17 Jan 2018
January 17, 2018

Waiting for Waldemar Movie

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Join us for the screening of the Canadian-made docu-drama “Waiting for Waldemar” in Vancouver, BC on April 8th at 2:00pm at the Cinematheque on 1131 Howe St.

“Waiting for Waldemar” is the story of Erika, a one-year old who was born in a German colony in Ukraine. When Hitler declared war on Russia, millions of ethnic Germans were forced to escape. After a lull in the war, her father Waldemar disappeared in the town of Bendsburg, never to be seen again. 70 years later, Erika tries to put together the pieces of what became of her father, using 3rd hand stories and fragments of memories.

Having played to over 2000 people in over 10 cities around North America, “Waiting for Waldemar” is a testament that “love bears all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”

The director, Eric Spoeth, will be in attendance for an audience Q&A after the screening.

Eric Spoeth is looking for business partners who may be interested in sponsoring the event, in the form of a full-screen ad that would play prior to the film. For $250, I could offer a 10-30 second commercial spot for companies on the big screen before the feature. If you don’t have a promotional video, we can produce a stills-based ad with a professional voiceover for an extra $250.

More information here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1053783861431509/

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/204493909

About Eric Spoeth:  Born of Silesian and Dnieper-German immigrants, Eric Spoeth studied Film and Media Production from the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia. He frequently directs works that are an homage to film genres, such as Crane on a Rock (Hong Kong cinema), The Manikin (Silent Film), and Mea Maxima Culpa (1920s horror serials). He also works as an assistant director on productions in Western Canada.

Poster Waiting for Waldemar

Saturday, January 20 – 10am

Alliance Française de Vancouver

Register by email: library@alliancefrancaise.ca

For all kids around the ages of 3 and 6 years

Kids are the best! is a sentiment very much backed by science, at least when it comes to language learning. At our new bilingual storytime, we capitalize on this fact and let kids dive right into a well of fun adventures, rhymes, and stories. No matter how you and your kids exact lingual background may look like, our native speakers of French and German will get everyone quickly immersed in the library books we select for each session.

Come and join us for the first session on January 20, 10 a.m. upstairs at our library‘s Kids corner and prepare to take home a new word (or two). A bientôt & bis dann!


Für Kinder im Vorschulalter (von ca. 3- 6 Jahren)

Kinder, Kinder!
Sie können alles – nur wissen sie es noch nicht. Besonders bemerkbar macht sich das im Spracherwerb, bei dem die Devise „früh und viel“ lautet, am besten ganz en passant. In unserer zweisprachigen Vorlesestunde laden wir alle Kinder im Vorschulalter ein, in die Welt der Helden und Heldinnnen, der Abenteuer und Alltagsrätsel einzutauchen, möglich gemacht durch Bücher aus der Bücherei, die von unseren muttersprachlichen Mitarbeitern und Freiwilligen abwechselnd auf Deutsch und auf Französisch vorgetragen werden.

Unser erstes Treffen findet am 20. Januar um 10 Uhr morgens statt, oben in der Kinderbücherei der Alliance Française. See you then, à bientôt!

Here is a letter from the Outreach Coordinator of the German Canadian Care Home: loosely translated, they are offering two events that the public can join them in:

a.  January 13, 2018 – Feuerzangenbowle Movie starring Heinz Rühmann

b.  January 27, 2018 – Dr. Florian Gassner (UBC) will moderate the topic of Music as Religion – Beethoven, Wagner & Nietschke

These events take place on Saturdays at 2 pm – they will serve coffee/tea and cake; donations are welcome

All guests are welcome. For more information please contact:

Waltraud Custer
Outreach Coordinator
German-Canadian Benevolent Society of BC
2010 Harrison Drive
Vancouver, BC, V5P 2P6

Liebe Freunde,

2017 brachte für jeden von uns eine gemischte Palette von Erlebnissen, für den einen gut, den anderen nicht so gut.

