28 Jan 2015
January 28, 2015

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 Schedule

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Match Schedule

BC Place Stadium Matches

  • Japan vs. Switzerland
    Monday, June 8th, 2015
  • Switzerland vs. Ecuador
    Friday, June 12th, 2015
  • Nigeria vs. USA
    Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

Round of 16

  1. Sunday, June 21st, 2015
  2. Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Quarter Finals

Saturday, June 27th, 2015

Semi Finals

None in BC


Sunday, July 5th, 2015


FIFA Games Schedule for 2015

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Final FIFA Schedule

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27 Jan 2015
January 27, 2015

Der Kiepenkasper in Surrey

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KiepenkasperSaturday, January 24th,  Uwe Spillmann from the KIEPENKASPER Theater performed at the Surrey German Language School.

Link to the Surrey German School:  http://www.surreygermanschool.com/

At 9:30 he presented “Reise zur Pirateninsel” and “Die drei Zauberfedern” for the E-classes (DaF or Deutsch als Fremdsprache).

At 11:00 he performed “Du bist ja gar kein Ungeheuer” and “Der Schneemann ist ein armer Tropf” for G-classes (DaZ or Deutsch als Zweitsprache).

It was a community event and therefore they invited family, friends and neighbours. Beatrice Schreiber, President of the German Canadian Business Association, was one of the guests who truly enjoyed herself.

Several years ago, the Kiepenkasper also performed at the Westside German School.  Here is a link to their website: http://www.vwgs.org/2012/

BeatriceThe Surrey German Language School was proud to offer this Northern German Tradition of a puppet show to their students and were glad to see so much support from the community.

Thanks to Yvonne, for sending us these pictures.

28 Dec 2014
December 28, 2014

German New Year

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FeuerzangenbowleSince I grew up in Canada, I didn’t always have the opportunity to celebrate special events the way children in Germany would celebrate with their families. But I am still fascinated by these traditions and hope to introduce some of them to my children and eventually, my grandchildren. The other important point is that my parents were both not born in Germany proper, and have both come from “Volksdeutsche” (people who were born in other territories or countries, but still had German blood and citizenship). My parents were both born during the war, and with their families on the move, and the borders changing hands a few times, they had different traditions they followed, or were just glad to have reached a New Year and didn’t need to follow traditions, except attending church in gratitude.

Here are some ideas:

1. Feuerzangenbowle: this is where they take a clump of sugar, slather it with wine, place it on a metal clip with a slit in the middle and set it on fire, so that the burnt sugar drips into a pot or bowl filled with the rest of the wine. It is a very impressive activity, and one that I enjoyed seeing as a child.

2. Fireworks: Vancouver, BC where I live now sometimes offers fireworks and sometimes doesn’t. To be honest, I am not necessarily a fan of fireworks! I would go, if I was going with my family or in some kind of group.

3. Lead melting: you melt a bit of lead over a handle, let it cool off in some water and then read your future in the shape the lead has turned into: money, fame, health?

4. Blessing of wealth: You need to keep a pig around, as that represents “Good luck” or wealth in German. On the other hand, ensure that you are not eating a goose, as they fly away with your luck! Save up a “scale” or your New Year’s Carp and carry it around in your purse. This could ensure a regular flow of cash. If you want an abundant amount of change, ensure that you have a significant amount of lentil soup in your cupboard, or serve it on New Year’s Eve! You can also eat four leaf clovers or little chimney sweeps made out of marzipan.

5. Food & Drink: fondue or racelette, lentil soup, carp/fish or sweet apples dipped in honey. For drinks, people enjoy the Feuerzangenbowle, drinking champagne precisely at midnight and then throwing the glass over one of your shoulders, since “broken glass = good luck”. You can also say “Prosit Neujahr!” or “Guten Rutsch” – which means that we hope you find success in the New Year.

As entertainment, you can watch “Dinner for One” (now on YouTube), which is also known as the “90th Birthday of Miss Sophi”.

27 Nov 2014
November 27, 2014

Children’s Nikolaus Party 2015

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Der Nicholaus kommt…

St Nicholaus will come on Sunday 6th of December to the club.

Come and join us for this old German custom

Starting at 12:00PM in our Jaegerstube (next to the restaurant)

Free food will be provided at 12:00PM sharp (Wiener Wurst, Chicken Fingers, Peas and Carrots, Fries)

St Nicholaus will arrive at around 12:45PM (Please bring a boot)

After the “official” part there will be a bouncy castle, entertainment and crafts for the children.

Program is over at 3:00PM

Entrance is free – donations are welcome

Volunteers are needed:  Crafts, Colouring, Singing etc.

