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Currently, we are looking for Language Quality Assurance Reviewers for various languages (Thai, Hindi, Japanese, Spanish (Spain and Latin America), Traditional Chinese, French (France), Italian, Thai, Czech, Portuguese Brazilian and more…)

At Globalme, the Language Quality Assurance Reviewer is the guard of quality translations. You will need to review localized products such as websites, mobile applications, games, training etc. and ensure that these products are ready to be released to target markets. Some products will also require light functional testing. In addition to functional and linguistic reviews, a Quality Assurance Reviewer creates style guides and provides linguistic input as needed.

This is a project based, on call, part time position that can turn into a full time for the right candidates.


A language Quality Assurance Reviewer:

Is a native speaker of a target language, with higher education completed in their country.
Has excellent language skills (both in their own language and in English).
Pays close attention to detail – this is a must.
Is able to read and follow complex instructions.
Has a curious personality – you will need to investigate things, search on the Internet in ways that you have probably never searched before. Simply, you need a curious personality.
Needs to feel comfortable using computers (not only email, Facebook, and the internet). You will need to install/uninstall programs and find your way around.
Considers themselves as a tech savvy person.
Has an up to date computer with stable internet connection.

An ideal candidate is also:

Clever and fast — you understand things quickly and are not confused about simple things.
Computer savvy — you consider yourself as a technical person and get excited about new technologies, applications etc.
Driven — you’re not someone who needs to be micromanaged and you don’t wait around for problems or quality concerns to hit others’ radars before brainstorming a fix.
Problem solver — you figure out problems that rarely have textbook solutions. “Let me figure this out” is a sentence you use often.
Open to receiving feedback — you focus on solutions and improvements rather than finding excuses why something doesn’t work.
Positive — you have a “nothing is impossible attitude”. You believe that everything can be done.
Self-starter — you see a clear link between your actions and their outcomes. You don’t sit around and wait for others to tell you what to do.
Resourceful — you have a head with plenty of good ideas.
Eligible to work in Canada for at least 10 months from the application time.
Background in linguistics is preferred.
This is a project based, on call position where many projects can be done from home.
Compensation: Depending on experience, starting at $20 per hour

Languages we’re looking for:

Spanish (Spain and Latin America)
Traditional Chinese

Globalme is a young and dynamic localization company that is committed to providing high quality and friendly localization services. We provide a unique work environment where employees are encouraged to grow and experiment by challenging the status quo. What else creates a better work place than having a team of individuals who are passionate about the work they do?
We recognize that every person, whether a contractor or employee, is an important contributor to our company’s success. A friendly work environment that promotes collaboration and constructive feedback is always a top priority for Globalme. You will have a chance to learn from others and to be recognized for your outstanding performance.
Are you a linguist? Fill out our linguist application form here.

Don’t see the right opportunity above?

We are interested in hearing from you. Drop us a line and let us know what sets you apart from the crowd.

Saturday, January 20 – 10am

Alliance Française de Vancouver

Register by email:

For all kids around the ages of 3 and 6 years

Kids are the best! is a sentiment very much backed by science, at least when it comes to language learning. At our new bilingual storytime, we capitalize on this fact and let kids dive right into a well of fun adventures, rhymes, and stories. No matter how you and your kids exact lingual background may look like, our native speakers of French and German will get everyone quickly immersed in the library books we select for each session.

Come and join us for the first session on January 20, 10 a.m. upstairs at our library‘s Kids corner and prepare to take home a new word (or two). A bientôt & bis dann!


Für Kinder im Vorschulalter (von ca. 3- 6 Jahren)

Kinder, Kinder!
Sie können alles – nur wissen sie es noch nicht. Besonders bemerkbar macht sich das im Spracherwerb, bei dem die Devise „früh und viel“ lautet, am besten ganz en passant. In unserer zweisprachigen Vorlesestunde laden wir alle Kinder im Vorschulalter ein, in die Welt der Helden und Heldinnnen, der Abenteuer und Alltagsrätsel einzutauchen, möglich gemacht durch Bücher aus der Bücherei, die von unseren muttersprachlichen Mitarbeitern und Freiwilligen abwechselnd auf Deutsch und auf Französisch vorgetragen werden.

Unser erstes Treffen findet am 20. Januar um 10 Uhr morgens statt, oben in der Kinderbücherei der Alliance Française. See you then, à bientôt!

January 14, 2pm we open our door to feature the Great War sketches from the famous German typographer Rudolf Koch.

It is the first time that theses sketches are shown outside Germany. We have the German consulate as guests and there will be sausages and pretzels provided by Arctic Meats.