Mit unseren Themen war es ähnlich, manches gefiel, manches nicht so sehr. Aber wir werden uns wieder  bemühen ein Programm zu gestalten, das für jedes Interesse etwas zu bieten hat.

Durch Ihre Anwesenheit, in Ihrer Einzigartigkeit, sind Sie  immer ein Geschenk für die Bewohner des Heimes und auch  für die anderen Teilnehmer .

Nun wünsche ich Ihnen für das Jahr 2018 , was Sie sich selbst von Herzen wünschen, Freude, Gesundheit und Mut zum Lieben und geliebt sein. Und mögen Sie die Kraft und den Glauben an die Erfüllung Ihrer Wünsche nicht verlieren.

Wir fangen das Jahr 2018 am

  1. Januar mit dem wohlbekannten und klassischen Film <Die Feuerzangenbowle> an,

in der Heinz Rühmann die Hauptrolle spielt. Das DVD bietet Untertitel an.

Am 27. Januar wird Dr. Florian Gassner (UBC) zum  Thema < Musik, als Religion> referieren. Das Thema wird durch die Musiker Beethoven, Wagner und Nietzsche erläutert.

Folgen Sie der Beschilderung, rechts herrunter und durch den unteren Parkplatz.

Wie immer servieren wir um 14.00 Uhr Kaffee, Tee und  Kuchen.

Das jeweilige Programm folgt um 14:30 Uhr. 

Gäste sind stets willkommen. 

Wir freuen uns über Ihre Spenden, die die Kosten für Kaffee, Kuchen und sonstige Auslagen tragen helfen.

Vielleicht haben Sie Lust bei den Vorbereitungen und dem Servieren mitzuhelfen.
Ein oder zwei Samstag Nachmittage für ca 3 Monate wäre schon eine große Hilfe.

Wir suchen ausserdem Unterstützung für das wöchentliche deutsche Programm in der Bibliothek,  Freitags von  2.00 -3.00 pm.

Unsere deutsch-sprachigen Heimbewohner versammeln sich mit Familienangehörigen und Freunden um schön gedeckte Kaffee Tische.

Zusammen werden zeitgemäße Themen besprochen und gekannte deutsche Volkslieder gesungen..

Mit freundlichen Grüßen or kind regards

Waltraud Custer
Outreach Coordinator
German-Canadian Benevolent Society of BC
2010 Harrison Drive
Vancouver, BC, V5P 2P6


22 Dec 2017
December 22, 2017

Mahler Symphony No. 8 on February 17

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From the opening rumble of the organ to the final triumphant cries of the trumpets, Mahler’s 8th Symphony is a work of monumental grandeur and passion. Yet its theme is intimate and universal – the idea that love conquers all. Often dubbed the “Symphony of a Thousand,” due to the massive forces involved, our performance will feature over 300 performers on stage at the Orpheum Theatre, with a fantastic cast of local singers. Join us for this once in a lifetime experience. Presented in Latin and German with English surtitles.

Tickets start at $20. Available at www.vancouverbachchoir.com.

“Light the light of our senses, pour love into our hearts.”

Leslie Dala | Conductor of the West Coast Symphony

Vancouver Bach Choir and Children’s Chorus


Robyn Driedger-Klassen | Soprano Melanie Krueger | Soprano Sarah Templeton | Soprano

Emma Parkinson | Mezzo soprano Leah Giselle Field | Mezzo soprano

Martin Sadd | Tenor Kevin Armstrong | Baritone Peter Monaghan | Bass-baritone

Mahler Symphony No. 8 Social Media information

Website – http://www.vancouverbachchoir.com/events/mahler-symphony-no-8/

Direct Ticket URL (goes straight to our box office, bypasses the VBC website-




Facebook event-


Instagram- @vanbachfamily

Twitter- @VanBachChoir




Celebrating 8 Years of Vancouver Christmas Market!

Some things have changed, but some things have stayed the same. There are still lights, booths, the carousel, but also new vendors, new activities for children –  kids who complete the scavenger hunt earn a free ride on the carousel – and new, at least to me, “Flying Stage” on the second storey of the Christmas Pyramid, right above the Glühwein!  You can also take some pictures right inside the Alpine Haus at the “North Pole” that has been set up there.