Address: 4875 Victoria Drive, Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604 874-3811
Corner of 33rd/Victoria Drive in East Vancouver



18 Nov 2014
November 18, 2014

Upcoming German Christmas Events

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Sign-up your children for the daily Advent-Storyteller event at the Vancouver Christmas Market: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/10C0E4EA5AF28A6F85-advent2/13390661

Explore many fun children’s activities, e.g. making your own traditional mini Herrnhuter Star at the Vancouver Christmas Market (recommended age: 8+), for images click here: http://mybrilliantstar.com/

Senior students: volunteer with the many German speaking vendors – an excellent hands-on experience to practice German in context. Please contact Kirsten Friedrichs at orgavwgs@gmail.com for further information.

Here is the list of Christmas-themed storytime in German with media from the Vancouver Public Library. You can put a hold on items and have them sent to your local branch:


Christmas Bazaar of the St. Mark’s church on Saturday, Nov. 29, 10am-2pm. German lunch, cookies, cakes, books and more: http://stmarkschurch.ca/bazaar.html. The Christmas Story is performed on Dec. 14th during their Advent service.

An evening of German Advent and Christmas classics on Wednesday, Dec. 3, 8pm.

The Oratorio Singers and the baroque instrumental ensemble OS415 will present an evening of cantatas, motets and chorales byBuxtehude, Schütz, Kuhnau, Praetorius, Rosenmüller, Bruckner and Schubert with guest soloist, countertenor, Mark Donnelly. All will be invited to participate in the singing of Christmas chorales in German and/or English, e.g. Es ist ein Ros entsprungen, Macht hoch die Tür. St. Andrew´s-Wesley Church on Burrard at Nelson. Tickets at the door only: $25 general admission.

There is a Children’s Christmas Party at the Vancouver Alpen Club on a Sunday in December – The party is usually from 1 pm to 3 pm or so.  As soon as I have some more details, I will pass these along.

If anybody has any other Christmas Parties or suggestions that would benefit children, please let us know!


07 Oct 2014
October 7, 2014

Harvest Haus – in my opinion

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What does Elke have to say?

My first impression of Harvest Haus was that they, were amazingly successful for a first-time event. They sold out 1,000 seats both Friday & Saturday nights! I found out about this event a week or so before, by reading about it on Facebook. Hardly anyone I asked had heard about this event, so I am wondering if they could have done more marketing much sooner. Or, if they could have teamed up with the Vancouver Christmas Market to access their audience, who would naturally be excited to have two events, instead of just one. I mean, maybe we could just call this area the “German Corner” and use it for similar events year-round.


The other thing is that I felt this event should have been run over two weekends, instead of just one, or maybe even every weekend in October, and that this event could have been a little more authentic.

BuergomeisterDancing DJ

My main beef were with the “Burgermeister” (Mayor) who didn’t speak a word of German, although he was very welcoming, and said “Call me Ludwig”. I thought he was super nice, just not authentic. There are plenty of German-speaking people in Vancouver who could have played the part instead. Then there was the DJ, who also super friendly, was playing club music, rather than German music and just not sporting the Harvest Haus suspenders or any kind of authentic clothes. But both were nice guys.

The basic food and drink options were fine. They had up to 19 different kinds of beer including Rickard’s Lederhosen (Strong, hoppy and goes great with German Bratwurst or a warm pretzel), Löwenbräu, and Krombacher Weizen. They also had food booths and apple strudl by Artisan Bakeries. (http://www.artisanbakeshoppe.com)

Apple StrudlBasket of Pretzels

Steins of beer

Next year, my advice would be to have at least one or two bank machines on site, as many things depended on having cash on hand. By the time a hungry & thirsty patron had finished buying/renting a mug, ordering beer and purchasing food, it would be easy to run out of cold, hard cash. You also had to trade this cash in for “guilders”, that you would use to buy the beer of choice. Outside, you had the choice to line up for food to the Nudelhaus, Bratwurst by Oyama Sausage, Rotisserie by old German and German-style poutines by cocktails and canapes. I think they were missing Schnitzel and currywurst, though, which are both somewhat accessible in Vancouver and would have brought more authenticity to the event.

The first you saw when you walked in the door were hundreds of Harvest Haus mugs, that you could buy or “rent” for $8. When you returned the mug, after endless hours of active use, you would get $7 back. These two ladies “guarding the mugs” were taking their job very seriously. And they also weren’t dressed in dirndl (traditional Bavarian costumes). The idea should be to give Canadians a “taste of the true”.

Everyone should be participating, and be jolly and ready to welcome the hordes. Still had a great, fun atmosphere, though. Since I arrived at precisely 6 pm, hardly anyone had even finished their first beer, let along ordered one, so this could be why the atmosphere was still a little laid back. The crowd consisted mostly of 20 and 30-year olds, with half of them wearing something traditionally German, and half of them just dressed in their clubbing clothes. I didn’t stay that long, as I had to go to another event, so I never had a chance to see the bands or dancing. If anyone has some footage of this, please let me know!