January 14, 2pm the Port Moody Station Museum is holding the exhibition opening for Rudolf Koch As he Saw it. The museum is proud to have arranged the first first North America showing of the Great War sketches from the famous German typographer R Koch. For the first time ever the museum will exhibit 40 drawings; which Koch created in the trenches of the Great War.
By 1914 Rudolf Koch had already established his reputation as a typographer, working for the Klingspor type foundry. Feeling the pull of the war and the need to support his country, Koch
went to war at the age of 40.
In his own words he felt it was wrong to draw while his comrades were fighting, hence all his drawings were made behind the lines and did not depict fighting.
Koch who was very religious; felt a sense of fraternal responsibility because of this, he was
alway concerned with the role of humanity in our everyday lives. His art conveys and reflects
upon the life of the average soldier, no matter which side they served on. The observer sees
detailed studies of soldiers picking fleas out of their uniform tunics, delighting in the delivery of
food or returning from the work on a trench.
Koch is very much a craftsman; he used the War to also create botanical drawings, which
would later find its way into his botanical books. Koch ever open to creativity, appreciated the well constructed Russian defence systems; rather than seeing them only as an enemy, he acknowledged a broader perception.
After the war Koch set up the Offenbach workshop; a group dedicated to the promotion of art and craftsmanship. Koch carved the metal blocks directly to create his typeface Neuland. Among the many books he produced; his two very important works were on Signs and Christian Signs.

Koch studied signs as an important form of communication, he looks at signs ranging from
ancient runes, to astronomical and religious signs.
The opening of this premiere of never before shown sketches is interesting for artists and
enthusiasts who delight in fine drawings and the conversations that arise from the interaction.The sketches are on loan from the Klingspor Museum in Offenbach. A museum dedicated to typography and book design; as such these drawings are interesting to any designer who is curious or looking into the genius of Koch; who created many typefaces and was an expert calligrapher.
Koch’s amazing collection of signs; as per his wishes, were intended to be free of copyright and a source of inspiration for other designers. In this spirit of creative brotherhood; ARION Press in San Francisco and P22 Type Foundry in Buffalo, USA have allowed the museum to reproduce some of the exquisite materials.
Please join us for the opening and come and enjoy the food donated by Arctic Meats in Port
Coquitlam. Printing services were subsidized by Alliance Printing in Coquitlam.

RSVP and queries can be sent to:
Markus Fahrner museum coordinator
(604) 939-1648
2734 Murray St
Port Moody BC V3H 1X2

Rudolf Koch Poster "As he saw it"

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Copyright for Poster – send in via Markus Fahrner







Here is a letter from the Outreach Coordinator of the German Canadian Care Home: loosely translated, they are offering two events that the public can join them in:

a.  January 13, 2018 – Feuerzangenbowle Movie starring Heinz Rühmann

b.  January 27, 2018 – Dr. Florian Gassner (UBC) will moderate the topic of Music as Religion – Beethoven, Wagner & Nietschke

These events take place on Saturdays at 2 pm – they will serve coffee/tea and cake; donations are welcome

All guests are welcome. For more information please contact:

Waltraud Custer
Outreach Coordinator
German-Canadian Benevolent Society of BC
2010 Harrison Drive
Vancouver, BC, V5P 2P6

Liebe Freunde,

2017 brachte für jeden von uns eine gemischte Palette von Erlebnissen, für den einen gut, den anderen nicht so gut.

Mit unseren Themen war es ähnlich, manches gefiel, manches nicht so sehr. Aber wir werden uns wieder  bemühen ein Programm zu gestalten, das für jedes Interesse etwas zu bieten hat.

Durch Ihre Anwesenheit, in Ihrer Einzigartigkeit, sind Sie  immer ein Geschenk für die Bewohner des Heimes und auch  für die anderen Teilnehmer .

Nun wünsche ich Ihnen für das Jahr 2018 , was Sie sich selbst von Herzen wünschen, Freude, Gesundheit und Mut zum Lieben und geliebt sein. Und mögen Sie die Kraft und den Glauben an die Erfüllung Ihrer Wünsche nicht verlieren.

Wir fangen das Jahr 2018 am

  1. Januar mit dem wohlbekannten und klassischen Film <Die Feuerzangenbowle> an,

in der Heinz Rühmann die Hauptrolle spielt. Das DVD bietet Untertitel an.

Am 27. Januar wird Dr. Florian Gassner (UBC) zum  Thema < Musik, als Religion> referieren. Das Thema wird durch die Musiker Beethoven, Wagner und Nietzsche erläutert.

Folgen Sie der Beschilderung, rechts herrunter und durch den unteren Parkplatz.

