About Elke

Elke is a connector, a promoter, a writer and a blogger who loves to build community, attend events and network with other entrepreneurs. Whether you need help with advertising, public relations, social media or communications, she is there for her clients.

Continuing Stories

I still keep a variety of German magazines at home that are no longer published in 2014. One of these is the Infokus Magazine, that is labelled “Das Magazin fuer Deutsch-sprachige in Kanada”. The publisher was Richard Weichsler, who also also offered a show called “TV Deutsch” on Shaw TV. This was labelled as “Multikultur […]

Countdown to Christmas

Twas the month before Christmas and all through BC, People were & shopping & setting up their Christmas Tree The stores started sales beginning in November, For those celebrating on the 25th of December. Many cultures added diverse celebrations From all corner of the world BC welcomes the nations. The cooking, the baking, the foods […]

Children’s Nikolaus Party 2015

  ST NICHOLAUS PARTY AT THE ALPEN CLUB Der Nicholaus kommt… St Nicholaus will come on Sunday 6th of December to the club. Come and join us for this old German custom Starting at 12:00PM in our Jaegerstube (next to the restaurant) Free food will be provided at 12:00PM sharp (Wiener Wurst, Chicken Fingers, Peas […]

Upcoming German Christmas Events

German Parents and Children in Vancouver! Sign-up your children for the daily Advent-Storyteller event at the Vancouver Christmas Market: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/10C0E4EA5AF28A6F85-advent2/13390661 Explore many fun children’s activities, e.g. making your own traditional mini Herrnhuter Star at the Vancouver Christmas Market (recommended age: 8+), for images click here: http://mybrilliantstar.com/ Senior students: volunteer with the many German speaking vendors – an excellent hands-on experience to […]

Value Proposition or USP

How Can I Differentiate myself or my business?  What is my Value Proposition? This information is for small business owners or entrepreneurs that are attempting to launch one or two products into the local market.  It may be importing something from Europe, or bringing an European concept to life in Vancouver or just introducing a […]

Setting up a Sitemap

Part II There is more than one way to skin a fish. So, when I needed a Sitemap according to the next item on my to-do list, I went to plugins and downloaded a “XML Sitemap Feed” to help Google know what pages to crawl. Then I realized that I had also downloaded an SEO […]

Getting Going on Google

Part I Some entrepreneurs are still stuck in the starting phase of trying to get their German business website and social media sites off the ground. Others have had them for years, but they are not ranking very high on Google. Yet this is what people want and need. I have been getting so many […]

Promoting your German Business in Vancouver

Let us say that you are importing a product from Austria, Germany or Switzerland to Vancouver, BC and would like to promote this to your target audience. Your target audience can be Canadians that immigrated here from Europe, Europeans that are here on a temporary basis, or just anyone who enjoys high quality German products. […]

SEO and the Google Spider

Search Engine Optimization Help with Google Spider In order for Google to keep their index up-to-date, they send out a spider to do their work for them.  These spiders crawl around from one website to another, especially favouring newer websites that have a higher PageRank, or that have more links leading to them from legitimate […]