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Cleantech Cluster Opportunities in Eastern Germany – Innovative Water Technologies for Smart Cities

Cleantech Event 2018

GTAI Investment Promotion Event – Cleantech Cluster Opportunities in Eastern Germany

Germany Trade & Invest and its partners cordially invite the German Canadian Business Association, as well as members of the public, to a breakfast seminar on “Cleantech Cluster Opportunities in Eastern Germany – Innovative Water Technologies for Smart Cities”. The seminar will take place on Wednesday, June 27, from 09:30 am – 12:30 pm at the Waterview.

Experts from Canada and Germany will share their knowledge and expertise about the region’s thriving Cleantech sector underlining its international significance. If you want to learn more about how Canadian companies can profit from Europe’s strongest economy, don’t miss out. Please note that this is an industry event.

Begin: 09:00 AM
End:12:30 PM
Location:Waterview, 1661 Granville St, 2nd floor, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1N3

Programm DetailsPlease join us to find out more about business opportunities in Germany’s – and particularly Eastern Germany’s – thriving water technologies and cleantech industry. A comprehensive market overview will be complemented by insights into a Canadian company’s experience of investing in Germany. Moreover, this event will facilitate a knowledge exchange between experts from Canada and Germany.

Pioneering environmental policy and a supportive legal framework have helped establish Germany as one of the leading markets for sustainable water technologies. With a world market share of 11 percent and an expected annual growth of almost 12 percent until 2025, Germany offers attractive opportunities for innovative water technologies

Learn more at this link:  CleantechClusterOpportunities.html

Friendly ManitobaMPNP Information and Employer Engagement Sessions in Eastern Europe (May 2018) Posted on January 30, 2018 by MPNP Manitoba Immigration is planning an overseas recruitment mission in Eastern Europe (Germany) May 2018.

If your business is experiencing difficulty in recruiting workers locally and is interested in participating in this overseas mission, please submit an expression of your interest together with the required supporting documentation to participate to employerdirect@gov.mb.ca with the subject line “Eastern Europe Mission 2018” by no later than February 14, 2018.

No new requests will be accepted after February 14th, 2018 Along with your e-mail of intent to participate in this mission, you will be asked to complete and submit the Strategic Recruitment Information form indicating what positions (include the NOC 2016 code and job title for each position) you are interested in recruiting, the number of workers per position and a detailed job description. Interested employers will also be asked to provide proof of current advertising to demonstrate efforts to recruit Canadians and Permanent Residents of Canada to vacant positions.

Employers eligible to participate will include:

Businesses established in Manitoba and registered as a corporation, limited partnership, or sole proprietorship. Home based employers are not eligible. Have a business premises in Manitoba where the applicant(s) will work. Be active in Manitoba for a minimum of three years immediately preceding the application.

Have a positive history with the MPNP. Employers must be in compliance with all provincial labour laws, including but not limited to employment standards, health and safety standards, and labour relations legislation.

Employers will be responsible for their own airfare, accommodations cost, meal costs, and cost-shared meeting space. Employers will be required to register with the Government of Canada’s Employer Portal and pay the $230 compliance fee per position, which cannot be charged back to the worker.

Eligible positions will include: Positions can fall under NOC 0, A, B, C, and D.

Agata ReibstIf positions fall under NOC C or D, the wage rates must meet median wages. Employers will also be required to pay the fees for the temporary foreign worker’s (TFW) work permit ($155) and pay for the transportation costs (i.e. airfare) of the TFW to the work location in Manitoba and back to their place of permanent residency (if required).

Positions must be for long-term, full-time employment and meet prevailing wages and working conditions offered to Canadian Citizens and /or Permanent Residents in Manitoba.

The offer of employment is related to the assessed occupation, including training and work experience of the internationally trained worker. Positions cannot be temporary or seasonal in nature. Employment cannot be commission-based. There is no training component required to the recruitment of the foreign worker.

Selected candidates should be able to commence work in the position upon securing a work permit and arriving in Manitoba.

NOTE: Employers will be assessed on their labour market need and employer eligibility. Final selection of employers will be based on their active participation in the mission. MPNP overseas activities are subject to program resources and departmental approval.

