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European News - Issue 4

By Elke Porter in European News

20 pages, published 7/6/2019

European News helps Europeans in Western Canada promote themselves, as well as their products/services/events. We also inform, educate and entertain our readers who are interested in what Europeans in Canada are up to.

European News Magazine in Canada lives on the “magcloud” platform.

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Table of Contents include a story about the VdU, about Haarlem in Amsterdam, Oktoberfest in Australia, a successful Schnitzel truck in Kelowna, Trade Commissioner Service, a young transatlantic leadership program, Else Ury who wrote the Nexthäkchen series, 4 German schools in Metro Vancouver, some past events, EUFA coming in 2020, doob (3d), Ai hits its stride in Vancouver, follicular lymphoma (cancer), silly jokes, and more.

The next issue will be coming out September 15, which gives you all lots of time to send in your ads, your press releases, your photos or events. Let’s get connected! This is the place to get public relations for your business! Full page ad is only $600! Contact Elke:

604 828 8788 | |

Das Schwarze Brett shares German, Swiss and Austrian news in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Each issues highlights past and future events, people, news, classifieds and important contact information. If you are connected to the German Community, or work with the German community, you won’t want to miss this next issue.

Underberg AdThe table of contents includes a feature story about the History of Underberg (yummy herbal digestive), a story of Robert Holler and the “Nations Warriors Wellness Society”, BC Travel News, German Canadian Business Association, Prospera Credit Union, new Deutscher Platz information, Swiss National Day Celebration, a quiz on how German, Swiss or Austrian you are, Vanishing German businesses, passive house schools, Klaus Priebe, the Consul General of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Vancouver Alpen Club and their Oktoberfest plans, GermanFest 2005, the European Festival, the Alpen Plattlers, PACO ERHARD who brings the “5-Steps to Being German” to the Fringe Festival, info about all the German Schools in the Lower Mainland, Swiss Quality Coffee Systems, breaking news regarding a new German Cultural Centre in Vancouver, Classifieds, Oktoberfest Events and important contact information – including links to CETA related items.

You just need to go to and sign up. Then you can read Das Schwarze Brett online for free, or order a print copy at home. I look forward to hearing from my readers – whether you are interested in advertising in the October issue, interested in contributing a story or interested in being an “order hub” at your place of business.

Das Schwarze Brett - Issue 3

By Elke Porter in Das Schwarze Brett

24 pages, published 8/28/2017

Das Schwarze Brett shares German, Swiss and Austrian news in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Each issues highlights past and future events, people, news, classifieds and important contact information. If you are connected to the German Community, or work with the German community, you won’t want to miss this next issue.

14 Dec 2016
December 14, 2016

How to order the Latest Magazine

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Ordering “Das Schwarze Brett” for Christmas

Step 1

Visit the page

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Step 2

Sign up.  Yes, I am sorry, but you are going to have to sign up with them in order to download or order magazines.  They have many to choose from.

Step 3

Find “Das Schwarze Brett” under the name PorterPR.  PorterPR is a name that I used while getting involved in magazine publishing

Two Das Schwarze Brett Magazines

Step 4

Once you have the magazine, download a free digital (.pdf) copy to read at home, or order a printed version, which also includes paying for shipping costs.

Step 5

Receive magazine, read and enjoy.  Ask yourself – Do I know anyone who would like to have this kind of publicity?  Do I know anyone who would like to advertise their product or service?  Is there an upcoming German, Swiss or Austrian event?

Briefly note the date of the next publication.

You can also sign up to “follow” PorterPR on MagCloud, which will ensure you get personally contacted, once the next magazine is published there.

Visit to leave your comments/feedback.

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15 Sep 2016
September 15, 2016

Das Schwarze Brett Will Arrive in October!

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Das Schwarze Brett Magazine will be Published in October!

“Das Schwarze Brett” will be rising from the ashes, back from 2002, when I moved back to Vancouver from Sydney, Australia.  We lived in downtown Vancouver in a small apartment and I had just taken my first desktop publishing & website course in a private college in the Bentall Building.  I started building websites, writing newsletters and joining social media and have been fascinated every since.

If you would like to have a look at the magazine so far, just check this link:

I started a couple of websites, produced a few newsletters, worked with communications experts and generally practiced journalism, blogging, photography, advertising & more.  I helped publish the Swiss Herald for the Swiss Society, I started “German Voices Vancouver”, which turned into Westcoast German News and also got involved with all of the various German organizations in Vancouver in one way or another.