In the meantime, they also had happy employees who were willing to indulge the public with some smiles and silliness to get them in the mood to party! Maybe next year, they can organize at least one set with the S-Bahn Band (www.sbahnmusic.com) who would entertain the crowd, Oktoberfest style. But for this year, I was not around when the hall filled, the drinking started and the dancing began. Hopefully this event will be back again next year.

Happy day!

They had two ladies in a very short dirndls waiting to post with patrons in front of a “Step-and-repeat” Banner. Very popular and great idea!. There was also a big sign in the corner announcing that the Buergomeister would be making an appearance, but when I asked the staff or volunteers about him, nobody seemed to know anything. This could be something for next year: either inform everyone of the active events or have some “event ambassadors” ready to guide and inform people, in case they are interested.

In case you want to learn more about this event, you can look at their website: http://www.harvest-haus.com/event-info/

Stein exchange

And my final picture is showing the Stein exchange station for when you leave or you have just had too many different kinds of beer in one mug. LOL. Apparently there were also different kinds of wine, but you just drank out of an ordinary glass

Now the next big event to look forward to is the Vancouver Christmas Market, which is also held at the same outdoor venue. There may be a lantern festival (around November 11th) or a Nikolaus Festival (December 6th) there, as well. Who knows what the future will hold here? Perhaps a Fasching/carnival in February? A May Fest with an authentic maypole dance? Let’s keep the cultural festivals going! Thanks to Harvest Haus for getting us started, and proving that Vancouver is indeed a very multicultural city.

30 Sep 2014
September 30, 2014

Deutscher Platz Event

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Deutscher Platz on September 28th, 2014!

Here are some visuals taken by Dietrich & Ute Klaue:

German Girls at Work!IMG_3338

07 Aug 2014
August 7, 2014

Deutscher Platz Poster

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Learn More About the German Canadian Heritage Plaza, aka Deutscher Platz


Deutscher Platz Poster

You can also find this website:

http://www.deutscherplatz.org/ or



For EXPO ’86, GRACE McCARTHY, the Minister of Transportion at the time, contacted all multicultural groups in Vancouver, to construct park-like areas along the new Sky Train route.
In the German-speaking community, the GERMAN-CANADIAN CONGRESS founded a working group known as the “Parkway Committee”, which pursued this idea with a great deal of initiative and enthusiasm. The next step was fundraising. Through the intense commitment of all the various committee members, we were able to collect very generous dona­tions in BC as well as in Germany in a very short period of time. Thanks to the German-speaking population in Vancouver, associa­tions, corporations, churches, schools and the media, this space could be created.
The Place was build after a model that adopted ideas of the design provided by landscape architect G. Edel. The GERMAN CANADIAN HERITAGE PLAZA was born. Once the construction was complete, Axel Hoyer began laying out the garden. Ebco & the Eppich brothers” made the plaques and had the donor names engraved at no charge. Goetz Lange-Michels donated the log; Mr. Hammerl from Armstrong carved the logo free of charge.
The opening ceremonies took place on June 29, 1986. Reputable representatives from public life and about 2,000 enthusiastic partici­pants attended. The GERMAN community had created a memorial, which was seen to be the symbol of the contributions of GER­MAN immigrants, with positive recognition from the CANADIAN public. The donations, to maintain and provide upkeep to the space, lasted for 6 years. With time, it fell into obscurity.
In August 1992, all of the former Committee Members were invit­ed by Ursula and Eugen Neubert to discuss to upkeep of the space and to once raise donations for this purpose, resulting in the founding of the GERMAN CANADIAN HERITAGE PLAZA COMMITTEE. This working group is an independent, non-prof­it society, which, on behalf of the German-speaking public, assumes the responsibility of maintaining the space and carries out these responsibilities based on jointly established conditions in order to maintain the GERMAN CANADIAN HERITAGE PLAZA of the German-Speaking community. Every year, a different association of the Board takes over the Chairmanship, in order to keep the distribution of duties dynamic and current.

04 Aug 2014
August 4, 2014

The Fall Crawl of the S-Bahn!

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Richard Tyce and the S-Bahn Band have a busy schedule this fall, starting September 11th with the Mt. Angel Oktoberfest in Oregon. After this, they head to Washington State where they perform at Oktoberfests in Monroe and Kirkland. They start October off with three weekends of shows at the well-known Leavenworth Oktoberfest.

SittinginWoodsOn October 24th and 25th they will perform at the Victoria Edelweiss Club on Vancouver Island. Then November 1st, it’s Portland, OR, and November 7-9 they’ll perform at the New Braunfels Texas “Wurstfest” for the first time. Come out and see them, make a holiday of it!

Please see their website for their tour dates & more: http://sbahnmusic.com/tour-dates/

22 Jul 2014
July 22, 2014

Two German Choral Concerts;

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Unichor & Trier Cathedral Youth Choir