone interested can learn more at http://www.accomplishnow.com. Rechsteiner’s book is available on Amazon & Kindle.