29 Jan 2018
January 29, 2018

Slideshows for the German Community

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Recently I discovered Slideshare and had a good time making a variety of slideshows about my business:

  1.  Das Schwarze Brett Magazine – https://www.slideshare.net/WestcoastGermanNews/das-schwarze-brett-magazine
  2. Who Should Advertise in my Magazine – https://www.slideshare.net/WestcoastGermanNews/who-should-advertise-in-my-magazine-for-the-german-community
  3. Infographic – https://www.slideshare.net/WestcoastGermanNews/infographic-das-schwarze-brett

Then, I decided to share some other information that might benefit the German Community


Finally, I made two for those who have or work with children:


Schwedische Online-Zeitung Veritas Arcana will deutschen Markt erschließen

Berlin, 18.01.2018

Eine schwedische Zeitschrift hat sich für 2018 das Ziel gesetzt, sich auf dem deutschen Markt zu etablieren. Schwerpunkte liegen hierbei vor allem auf historischen Themen wie der Archäologie und den Geschichtswissenschaften.

ArcheologyVeritas Arcana heißt die Zeitschrift, die bereits seit 2013 unregelmäßig in Schweden und auf schwedisch veröffentlicht wird. Herausgeber ist der Massimo Bonasorte Verlag. In den Jahren seit der Entstehung hat sich die Auflage stets gesteigert, weshalb aus der Sicht der Autoren nun auch der deutsche Markt interessant scheint. Auch eine englische Version des Magazins gibt es bereits.Die Themenfelder der Zeitschrift wandeln rund um die Wissenschaft der Geschichte. Archäologische Erkenntnisse werden aufgegriffen, vertieft und sowohl für Laien, als auch für Interessierte, spannend aufbereitet. Hintergrundberichte zu den Forschungen über vergangene menschliche Kulturen wechseln sich dabei ab mit kleinen Geschichtsstunden über das Altertum, die damals lebende Bevölkerung und deren Rituale, Bräuche und Handlungen.Ein beliebter Themenbereich des Magazins ist auch der Umgang mit Verschwörungen und Verschwörungstheorien. Diese scheinbar geheimen Ereignisse, die die menschliche Geschichte maßgeblich geprägt haben, werden durchleuchtet und den heutigen Kenntnissen nach analysiert. Was ist dran an den Geheimbünden, die auch heute niemand so genau einordnen kann?

Um die Markenbekanntheit zu steigern, ist Veritas Arcana auf verschiedenen Social Media-Kanälen aktiv, etwa auf Google Plus, Facebook und auch in Videoform auf YouTube.Interessierte Leser können sich auf der offiziellen Webseite einen Überblick über die angesprochen Themen verschaffen. Dazu laden kostenlose Einblicke in das Heft ein. Ein aktuelles Beispiel ist der Hintergrundbericht zu den Nazca-Linien in Peru, die vom Menschen geschaffen sind, der Forschung aber immer noch Fragen aufwerfen und von einigen Verschwörungstheoretikern als Beweis für die Existenz von Aliens auf der Erde aufgeführt werden. Die Auswahl an kostenlosen Artikeln in der Originalsprache und auf Englisch ist größer.Veritas Arcana ist eine reine Online-Zeitung und kann ausschließlich auf digitalem Wege über die offizielle Webseite erstanden werden. Für jeweils 1,99 Euro gibt es alle bisher erschienen Exemplare.

Veritas Arcana https://www.arcana.se/deutsch

Jervis Inlet PropertyBreaking news from a gentleman who owns property North of Pender Harbour and who is looking for “investors” or Hotel Brands that have capital and would be interested in branding the boutique or investing in his plan to make a world-class hotel and resort & spa.

Jervis Inlet Resort will be the first 5-star branded mountain and oceanfront resort, spa and marina in North America.

Included is:
1. Project Summary
2. Pro Forma
3. Master Plan
4. Brochure
Plus three pictures of the view from the top of Mt Calder. Please note the mountain is higher than all three local mountains with from snow from November until late May.
To learn more about this amazing opportunity to either invest or to help brand this new resort, please contact Elke Porter at 604 828 8788.
More details can be seen below:

Opportunity details





06 Dec 2017
December 6, 2017

Selling Spring Valley Ranch

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Ranch Inside HouseSpring Valley Ranch is truly a pastoral luxury with a distinctive “less is more” approach, exhibiting clean architectural lines, subdued use of wood and stone. The architecture complements the massive granite laced mountains and hidden by groves of beautiful pine trees. There are exquisite gardens and an equestrian center with stables and custom built, heated tack rooms.  Impeccably maintained and meticulous in thought, the property features a 5,900-square-foot, timber-beamed home with six bedrooms and four bathrooms (three of which have jacuzzis).

More than 240 acres of idyllic and hidden retreat absolutely defies the imagination and defines the very best of authentic, rustic ranch lifestyle that lies just about an hour outside of Los Angeles.  Extremely private and pristine – this exclusive sanctuary has hosted many extravagant events, for high-level figures including Nobel Prize winners and avid equestrian enthusiasts.