Wie immer servieren wir um 14.00 Uhr Kaffee, Tee und  Kuchen.

Das jeweilige Programm folgt um 14:30 Uhr. 

Gäste sind stets willkommen. 

Wir freuen uns über Ihre Spenden, die die Kosten für Kaffee, Kuchen und sonstige Auslagen tragen helfen.

Vielleicht haben Sie Lust bei den Vorbereitungen und dem Servieren mitzuhelfen.
Ein oder zwei Samstag Nachmittage für ca 3 Monate wäre schon eine große Hilfe.

Wir suchen ausserdem Unterstützung für das wöchentliche deutsche Programm in der Bibliothek,  Freitags von  2.00 -3.00 pm.

Unsere deutsch-sprachigen Heimbewohner versammeln sich mit Familienangehörigen und Freunden um schön gedeckte Kaffee Tische.

Zusammen werden zeitgemäße Themen besprochen und gekannte deutsche Volkslieder gesungen..

Mit freundlichen Grüßen or kind regards

Waltraud Custer
Outreach Coordinator
German-Canadian Benevolent Society of BC
2010 Harrison Drive
Vancouver, BC, V5P 2P6


The final World Cup race before the Olympics will be held on home snow at Nakiska Ski Area near Calgary, Alta. It will be the last qualifying opportunity for Canada Ski Cross athletes to be named to the Canadian Olympic Team. Visit regularly for event updates, tickets, schedules and more.

You can link to:

Other events are:
January 9 – Ladies Slalom

January 13-14 – Ladies Downhill & Super G

January 19-21 – Men’s Super G, Downhill, Slalom

January 27-28 – Ladies Giant Slalom & Slalom

February 3 & 4 – Ladies Downhill

February 8-11 – Super G, Giant Slalom, Slalom

March 3-4 – Ladies Super G & Alpine Combined

Please check the website for complete details and to verify that dates/times haven’t changed. Weather or other mitigating factors can cause things to change.

Good luck to all alpine skiers!

23 Dec 2017
December 23, 2017

Latest Schwarze Brett Magazine

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Here is some information about the latest issue: the table of contents can be seen below. This magazine costs $7 + shipping or can be read as a .pdf online for free. It is printed every two months, so the next one will be released March 1st, 2018. Deadline for ads or stories is February 25th, 2018.

Das Schwarze Brett 5

By Elke Porter in Das Schwarze Brett

24 pages, published 12/22/2017

Das Schwarze Brett shares German, Swiss & Austrian news in English for Canadians in Vancouver, BC and the entire west coast.

Here is the table of Contents:



Page 3 – Letters from the Editor
Page 21 – Events
Page 22 – Classifieds


Page 5 – Fasching
Page 5 – Multicultural Fair
Page 6 – Bessarabian Winter Meals
Page 7 – Brand new year with with the GCBA
Page 8 – Christmas Market Highlights
Page 9 – Concordia Choir
Page 10 – Swiss Outdoors Club
Page 11 – Jeremy Shaw – Video Installation
Page 12 – Steilste Seilbahn der Welt
Page 14 – Century since WW1 Ended…
Page 15 – German Canadian Care Home
Page 16 – January/February 2018 Events
Page 18 – Saying Goodbye
Page 19 – New German Restaurants
Page 20 – Letter from SOS Kinderdorf
Page 22 – 240 Acres for Horse Lovers in California for Sale
Page 23 – 136 Waterfront Property for sale in the Sunshine Coast at Jervis Inlet

22 Dec 2017
December 22, 2017

Mahler Symphony No. 8 on February 17

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From the opening rumble of the organ to the final triumphant cries of the trumpets, Mahler’s 8th Symphony is a work of monumental grandeur and passion. Yet its theme is intimate and universal – the idea that love conquers all. Often dubbed the “Symphony of a Thousand,” due to the massive forces involved, our performance will feature over 300 performers on stage at the Orpheum Theatre, with a fantastic cast of local singers. Join us for this once in a lifetime experience. Presented in Latin and German with English surtitles.

Tickets start at $20. Available at

“Light the light of our senses, pour love into our hearts.”

Leslie Dala | Conductor of the West Coast Symphony

Vancouver Bach Choir and Children’s Chorus


Robyn Driedger-Klassen | Soprano Melanie Krueger | Soprano Sarah Templeton | Soprano

Emma Parkinson | Mezzo soprano Leah Giselle Field | Mezzo soprano

Martin Sadd | Tenor Kevin Armstrong | Baritone Peter Monaghan | Bass-baritone

Mahler Symphony No. 8 Social Media information

Website –

Direct Ticket URL (goes straight to our box office, bypasses the VBC website-


Facebook event-

Instagram- @vanbachfamily

Twitter- @VanBachChoir



Jervis Inlet PropertyBreaking news from a gentleman who owns property North of Pender Harbour and who is looking for “investors” or Hotel Brands that have capital and would be interested in branding the boutique or investing in his plan to make a world-class hotel and resort & spa.