For my German, Swiss and Austrian readers who have been spoiled with a wealth of Christmas Markets back home, the biggest complaint is having to pay an entrance fee, but there are still deals, groupons and other specials to be had.  If you order online, you also receive a complimentary seasons pass, so that is worth it. This year, entrance fees are $10 for Adults, $9 for Seniors, $5 for children ages 7 to 12 and 6 and under are Free.

Get your tickets here at this link:  https://store.vancouverchristmasmarket.com/event/13/2017-vancouver-christmas-market

There are also discounts available for groups of 12 or more or if you show up before 4 pm on Weekdays.

  • A change that was made is that the Market, with over 75 vendors, has now been split into three main areas:  Handwerkgasse (Artisan Alley), which includes Zotter Chocolates, Candymeister and Sonnentor Tea.
  • Marktplatz (Eats and Treats), which includes Freybe Brat Haus, Das Bavarian & Pretzel Haus, Das Lachs Haus (Salmon), Das Schnitzel Haus, Das Kartoffel Haus and Das Waffle Haus.  Suddenly I am starving!
  • There are also Kaufmannsgasse (Merchant Alley) and the “Tannenbaum Terrace” (Christmas Tree Terrace).

I really saw an effort to be more German and to have more German signage. I appreciate that and felt it was much more authentic.  There were also many Herrnhuter Stars placed at every booth and other strategic places around the venue.  Beautiful.

Walk-in Christmas Tree

This is North America’s first 30-foot walk-in Christmas Tree with around 36,000 lights – room for the whole family inside!


This is the booth of My Brilliant Star that sells traditional Herrnhuter Christmas Stars – https://mybrilliantstar.com

Herrnhuter Sterne

This is what is officially known as “Kaufmannsgasse” or “Merchant Alley”. Includes Herrnhuter Sterne (Stars), German Steins and Das Stollen Haus.

Christmas Market in the rain

Be dazzled by the glittering carousel, a 30-foot tall walk-in Christmas tree boasting 36,000 twinkling lights, live entertainment, and a multitude of festive family activities. (from their website, although ©Photo Credit is Elke Porter)

Beer Tent

Malte Kluetz, President of the Vancouver Christmas Market, in the Alpine Haus, letting us know what we can expect in the warmth of the best beer tent in Vancouver!

Alpine Haus at the #vanchristmas

A nice warm place to eat your Bratwurst and Brezel, and to savour your Gluehwein and Erdinger Beer…


A large heated tent with stunning water views and plenty of seating, the Alpine Haus provides a cozy place to socialize, eat, drink, and recharge for more holiday fun!


Karussell beim Weihnachtsmarkt

This is a picture of the Authentic German Carousel, but if you look closely, you can see the umbrella covering the Starbucks coffee in the front left … kind of made me laugh as it is so “VANCOUVER” –


Pyramid, Flying Stage, Gluehwein

This has got to be my favourite part of the Christmas Market – too cool!

New North Pole

The North Pole has somehow made its way to the Alpine Haus and is there for selfies and other pictures…



Alpine Haus – stay warm and dry while you eat & drink and are merry!

Giant cookie

Is this Holly or Jolly? If it is Jolly, that makes two of us! Thanks to the volunteer who took the picture!

Gluehwein Cup

Never thought I’d enjoy drinking out of a shoe so much!

Menu for Gluehwein

Das Menü for the Gluehwein – basically with or without alcohol and with or without gingerbread. Then do you want the collectors or vintage mug?


Elke in treeJack Poole PlazaDas Apfel HausAlpine GiftsDas Nutcracker HausGoulasch Haus
You can also enjoy nightly entertainment.Here is where you can find out what is playing:https://www.vancouverchristmasmarket.com/activities/entertainment/The Entertainment seems to be focussing more on Canadian or International Artists this year, rather than German, but at least this performer has performed in Germany:

Melanie Dekker

Melanie Dekker: A voice like chocolate. 100 concerts a year. A soulful roots-pop entertainer. A songbird and prolific writer who has created fantastic hit songs and 6 albums. Her percussive guitar style and warm lyrics quickly fire up your heart. She’s opened for Faith Hill, Chaka Khan, Bryan Adams & headlined folk festivals in Canada, Germany, Denmark & Estonia.