Horses at Spring Valley RanchImmediately adjacent to the ranch is an endless 100,000+ acres of Los Padres National Forest offering more area than one could possibly explore. Though bucolic and unpretentious, the ranch features state-of-the-art qualities and creature comforts to make the perfect retreat now and well into the future. An exceptional infrastructure is in place with all utilities – electricity, telephones, television, propane, etc. – planned with foresight and adaptability to accommodate changes with future technological improvements, and all underground to preserve the beauty and integrity of the natural landscape. Close to the main residence are several comfortable staff accommodations with bathrooms and laundry facilities.

To keep the inviting outdoor spaces looking their best, senior water rights accompany the ranch with a multitude of natural springs and seasonal spring-fed creeks.

Spring Valley Ranch in SnowHighlights include:

  • The Great Room is two stories high with 12 French doors, hand-built custom fireplace built by New Mexico Indians, and sweeping grand views of the property to the stables and barn.
  • Four Luxurious horse barns to house eight horses, attached to four 40’x40′ corrals and pastures of 5, 7 and 10 acres. Miles and miles for horses to graze and roam freely. Heated drinking facilities for horses in winter time. Outside and inside horse showers with heated water for the winter time.
  • With the 6,000 feet elevation this secluded retreat brings snow with Winter White Holidays and opportunities for cross country skiing and other fun winter activities.

See more here:  http://springvalleyranchca.com/#!/

This is one place for the person who wants everything at the same time:  luxury and a relaxed lifestyle…

Globe Conference 2016Soon, there will be a GLOBE Forum and Innovation Expo, where global leaders from business, government and civil society come together to manage risk and capitalize on opportunities in the clean economy, once again.

The Innovation Expo is a global showcase of sustainable products, services, and ideas from various countries, such as Austria, Switzerland and Germany fresh off the lab bench…

You will:

  • Discover the very latest in clean technologies and advanced environmental products and services.
  • Learn about sustainable business practices and interact with thousands of influential global leaders from business and government.

Four Reasons to Attend the Innovation Expo

  • Find a cutting-edge solution to an entrenched or emerging challenge
  • Discover the very latest in clean technologies and advanced environmental products and services
  • Explore investment and joint funding opportunities with a diverse range of organizations, including angel and venture capitalists, economic development agencies, and funding organizations
  • Access more than 70 sessions and presentations in the Expo Presentation Theatres. Stay tuned for the theatre programs and schedules

Local Address:

Vancouver Convention Centre
East Building
999 Canada Place
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6C 3T4

Get Involved:

In addition to the GLOBE Forum and Innovation Expo taking place, GLOBE Series and a diverse group of partners host a range of on- and off-site activities. Made up of more than 30 affiliate events, from corporate sustainability meetings to workshops, roundtables and training modules, GLOBE Week is where new ideas, collaborations and partnerships take root.

To host an Official GLOBE Week event, you can still contact:

Nancy Wright
Chief Operating Officer


16 Oct 2017
October 16, 2017

German Store for Sale!

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Schokoladen WeihnachtsmännerSome of you may have heard that European Importers will be closing down their business, as the warehouse and surrounding land has been allocated to another building project. I just found out that this will be the new St. Hospital Building:  http://vancouver.ca/home-property-development/new-st-pauls.aspx at 1002 Station St.

Advent CandlesI went by their today to talk to the owners and asked them outright:  Would you be opening to selling your business (inventory/name) to someone else?  I was very surprised to hear a “YES.”  What would the cost be?  At this moment, they told me around $300,000.

Mozart KugelnThe new store owners would not be able to sell their products out of that building, but there are a lot of retail stores available.  Or several new owners could partner up and expand their inventory to include selling these German products that so many people would miss if they were gone.

So, there you have it!  Are you interested in opening a new business?  Expanding a new business?  Taking advantage of CETA – the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between the EU & Canada, where approximately 98% of all tariffs between Canada and the EU will be eliminated once CETA is provisionally implemented as early as July 1, 2017, with another 1% to be phased out over a period of up to seven years?

Gluehwein GewürzIf no one does anything, the store will close sometime in January 2018 or when they run out of inventory – hurry and visit them soon.  For those who have never been there before, here are the contact details:


The European Specialty’s Importers Ltd. Warehouse is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, BC.

Address:  220 Prior Street
Vancouver, BC V6A 2E5 CANADA
Phone:  (604) 688-9528
Fax:  (604) 688-0396
Emails:  info@europeanspecialityfoods.com
Hours:  Monday – Friday 9.00am-4.00pm | Saturday 9:00am-1:00pm
Retail and wholesale customers all welcome.

