Ocean View – 4 Adjacent Burial Plots in Heaven’s Gate – $79,000 each (cash)

Beautiful area in a highly desirable location in Ocean View Cemetery, Heaven’s Gate section at the top of a small hill, with ocean view, south facing, flat area, uniquely suitable for a family: 4 adjacent spaces are available, each holding 2 caskets and 2 urns.

No new burial plots are available in Heaven’s Gate; a nearby plot sold recently for $89,000.

Please contact Ms. Porter (604) 647-0951 (home) or 604 828-8788 (cell).

The Ocean View Funeral Home and Ocean View Burial Park in Burnaby has grown to be inclusive and serves all faiths and traditions.

Through the 1950s, work at Ocean View was designed by local architects Sharp and Thompson. George Sharp and Charles Thompson formed Vancouver’s longest surviving architectural firm in 1908. This later expansion included the stone-faced Garden Chapel, built in 1936 as a replica of a Norman church. Prominent stone gates also replaced the original gates at the corner entrance. The cemetery offers a range of burial options among trees, flowers and gentle hills.

Their chapel, funeral home and offices were constructed in 1988. These facilities allow families to complete funeral and cemetery arrangements in one location, offering convenience and peace of mind.

Address of Ocean View Funeral Home & Ocean View Burial Park:  https://www.dignitymemorial.com/en-ca

4000 Imperial Street
Burnaby, BC V5J1A4

For more information, or to purchase two or four burial sites, please contact Ms. Porter (604) 647-0951 (home) or at 604 828-8788 (cell).

20 Nov 2018
November 20, 2018

A Joyful Christmas Concert!

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The Vancouver Chamber Choir Presents a Joyful Christmas Concert!

A joyful Christmas presents Nicol Matt, Conductor, from Germany

Date:  Friday, December 14, 2018

Time:  8 pm

Location:  Pacific Spirit United Church (formerly Ryerson United Church)

2205 West 45th, Vancouver at Yew Street

Vancouver, BC

https://www1.ticketmaster.ca/vancouver-chamber-choir-a-joyful-christmas-vancouver-british-columbia-12-14-2018/event/110054F3BCA721FF – 1-855-985.ARTS (2787)




Bittersweet News

German Canadian Benefit Concert

Did you know that the German Canadian Care Home GCCH) is organizing their final benefit concert at the Vancouver Alpen Club on Sunday, November 25th, 2018 at 2 pm.  Additional donations are also welcome!  The Alpen Club is located at 4875 Victoria Drive, Vancouver, BC in East Vancouver. The doors open at 1:30 pm and the Edelweiss Musikanten will be there to greet you.  This is the #39th Benefit Concert held since 1979! See poster below!

German Canadian Business Association Christmas Gala

This date may seem familiar, as it is also the day that the German Canadian Business Association is hosting their Christmas Gala at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club at 5:30 pm. Some people are going to both events.

Vancouver International Film Festival 2018

If you don’t mind coming late to the Christmas Gala, and you don’t want to miss out, you can attend the 5:20 pm movie showing of the German/French movie “Transit” is playing at the:

Vancouver International Film Centre
1181 Seymour Street 604.683.3456
Discover more at viff.org


Trust the director of Phoenix and Barbara to re-imagine a WWII romantic intrigue into something unsettlingly contemporary and resonant. With occupying forces closing in, a German refugee (Franz Rogowski) assumes a dead writer’s identity and flees to Marseille in hopes of sailing to safety. However, entanglements with the writer’s widow (Paula Beer) and a young boy disrupt his plans. Drawing equally from Casablanca and current affairs, Transit is a fascinating, enigmatic, utterly captivating movie.


Final Benefit Concert Poster

 Vancouver Bach Choir brings Handel’s Messiah to Surrey 

New partnerships with the Surrey City Orchestra and fantastic local soloists mark this holiday event. 