Jervis Inlet Resort will be the first 5-star branded mountain and oceanfront resort, spa and marina in North America.

Included is:
1. Project Summary
2. Pro Forma
3. Master Plan
4. Brochure
Plus three pictures of the view from the top of Mt Calder. Please note the mountain is higher than all three local mountains with from snow from November until late May.
To learn more about this amazing opportunity to either invest or to help brand this new resort, please contact Elke Porter at 604 828 8788.
More details can be seen below:

Opportunity details





06 Dec 2017
December 6, 2017

Selling Spring Valley Ranch

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Ranch Inside HouseSpring Valley Ranch is truly a pastoral luxury with a distinctive “less is more” approach, exhibiting clean architectural lines, subdued use of wood and stone. The architecture complements the massive granite laced mountains and hidden by groves of beautiful pine trees. There are exquisite gardens and an equestrian center with stables and custom built, heated tack rooms.  Impeccably maintained and meticulous in thought, the property features a 5,900-square-foot, timber-beamed home with six bedrooms and four bathrooms (three of which have jacuzzis).

More than 240 acres of idyllic and hidden retreat absolutely defies the imagination and defines the very best of authentic, rustic ranch lifestyle that lies just about an hour outside of Los Angeles.  Extremely private and pristine – this exclusive sanctuary has hosted many extravagant events, for high-level figures including Nobel Prize winners and avid equestrian enthusiasts.

Horses at Spring Valley RanchImmediately adjacent to the ranch is an endless 100,000+ acres of Los Padres National Forest offering more area than one could possibly explore. Though bucolic and unpretentious, the ranch features state-of-the-art qualities and creature comforts to make the perfect retreat now and well into the future. An exceptional infrastructure is in place with all utilities – electricity, telephones, television, propane, etc. – planned with foresight and adaptability to accommodate changes with future technological improvements, and all underground to preserve the beauty and integrity of the natural landscape. Close to the main residence are several comfortable staff accommodations with bathrooms and laundry facilities.

To keep the inviting outdoor spaces looking their best, senior water rights accompany the ranch with a multitude of natural springs and seasonal spring-fed creeks.

Spring Valley Ranch in SnowHighlights include:

  • The Great Room is two stories high with 12 French doors, hand-built custom fireplace built by New Mexico Indians, and sweeping grand views of the property to the stables and barn.
  • Four Luxurious horse barns to house eight horses, attached to four 40’x40′ corrals and pastures of 5, 7 and 10 acres. Miles and miles for horses to graze and roam freely. Heated drinking facilities for horses in winter time. Outside and inside horse showers with heated water for the winter time.
  • With the 6,000 feet elevation this secluded retreat brings snow with Winter White Holidays and opportunities for cross country skiing and other fun winter activities.

See more here:!/

This is one place for the person who wants everything at the same time:  luxury and a relaxed lifestyle…

Globe Conference 2016Soon, there will be a GLOBE Forum and Innovation Expo, where global leaders from business, government and civil society come together to manage risk and capitalize on opportunities in the clean economy, once again.

The Innovation Expo is a global showcase of sustainable products, services, and ideas from various countries, such as Austria, Switzerland and Germany fresh off the lab bench…

You will:

  • Discover the very latest in clean technologies and advanced environmental products and services.
  • Learn about sustainable business practices and interact with thousands of influential global leaders from business and government.

Four Reasons to Attend the Innovation Expo

  • Find a cutting-edge solution to an entrenched or emerging challenge
  • Discover the very latest in clean technologies and advanced environmental products and services
  • Explore investment and joint funding opportunities with a diverse range of organizations, including angel and venture capitalists, economic development agencies, and funding organizations
  • Access more than 70 sessions and presentations in the Expo Presentation Theatres. Stay tuned for the theatre programs and schedules

Local Address:

Vancouver Convention Centre
East Building
999 Canada Place
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6C 3T4

Get Involved:

In addition to the GLOBE Forum and Innovation Expo taking place, GLOBE Series and a diverse group of partners host a range of on- and off-site activities. Made up of more than 30 affiliate events, from corporate sustainability meetings to workshops, roundtables and training modules, GLOBE Week is where new ideas, collaborations and partnerships take root.

To host an Official GLOBE Week event, you can still contact:

Nancy Wright
Chief Operating Officer