Ad Rate Card 2016Now, my children are finally at the stage where I can focus on my business and make a living out of it.  I have been applying for jobs, but am having trouble finding something that will me to practice the skills I wish to excel in.  My passions are Photoshop, InDesign, YouTube and blogging in general.  I am going to start with a magazine – maybe even with more than one – and go from there.  I want to end up working for a German Television Show.

Das Schwarze Brett will be published every two months and sold through this website and the MagCloud platform. If you wish to participate, you can send me your story ideas, events or ads and hopefully it will grow into something big and important.  I also plan to spend more time sharing news and blogging on my website.

If you have recipes, jokes, short news items (about new things – not ads) and interesting tidbits that would interest the German readers, I would love to receive them. The deadline to be involved in my first issue is September 25th, 2016.  This is when I would need to have the ads and payment by.  If you need an ad designed, this will cost you $50 if I do it and $100 if you want an actual graphic designer to help you out.  A designer makes between $30 and $40 an hour, and it can take time to design the ad, format the images and write the copy.

You can also sign up to my Westcoast German News Newsletter on this website.

Yours sincerely,


Sandra holding her bookVancouver, October 1st, 2015 – The good news is that aloe vera can replace the almost 18,000 different health supplement that have flooded grocery & drug stores in North America recently.  The bad news is that drinking pure aloe vera gel takes some getting used to.  But when you learn about the 15 major health issues that can this miracle plant can solve, you might decide to run out and try it.

Certified trainer & lifestyle Coach Sandra Rechsteiner has written a book “Your Natural Health Beauty and Wellness Guide” that will show you how to successfully incorporate this miracle plant in your life at her October 19th Book Launch at TenTen Tapas at 5:30 pm.

For just $25, guests by invitation only will participate in a selfie-contest, sign a video guestbook, and receive a free copy of the book, complimentary drinks & appetizers, as well as a gift bag full of surprises. Members of the media will receive a free pass just for attending. Rechsteiner will also read from her book and be available to show you how to stay vital, fit, healthy, beautiful & happy.

Rechsteiner founded the company “Accomplish Now” in 2012 and offers a mix of health and business coaching. She is a “cancer crusher” and has a “Never give up.” attitude that helps her move towards her goal of being a healthy millionaire, as well as showing others how to follow in the same path with sheer energy & enthusiasm.

Sandra is such an amazing, energetic and positive person, who empowers me every time. She always believes in me and more importantly, made me believe in myself for the first time in my life. says Lindsay Y., a client of Accomplish Now.

Accomplish Now is a global leader in holistic health. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to help you shape up, lose weight, feel great and be the person that you always wanted to be. Swiss-born Sandra Rechsteiner is not only a coach and personal trainer, but also mentors people to find their purpose and passion to succeed in business and in life. Because of high demand of her book, Rechsteiner will also be launching a German translation in Europe in November.

Her next book will focus on her own truly inspirational story: the mindset that allowed her to survive cancer and reach for her big goals now. You can learn more at Rechsteiner’s book is available on Amazon & Kindle.

28 Sep 2015
September 28, 2015

First-Time Author Sandra Rechsteiner!

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Interview with certified trainer & lifestyle coach Sandra Rechsteiner!

September 2015

Sandra HappySandra has recently written her first book: Your Natural Healthy Beauty and Wellness Guide, where she shares the benefits of “nature’s purest gift” Aloe Vera. After helping Sandra edit and prepare her book for publication, I felt that my readers might be very interested in learning what motivated Swiss-born Sandra to want to write this particular book and why you should buy your copy today!

1. How did you get an idea for the topic?

My idea was to create an everyday guide to educate people about the many benefits of the power of nature’s purest gift Aloe Vera. This amazing plant has been around and known for centuries and yet in today’s world is not being used on a daily basis to prevent and help heal sickness. I personally have experienced how important mental and physical health is and personally have experienced how aloe vera can you stay vital, fit, healthy, beautiful and happy. Little plant with big benefits!