Vancouver, BC, 2018: 

Bach ChoirEvery December for nearly 90 years, the Vancouver Bach Choir has taken to the stage to perform one of the world’s most famous choral masterpieces, Handel’s Messiah. This December is no exception, as the choir brings its celebrated production to the Bell Performing Arts Centre for the first time on Saturday, December 8th at 7:30pm. Under the baton of Music Director Leslie Dala, an ensemble of celebrated local soloists and the newly founded Surrey City Orchestra join the choir to bring to life this time honoured and celebrated musical masterpiece – capped off by the iconic Hallelujah chorus. 

“In the lengthy history of the Vancouver Bach Choir, no single work has been more performed – or more well-loved – than Handel’s Messiah,” says Leslie Dala, Music Director of the choir. “This masterpiece is the very embodiment of holiday spirit; sharing the story of Christ’s life and death through joyful, profound music that transcends time and faith – touching the hearts of all who hear it.” 

Since its debut in 1742, Handel’s Messiah has been a resounding success, popular all over the world in celebration of both the Christmas and Easter holidays. It is said that Handel composed the entire work in a three week frenzy, upon which he remarked, “I did think I did see all Heaven before me and the great God Himself.” Whatever his inspiration, the work has stood the test of the time and contains some of the most memorable moments in music, including the famous Hallelujah chorus. 

The evening will feature four local soloists that demonstrate the incredible depth of talent present in the lower Mainland. Soloists like Vancouver based Tyler Simpson who sang for seven seasons at the Metropolitan Opera, or local favourite, counter-tenor Shane Hanson, fresh off winning the local Metropolitan Council Auditions for the second year in a row. These soloists will share the stage with the Surrey City Orchestra; a new organization that aims to build a professional orchestra comprised of Surrey area musicians, including members of the Borealis String Quartet. 

Tickets begin at just $18 for this holiday concert and can be found by visiting the Bach Choir website at vancouverbachchoir.com or contact the Bell Centre office directly. 

About the Vancouver Bach Choir: The Vancouver Bach Choir (VBC), celebrating its 88th season, is an award-winning symphonic choir committed to offering vibrant and culturally diverse choral experiences to its audiences. 

As one of the largest choral organizations in Canada, the Vancouver Bach Choir explores a wide range of repertoire from the past to the present with passion and commitment. With eight choirs ranging in age from 5 to 80, the VBC continues to pursue choral excellence at all levels and presents numerous concerts each year through the metro Vancouver region. 

Over the past eight decades, the choir has performed with numerous world-class musicians. Currently under the baton of Maestro Leslie Dala, the VBC continues its mission and tradition to share the beauty of new and traditional choral music with as wide an audience as possible. 

Listing Information: 

Vancouver Bach Choir presents Handel’s Messiah 

Conductor: Leslie Dala 

Featuring: Vancouver Bach Choir and Surrey City Orchestra 

  • Soprano: Elaina Moreau (Surrey BC) 
  • Counter Tenor: Shane Hanson (Chilliwack BC) 
  • Tenor: Martin Renner Wallace (Delta BC) 
  • Bass Baritone: Tyler Simpson (Vancouver BC) 

Date: Saturday, December 8th, 2018 | 7:30pm 

Ticket Prices: Tickets start at $18 

Address: Bell Performing Arts Centre 

6250 144 St, Surrey, BC V3X 1A2 

Box Office: purchase tickets online at vancouverbachchoir.com, by phone at (604) 507-6355 or in person at the Bell Centre Box Office, 6250 144 St. Surrey BC. 

Candidate Elke PorterDid you know that there is a Civic Election coming up in October?

Vancouver will be electing a new mayor and:

I have decided to run in this election as a Vancouver City Councillor.

My campaign slogan is “Clean, green, with an accessible scene.”

My new website is www.elkeporter.com

I am hoping to tackle affordable housing, like everyone else, but my ideas are to use creative space ideas, such as modular housing, laneway housing, tiny housing, wood houses, shipping crate homes, wood pallet homes, hemp concrete homes, co-op housing, prefabricated housing or micro homes like those found in Japan.