Deutscher Platz

Vancouver, June 2017 – With heavy hearts we received the news that Hon. Grace McCarthy passed away on May 24th at the age of 89. 

The German Canadian Heritage Plaza, one of 3 German memorials in Vancouver, owes its existence to Grace McCarthy. Last year, the committee celebrated its 30-Year Anniversary. 

Sadly, Ms. McCarthy was unable to attend the gathering for the first time since its conception. 

Many friends gathered at the Plaza, located at the corner of 29th Avenue & Atlin Street, for the annual celebration. 

The local German Community appreciated Ms. McCarthy’s willingness to reach out and attend their important cultural gatherings over the past 30 years: 

PaintingDay of German Unity, the 50th Anniversary of the German Canadian Business Association, the German Canadian Heritage Plaza Party as well as many other events.

Beatrice Schreiber, Chair of the Heritage Plaza Committee, was an especially close friend. 

Her Board of Directors commissioned an artist to create a painting of the Plaza to honour its 30 years of existence. The painting was then presented at the celebration in the Alpen Club.

Grace at Deutscher PlatzHon. Grace McCarthy was the Transportation Minister during Expo 86, themed “World in Motion”. She was the advocate for the newly created “SKY TRAIN”, which opened in January 1986. Grace McCarthy contacted all the multicultural communities and asked them to each “adopt” a garden and take care of it, with the cooperation, support and partnership of the Vancouver Parks Board. 

The German Canadian Congress at that time created a “Parkway Committee” and the German Canadian Heritage Plaza was born. The opening ceremony took place on June 29, 1986. Around 2,000 VIP’s, members of the German Community and the public attended.

Deutscher PlatzOnly 3 of these original gardens, one of them being the German Canadian Heritage Plaza, are left. 

In her letter to the German Canadian Heritage Plaza Committee in honour of their 30-year milestone, McCarthy stated: “I remember the beginnings of the “Deutscher Platz” and have always admired the volunteer work that has maintained the beautiful gardens and sitting areas. It truly gives a respite from our busy lives for residents and visitors alike.” 

Grace was known as “Amazing Grace” and with every celebration we will know she is watching us and enjoying the flowers and friendship of our German Community. 

Her energy, vitality, compassion and joy were an inspiration to us all and will always be remembered. 

Farewell to “Amazing Grace”!


Grace and Ray McCarthy

Right Honourable Grace McCarthy with her husband Raymond McCarthy at the Plaza Celebration

Grace McCarthy attends Beatrice Schreiber's

Grace McCarthy attends the event where Beatrice Schreiber received the “Order of Merit” from the German Government.

Grace McCarthy speaking

Hon. Grace McCarthy speaking at the 50th Anniversary of the German Canadian Business Association at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club.

10 Apr 2017
April 10, 2017

Leicht Kitchens

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Dmitry with Leicht KitchensGermanhaus is an authorized dealer of  LEICHT Küchen AG in Vancouver, Canada. Their vision is to transform the way Canadian West Coast thinks of kitchen cabinetry. LEICHT Kitchens offer world-class interior design, German practicality, reliability and affordability for the ever-thriving Vancouver housing market.

Beatrice Schreiber and Elke Porter met with Dmitry Bogouslavski at the Thierry Chocolate Patisserie Cafe on Alberni Street to discuss membership in the German Canadian Business Association, as well as how to spread the word about these high quality kitchens to the German market in Vancouver.  One of the ideas was to write this blog post.

Their luxury showroom in the heart of Vancouver, on Beatty Street, reflects the ideas, innovations and experience of their brand and their team.  With 20 years of kitchen design, 15 years of construction, and five years of luxury sales and innovation expertise, their team will support and guide you throughout the entire process of a kitchen buying experience and beyond.  In the beginning of this century, they re-interpreted the kitchen, now they want to re-interpret your home.

Leicht Entrance

Entrance on Beatty Street, close to the Stadium Skytrain Station – Germanhaus is an authorized dealer of LEICHT Küchen AG

Three plugs in kitchen

Imagine pulling up these 3 plugs to load your devices, and then pushing the plugs back down in their hidden container within your counter.


Their effectiveness is the ability to combine creative design with functional solutions that will surpass the expectations of our clients for years to come.

City Names529 Beatty Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 0G2 Canada +1 604 801 5773

Franchisee Germanhaus was founded by partners Maxim Gotsutsov and Dmitry Bogouslavski in August of 2015, in anticipation of being a dealer of Leicht Küchen AG. Mr. Gotsutsov comes from a luxury automobile background, while Mr. Bogouslavski has been involved extensively in construction. The pair brought kitchen design veteran Igor Selskiy into the mix for his expertise and ability to customize designs for discerning clients.