4:30PM – 6:30PM
4:30PM – 6:30PMHer website is here:  http://www.melaniedekker.com

A Christmas Concert by the German Consulate was held November 23 for the German Community!

A Christmas Concert presented by the German Consulate featuring Rosemary Siemens and Eli Bennett. If you missed it, there are some snippets online (you may have to scroll a bit)

Her website is here:  http://rosemarysiemens.com







18 Nov 2017
November 18, 2017

Weihnachtsgala or Christmas Gala

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You are invited to Join us on November 27!

Beatrice & RichardThe German Canadian Business Association (GCBA) is holding their annual Christmas Gala, complete with champagne reception, buffet meal and dessert, as well as sing-a-longs and musical entertainment and raffle prizes.

We are excited to announce that this year not only do we have the S-Bahn playing again, we also have the addition of an Alpenhorn being played at different times during the evening. The caroling part will be led again by Elizabeth Petrie, first soprano with the Bach choir.

To help us grow, please feel free to invite  friends or email this invitation to other people who might be interested.

Fresh Fruit Chocolate FondueWe are also currently asking members and friends of the GCBA to help us with our tombola. No item is too small or too big. (Please note that ticket prices do not cover all of the expenses).

If you have any questions about tombola donations or any other questions please contact Susanne at susanneziehr@hotmail.com

For confirmation of attendance please contact Elke Porter at secretary@germancanadianbusiness.com

Hope to hear from you soon🎅

Christmas Cheers

Mit herzlichen Weihnachtsgruessen!

Susanne Ziehr
778 388 3101

Christmas Party Invite



16 Nov 2017
November 16, 2017

Vancouver German Christmas Market 2017

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Cherish the Charm, Taste the Tradition at the 8th Annual Vancouver Christmas Market

Treasured Holiday Event Returns to Expansive Seaside Site with More Than 55,000 Square Feet of German Jubilation

© Photo Credit – LoVero Films

Vancouver, BC – The city’s signature yuletide celebration returns to its expansive seaside home, November 22 – December 24, 2017 at Jack Poole Plaza (at the Olympic Cauldron) offering its largest, authentic German festivities to date. The cherished holiday tradition will feature more than 75 huts stuffed with sweets, treats and treasures, coupled with a multitude of festive family activities and live entertainment. Attracting a record number of more than 215,000 visitors last season, the Vancouver Christmas Market remains one of the city’s beloved holiday experiences.

“We are delighted to return to Jack Poole Plaza again this season, warmly welcoming new and returning visitors to partake in our wide array of Christmas festivities, while discovering a number of exciting new activities and expanded highlights,” said Malte Kluetz, Founder and President of the Vancouver Christmas Market. “As we move into our 8th season, and continue to grow in popularity, we are also pleased to unveil our revitalized logo and updated website, developed to help guests easily plan their visit. Whether shopping the market for that special, one-of-kind gift or indulging in the mouth-watering array of German delicacies, we look forward to seeing new and familiar faces during the most wonderful time of the year!”

Vancouver Christmas MarketAmong this year’s expanded highlights will be Canada’s first-ever Walk-In Christmas Tree: a 30ft tall tree covered with 36,000 twinkling lights that guests can enter to experience a spectacular – and selfie-worthy light display. The Christmas Pyramid also returns, this year taller than ever with the addition of a brand new ‘Flying Stage’ perched 10ft high above the market. The Flying Stage will host a lively line-up of festive entertainment daily. The entertainment line-up is stacked with a wide range of musical talent performing a steady stream of seasonal favourites that span every genre – from jazz, blues, folk, pop, classical, and gospel.