Solving housing & homelessness challenges around the world:

How about this idea from Hawaii:  Kahauiki Village is a proposed community of approximately 153 one and two bedroom homes to be built on 11.3 acres of land located between Nimitz Highway, Keehi Lagoon Park and Sand Island. Kahauiki Village will provide long term, permanent, affordable housing for approximately 153 currently homeless families with children on Oahu. When completed, Kahauiki Village is expected to house over 600 adults and children.

Or flex-housing:  housing that could be easily adapted to meet the present and future needs of the occupants. Adaptability will become increasingly important as our population ages. As lifestyle changes, and as we witness an increase in home-based activities and new technologies.”

Solving homelessness:  (various countries, such as Finland tried this). The optimal solution, a group of four experts appointed by the Ministry of the Environment in Finland found, was Housing First. “Solving social and health problems is not a prerequisite for arranging housing,” they observed. “Instead, housing is a prerequisite that will also enable solving a homeless person’s other problems.” One of those goals was to cut the number of long-term homeless in half by producing 1,250 new homes, including supported housing units for tenants with their own leases, and around-the-clock presence of trained caring staff for residents who needed help.

Germany solves homelessness in Munich:  Munich, Germany’s third largest city, with a population of 1.3 million, conditions are comparatively good; public support, partly in co-operation with charities, helps to alleviate the plight of the homeless. Among the numerous general facilities for the homeless are centres and overnight accommodation specifically for women (with or without children); residential establishments for ex-prisoners and those in danger of committing offenses; live-in communities with supervision; rehabilitation centres; tea houses; advisory centres; short-term sleeping accommodation and employment offers; therapy centres for addicts etc.

Helping homeless in Korea:  The Korean Homeless Team is managed by the street paper Big Issue South Korea, a social enterprise that is part of international street paper network The Big Issue. One of the enterprise’s permanent activities is street football, titled The Homeless Healthy Football League. Its impact is two-fold. It encourages homeless people to regularly exercise and therefore lead a healthy lifestyle. It also raises awareness about homelessness and shows people in Korea that homeless people can play football, and consequently work and live just like any ordinary person.

Allowing homeless to shower daily:  Project WeHOPE, a homeless non-profit in San Mateo, California, is crowdfunding a new type of facility for its clients: a customized trailer that comes with showers, a washer/dryer, and bathrooms. The trailer has an accessible ramp, a small hydraulic lift for wheelchairs, and its own tank for grey water collection. Once it’s built, WeHOPE plans to take the trailer to encampments in the San Mateo area, including in Half Moon Bay where many homeless migrant workers live on the beach.

Several months ago, Eric Spoeth from Edmonton contacted me to let me know that he had written and filmed a movie and would be showing it in Vancouver on April 8th, 2018. I agreed to promote the film in my “Das Schwarze Brett” magazine and on this blog. We even traded ad space. He received a half-page ad and I was able to see my 30-second advertising spot on the big screen.

Here is a picture of film director Erich Spoeth, with one of the “stars” of the show. His mother, Erika, was the youngest of 4 children, born towards the end of the war. She had two older sisters (Alwine & Altertine aka Tina) and one brother (Wiegand). This movie was the story of them being forced to flee the USSR in 1944 and end up staying in a house in a small village along the way. That is the last time the children saw their father alive. Baby Erika was only 1 year old.

Here are two of the young people waiting out front in the line up and the three teenagers sitting together in the theatre.  One of these girls was born in Germany, one was born in Vancouver to a German father and one was born to a German mother. Each of them had a reason to attend this film.  To learn about their heritage.  To learn historical facts from a German-citizen-born-outside Germany perspective (Volksdeutsche) and to be a part of the German Community here in Vancouver.

After the event in the lobby

Here is one of the young ladies raising her hand to ask a question in the Q & A season after the film was over.  The questions were typical ones you might expect:  How did you end up in Canada?  What made you decide to make the film? Where was the story filmed?

The main thing when talking it over with some of the youngest audience members was hearing how this story was all new to them. Only one out of 3 had heard a little bit about this turbulent time in history, when Germans living in the USSR and other territories were caught up in the violence of war and forced to leave their homes, sometimes in the dead of winter, forever.