Visitors will undoubtedly treat themselves to the market’s signature array of mouth-watering delectables, including Glühwein (a hot-spiced mulled wine), Bratwurst, Gulasch, Spätzle, Schnitzel, Kartoffelpuffer (potato pancakes), Strudels, and so much more. A variety of new local vendors will be offering the best food and drink BC has to offer including fresh sustainable seafood from Eat F.I.S.H., made-from-scratch Sicilian cannoli by the Cannoli King, award-winning German style wine from Wild Goose Winery, and organic beer made from local ingredients by Persephone Brewing Co.

Giant Pyramid

©Christmas Pyramid by LoVero Films

In addition to Deutschland delicacies, rousing entertainment, and returning favourites – such as the Christmas Carousel and the warming Alpine Haus tent, designed to accommodate more than 250 people, visitors can wander throughout the market’s quaint pathways of huts, discovering lovingly crafted gifts and treasures that cry out to be slipped into stockings and placed under Christmas trees.

Tickets to the 2017 Vancouver Christmas Market are now on sale!

Tickets are: Adult $10, Seniors $9, Youth $5, Children Age 0-6, FREE.
 Purchase online to receive a complimentary Season Pass.

Ticket bookings and Christmas Combos at: vancouverchristmasmarket.com

Christmas Market at Sunset

©Vancouver Christmas Market_Sunset submitted by Vancouver Christmas Market

SAVE THE DATE! Media are invited to an exclusive media tour of the Vancouver Christmas Market from Founder & President Malte Kluetz on November 21 at 4:45pm under the twinkling lights. Media will enjoy a taste of the market, sampling a beautifully crafted menu of new and popular fare, as well the opportunity to experience the expanded activities and highlights. Media will also be treated to a carefully curated gift box of authentic German treats and one-of-a-kind gifts from a host of new and returning vendors throughout the market.

Vancouver Christmas Market is honoured to work with and support its charitable partner the Children’s Wish Foundation. Be sure to join us for the Market’s ‘Children’s Wish Week’ from December 16 to 24, 2017, to support this important organization.

About Vancouver Christmas Market (vancouverchristmasmarket.com)

Since 2010, the Vancouver Christmas Market has delighted Vancouverites and visitors to the city with authentic German-inspired festivities. Combining colourful décor, authentic gifts, savoury food & drink, and family entertainment, the yuletide celebration creates the perfect atmosphere to mix & mingle with friends & family, take in a quick drink after work, and observe a wide variety of cultural activities, old world confections, and seasonal entertainment.

LISTING INFORMATION 8th Annual Vancouver Christmas Market

Date: November 22 to December 24, 2017: 11am – 9pm

December 24: Closed at 6pm

Ticket prices: Single Admission Adult $10, Seniors $9, Youth $5

(Children under 6 are Free)

Christmas Packages from $25

Address: Jack Poole Plaza – Home of the Olympic Cauldron

(Vancouver Convention Centre West)

1055 Canada Place

Vancouver, BC V6C 3G3

Website: vancouverchristmasmarket.com



06 Nov 2017
November 6, 2017

Consular Christmas Market

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My father and I attended the Consular Christmas on Saturday to see what was going on.

From their website:  “Visit our unique Christmas market! Over 20 stands will be filled with Christmas items and countries’ specialty food and beverages. Get into an early Christmas atmosphere by the smell of warm Swiss Glühwein and Colombian coffee, and go home with hotel and restaurant vouchers from the auction. Bring the whole family and be welcomed by Santa in the kids’ corner!”

You had to pay $5 admission at the door, which went to the Charity SOS Kinderdorf.  “We are well on the way to becoming the first Developmental, Interactive, and Therapeutic Village in the SOS world, providing unprecedented support to the children and caregivers utilizing a trauma-informed approach. To provide this environment, we strive to offer four experiences to every individual who comes into contact with our services:  a feeling of safety, relationships in which they feel they can trust, opportunities to collaborate and choose the services that they are involved in, and lastly help in building the skills necessary to move forward and function well on the daily basis.”