The girl who knew about Russian Germans had an  Oma (grandmother) who came from Bessarabia, a place where Germans had been invited to live by Katarina the Great and had built prosperous farms and villages over 150 years. World War II changed everything. First, they had been forced to leave their homes in 1941, and had been relocated to West Prussia.  Then, they had been overrun by Soviets and again, where forced to leave a place they had just gotten used to. But at least, the Bessarabians had been relocated as one group and had even arranged to stay in the same relocation camps as one united group during the war.

Unlike having woman and children, as well as entire families, separated as men were either fighting in the war, working for the war effort or supporting their families with long-distance work.  The women, the children, the elderly were the ones who made the escapes in the big so-called “Trek”.  That is what happened to the Zernickel family.  Just as the father left, the mother and her four young children were forced to leave.  Helene tried everything she could to stall, to wait, so that Waldemar could catch up with her, but alas.

Waiting for Waldemar never does come up with an answer to the question:  Where is Waldemar?   Instead, he has been missing since 1944. Nobody ever found out where he went or what happened to him.  There is nothing they would like better than to see him one more time.  Talk to him one more time.  Spend some time with him, listening to his music, his piano, his singing…  If Waldemar Zernickel was alive today, he would be 105 years old, but that wouldn’t matter. The movie did its part by pulling in the audience and letting us feel the anguish, the loss, the pain, as well as the hope and belief that kept them going.

I can recommend everyone to watch this movie and be transformed by the story.  As ordinary Germans who just wanted to be together, to enjoy family life, to play piano, and eat farm fresh food and who were caught up in events beyond their control.  Yet they still came out of it with the knowledge that “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”

Waiting for Waldemar is a moving 45-minute film about a family that escaped to Germany from Russia during the Second World War. Erika and her brother Wiegand, who were only babies when their father Waldemar disappeared during the escape and are now in their 70’s, combine fragments of memories and third-hand testimonies to paint a picture of the man that meant – and means – so much to them. Waiting for Waldemar is a bittersweet affirmation that love bears all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Eric Spoeth has directed two full length documentaries and a dozen short films. His work includes working as an Assistant Director on The Matrix, Cut Bank, Blackstone, and other film and TV productions across Alberta.

You can buy the movie on the website:  http://www.spoeth.com/wfw.html

07 Feb 2018
February 7, 2018

Upcoming German Events

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Outside Events

February 17, 8 pm at the Orpheum – tickets still available

2.  Buildex Vancouver – One German Company representing Wednesday at 3:30pm
February 14 and 15, 2018

BUILDEX Vancouver is Western Canada’s largest tradeshow and conference for the Construction, Renovation, Architecture, Interior Design and Property Management industries. With over 600 exhibits, and more than 80 educational seminars BUILDEX attracts over 14,000 attendees annually.

3.  Coastal Ballet presents – https://www.vtixonline.com/event.php?event_id=1111

Friday, February 16, 2018
LunarFest and Ballet Productions Canada Society Present – “The Butterfly Lovers” – a romance that is older than Romeo and Juliet. Also showcasing “The Love Stories” by German Choreographer Irene Schneider

MC Fair4.  Multicultural Fair – http://www.westcoastgermannews.com/1000-for-german-cake-spnsorship-at-multicultural-fair/ – Friday, February 23, 2018 at 11:05 – be early to get parking and it costs $5 a ticket for the Prince of Wales Secondary Multicultural Fair; If anyone would like to help me with the German Table – typical German objects, please let me know! The best thing about this event is the food!  Second best are the amazing performances – you will be sure to enjoy your lunch hour there – everyone from the public is welcome!

5.  Living, Building, Thinking: art & expressionism
March 3 to May 21, 2018

Living, Building, Thinking: art & expressionism uses the German Expressionist collection from the McMaster Museum of Art to explore the development of Expressionism in art from the early 19th century to the present day.

The term Expressionism is invariably associated with the period of art and social activism in Germany between 1905 and 1937, encompassing visual art, literature, philosophy, theatre, film, photography and architecture. In the context of an expanded view on the subject, Living, Building, Thinking offers a rich and thought-provoking perspective on the relationships between artists and societies, and the ever-changing responses and visual expressions that circulate through shared hopes and aspirations for social awareness and change.

April 8, 2018 at 2 pm at the Cinemetheque
During World War 2, a family of Germans flee Ukraine to escape persecution. Halfway during their journey, their father disappears. Seventy years later, a brother and sister try to put together the pieces of who he was with their imaginations and third hand stories.

They are also looking for sponsors, so if you are interested, please let them know! Imagine your business up on the big screen in front of hundreds of members of the German community

7.  GCBA BCIT Event – more information on the www.germancanadianbusiness.com website soon
April – Thursday, April 12, 2018 from 4 pm to 6 pm

BCIT’s Dr. Maureen Connelly will discuss and host a tour of the living architecture and acoustics labs, the current research projects underway, and the latest findings which provide real-world relevance for Metro Vancouver’s residential housing industry.  From green roofs and living walls, to sound transmission of cavity walls and reducing impact noise on decks and laneway homes, this session will provide with an insider look into the current research projects and how their findings could impact the future of housing.

Key learning objectives:
1.    Review strategies using living architecture in residential spaces; models using material components, and reviewing performance data.
2.    Examine noise propagation in laneway homes, building envelope requirements for laneways, and possible solutions for noise transmission.
3.    Learn about the Centre of Architectural Ecology and its research.  Connect with faculty and students leading the projects.

8.  European Festival in Burnaby – http://www.europeanfestival.ca

Bring friends and family and travel Europe for the weekend. Visit the annual European Festival! Last weekend of May, at Swangard Stadium in Burnaby. Don’t miss out on this exciting weekend of cultural and culinary delights and rich entertainment! The European Festival highlights the best of European, culture and tradition – giving you a taste of that great “Old Continent” right in your own backyard! Come savour it all, from German Pork Hock and Hungarian Lángos to Balkan Ćevapi and Turkish Kofte! Come and experience Europe, from east to west, as seen through the eyes of Europeans. On The last weekend of May, EuroFest BC Society brings unity through diversity to the Lower Mainland with the colours, music and food of Europe!

The German Table needs at least 8 volunteers – two for parking, two for the table in 4-hour shifts and two for set up and two for clean up. Contact Elke at 604 828 8788 if you want to help!
Saturday May 26th, Sunday May 27th 2018

Germany plays Mexico Sunday, June 17, 2018 at 8 am local time
Germany plays Sweden Monday, June 23, 2018 at 9 pm local time

Germany plays The Korean Republic June 27, 2018 at 5 pm local time

The Blenheim Restaurant in Kitsilano will be showing all the games…
This is the new restaurant just taken over by Uwe Boll – more casual pub food and German beer available
Usually the Vancouver Alpen Club also offers game time


10.  Schweini is coming to Vancouver!
July 7, 2018 at 7:30 pm at the BC Place Stadium
Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Chicago Fire with Bastian Schweinsteiger (His claim to fame was spending 13 seasons at Bayern Munich, playing in exactly 500 matches across all competitions and scoring 68 goals)
Dinner at 5:30 in a private room?  Hopefully yes!
This is for everyone who is German or who is a German soccer fan – let me know if you are interested and when the poster comes, you can forward it to your friends/family.

Seeking Sponsors to help cover the costs for the $1000 for Apple Strudl.

What is the Multicultural Fair:

Objectives are to celebrate the diverse cultures at the Prince of Wales Secondary School, to bring together the school community with the community at large and to enhance global learning.  To help students connect with diverse languages, social studies, art and music.

11:05 am to 12:40 pm
February 23, 2018 on Thursday

Prince of Wales Gym.

2250 Eddington Drive
Vancouver, B.C.
V6L 2E7
Phone: 604-713-8974

Tickets cost $5 each and it is ok to buy more than one.

Tickets cover the performances, the display tables, the international foods and the chance to win a prize.  People don’t need to buy a ticket, if they plan not to eat anything.