The event was hosted by Consulate General of Switzerland in Vancouver

The first thing we saw was this sign:

Country Flags & Signs

©Dietrich Klaue

We were surprised not to see the flag of Germany, but they explained that Germany was officially supporting their Christmas Market: if you click on this ad, it will take you to their website.

Vancouver Christmas Market

All of the following pictures show some aspect of the market, with some of the countries being Switzerland, Belgium, France etc.

Rose Hamilton - SOS Kinderdorf

© Dietrich Klaue – She represented the charity SOS Kinderdorf that was being supported by this Consular Christmas Market Saturday & Sunday

©Elke Porter – Swiss offering Raclette

Elke at Consular Christmas Market

©Dietrich Klaue – Elke visits the Consular Christmas Market

©Elke Porter

Table with Flag

©Dietrich Klaue

Beautiful porcelain doll

©Dietrich Klaue

©Dietrich Klaue

©Dietrich Klaue

Consular Christmas Market

©Dietrich Klaue

Beautiful handcrafted dolls/pets

©Dietrich Klaue

The Belgian House

©Elke Porter


CPABC members and students can receive 20% off tickets to the November 25, 2017 performance at the Centre for Performing Arts in Vancouver by using discount code: FAMDISC. Tickets can be ordered online through Ticketmaster (http://www.magicalmusical.ca/tickets.html).

Tickets here: https://www1.ticketmaster.com/event/1100532649ACBD0D?brand=&tm_link=tm_homeA_h2#efeat4212

From their website:

Wendy Yau Sum Cheung’s childhood dream when she first saw Phantom of the Opera, was to one day produce her own Broadway style musical.  Rod Chow’s childhood dream when he first saw a lavish magic production show in Las Vegas with his parents, was to one day star in his own. Today both Wendy and Rod’s dreams have come true as they prepare to open their original production: SEASONS – A Magical Musical at the Centre in Vancouver for the Performing Arts on November 25, 2017.

This live musical will feature the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra, under the conductorship of world class maestro, Kenneth Hsieh.  The spectacular full original symphonic score was entirely composed by the award winning Wendy Yau Sum Cheung. Wendy herself will be featured on the concert grand piano to engage, captivate, and mesmerize the audience scene by scene with her masterful, flowing, and memorably melodic style.

The dramatic storyline takes the audience on an epic journey of a young girl growing up with her love for music, and the joys and turbulences she experiences through her various stages of life. The audience sees this all unfold through the expression of sensual choreographed contemporary dance, stunning magic and illusions by Rod Chow, an emotional and inspiring storyline, and song and acting, by a full cast of dancers and actors.

A chance encounter with a magician becomes the turning point in the life of our central character. She and the once mighty wizard take on new beginnings as they progress through the Seasons of Life together…from the Spring re-discovering of magic and wonder, to the Summer enjoying and being amazed by their illusions and creations, to the Fall fine tuning of the magic they know and becoming an expert at sharing this with others, and finally to the Winter celebrating of their astonishments and the joys of life.

This dramatic, inspirational, and heart-warming full stage magical musical theatrical production was created for the entire family to enjoy.

Is your company or are you personally interested in sponsoring a magical show that will be held November 25 at The Centre for Performing Arts in downtown Vancouver?  Check out the various sponsorship packages – Platinum Title Sponsor would donate $25,000 or an elite sponsor would donate $1,250.

Please contact Elke at 604 828 8788 to ask questions or to donate.
Sponsorship Levels

This is a live musical featuring the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra under Maestro Kenneth Hsieh. The full original score was entirely composed by award winning composer Wendy Yau Sum Cheung, and the principal performer in the production is CPA member and professional dancer Amanda Collinge, CPA, CGA. The storyline takes the audience on an epic journey of a young girl growing up with her love for music and the joys and turbulences she experiences through her various stages of life. This story unfolds through expression of sensual choreographed ballet and contemporary dance, stunning magic and illusions by Rod Chow, supported by a full cast of dancers and actors. To find out more about Seasons, click here: http://www.magicalmusical.ca/