There will be at least 10 performances around 5 minutes each.

We could also use someone wearing traditional outfits to stand by the German Booth.

Germany would like to present a typical German dessert and would order 20 strudels from Klaus and his Kaffeehaus for everyone to enjoy.  Each strudel would be cut into 20 to 25 pieces, as it is lunch time and there will be lots of other food there, too.

We are seeking at least 3 sponsors to help out – so far, we have the Westside German School, some waiving fees by Klaus and Westside German News sponsoring cake.  Let me know if you would like to be involved!

Regards, Elke

18 Jan 2018
January 18, 2018

Kuehne + Nagel and Deutsche Messe AG

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Kuehne + Nagel and Deutsche Messe AG agree on long-term collaboration

Hamburg / Germany, January 17,  2018 – Kuehne + Nagel and Deutsche Messe AG are set to continue their successful partnership. Kuehne + Nagel will remain an official logistics service provider to Germany’s largest trade fair organiser until at least 2027 and will use a traffic management system to optimise trade fair traffic.

Since 1993, Kuehne + Nagel has been an official logistics service provider at the exhibition grounds in Hanover. As part of the trade fair forwarding contract that has now been extended, the company will be offering exclusive trade fair services. In addition, Kuehne + Nagel will be providing services on behalf of Deutsche Messe AG directly. The range of services on offer includes setup of a traffic management system to optimise the traffic situation at the exhibition grounds.

This two-step web-supported system is based on the concept of a slot allocation process for delivery vehicles. In the first step, a time window is reserved for each delivery, resulting in a significant reduction in peak traffic. In the second step, the system creates real-time optimisations as soon as any change occurs in daily operations that requires recalculations.

Dr. Hansjörg Rodi, Managing Director of Kuehne + Nagel Germany, said: “We are delighted to have extended our long-standing partnership with Deutsche Messe AG. Expo & Event logistics represents an important business sector for Kuehne + Nagel. In this area, we can combine our expertise in freight forwarding with IT solutions that suit customer requirements. This generates added value for customers – a perfect example of this is our traffic management system for optimising trade fair traffic. It enables much more efficient use of existing resources including a reduction in unproductive waiting times. Ultimately, that also supports to relieve pressure on the public road network”.

Kuehne + Nagel is one of the world’s leading providers of logistics services for trade fairs and exhibitions. Every year, Kuehne + Nagel handles around 130 trade fairs in Germany alone.

17 Jan 2018
January 17, 2018

Waiting for Waldemar Movie

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Join us for the screening of the Canadian-made docu-drama “Waiting for Waldemar” in Vancouver, BC on April 8th at 2:00pm at the Cinematheque on 1131 Howe St.

“Waiting for Waldemar” is the story of Erika, a one-year old who was born in a German colony in Ukraine. When Hitler declared war on Russia, millions of ethnic Germans were forced to escape. After a lull in the war, her father Waldemar disappeared in the town of Bendsburg, never to be seen again. 70 years later, Erika tries to put together the pieces of what became of her father, using 3rd hand stories and fragments of memories.

Having played to over 2000 people in over 10 cities around North America, “Waiting for Waldemar” is a testament that “love bears all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”

The director, Eric Spoeth, will be in attendance for an audience Q&A after the screening.

Eric Spoeth is looking for business partners who may be interested in sponsoring the event, in the form of a full-screen ad that would play prior to the film. For $250, I could offer a 10-30 second commercial spot for companies on the big screen before the feature. If you don’t have a promotional video, we can produce a stills-based ad with a professional voiceover for an extra $250.

More information here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1053783861431509/

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/204493909

About Eric Spoeth:  Born of Silesian and Dnieper-German immigrants, Eric Spoeth studied Film and Media Production from the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia. He frequently directs works that are an homage to film genres, such as Crane on a Rock (Hong Kong cinema), The Manikin (Silent Film), and Mea Maxima Culpa (1920s horror serials). He also works as an assistant director on productions in Western Canada.

Poster Waiting for Waldemar