2. Who inspired you along the way to keep writing?

My husband and all the people around the Globe already introduced to the amazing benefits of Aloe Vera and who I successfully helped in becoming Forever FIT, healthy and beautiful with Aloe Vera. I experienced people getting rid of allergies, ekzymans, restless leg syndromes, joint pain, headaches, colds, excess weight, digestive problems, sleep problems, burns, lack of energy and much more, and in my case Aloe Vera has helped me becoming pain free after holistically smashing my untreatable cancer over a period of 8 years.

3. Did you enjoy writing when you were in school?

Not at all and I don’t do it now honestly either. It is more my passion for the message that I want to get our there and my drive to help millions of people. And the great thing is, I ask for help, I provide the content and there are pro’s, who can turn my writing into a outstanding writing:-)

4. What is your background in health and fitness?

I love watching sports and doing all kind of sports. I used to play a team sport called handball (popular in Europe) as a teenager. I experience people, who do fitness, with a different mindset – it is kind of a natural drug and energy and happiness source. Being active helped me a lot during my illness, my body recharged and I had less pain. I became a certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

5. What do you hope that your readers will do after reading the book?

After reading this book, you will simply feel like you have to run out and get some Aloe, trust me. I help you to make the right choices to add Aloe to your daily routine and I hope you will decide to value Health as your # 1 priority and take action now before it is too late. I help you change your Lifestyle and you will become unstoppable.

6. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Me and my husband are traveling the World, living at different places. I will be speaking on stage in front of thousands of people and empower and educate them all, on all contingents to choose NOW to live their live at its best and to Dream BIG.

7. How can people use this book?

This book is available in e-book version and paper version. A MUST-READ for all the people you care about. The more people read about the power of Aloe and how it can positively increase their well being, restore their beauty for a longer lasting life, the more we all can help others. I can’t do this alone and therefore I invite all the readers to invite others to get the book. I invite you to carry where ever you go, the every day use tips are easier to look up that way and you are always ready to make a difference to the World, because when you meet someone, who can benefit from this book and who can not, you can sell it to that person too.

Your Natural Health, Beauty & Wellness Guide is HERE:

15 Sep 2015
September 15, 2015

Oktoberfest Edition 2015

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Cover of September Edition of Westcoast German NewsWestcoast German News is back with an exciting September Edition starring Oktoberfest. We tried to include a little something from all of our states and provinces located on the west coast of Canada and the US. Alberta, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon & California.

This edition is the first one to have our new logo, that I have designed recently. Squares in the colour of the German Flag, with the initials W. G. N. inside of them. It is a simple design that hopefully gets the message across without being overwhelming.

There are always people who are supportive each month, but in this month, I particularly enjoyed hearing from people like Mike Anderson, who is from the OKTOBERFEST IN EL CAJON. (San Diego) You can read the press release and see photo in this edition.

We also introduce the new General Consulate Josef Beck, and we give you the list of German Schools, at least those found in British Columbia.  Next edition, I will include others.

Speaking of my next edition, I plan to focus on things like St. Martin (the annual lantern festival), Thanksgiving and Remembrance Day.  If you have any events, ads or stories I should know about that you want to share with my ever-growing audience, I would love to hear about it.

Otherwise, please visit and follow me there!  Share this magazine on your social media.  Send it to your family and friends, and best of all, order copies from MagCloud for your Oma or Tante.

This magazine will be available as a free download on our Digital Products page.  You can read it as a .pdf, print it out yourself at home, or order an actual magazine version on MagCloud for $5 + shipping.

Looking forward to connecting you to the German Community on this side of North America!

03 Sep 2015
September 3, 2015

What’s New?

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Next Edition of Westcoast German News

First of all, I am excited to present to everyone my new logo. Yes, one day I hope to have a graphic designer of the highest caliber come up with something, but in the meantime, I suddenly went to Photoshop and created something that will tide me over until then:

WGN Logo 2015

Then, I am making this issue an “Oktoberfest Special” with a deadline of September 10th. Any images send to me, must be 300 dpi (at least) and in the .pdf format. I will also accept articles, press releases, online interviews and other accouncements.

Monster Accordion with Richard

Finally, if you would like to place an ad (keeping in mind it needs to be family-friendly and G-rated), the rate for all ads up to 1/2 page is $55 this time around. Soon, as subscribers increase, I will be asking for more money, but for now I am going with “one fee fits all”.

I also offer ads on my website for $5 a month or $60 a year.

This magazine reaches my audience online from Canada, US, Germany, Austria, Switzerland. Then I have the Facebook Pages: “Germans in Vancouver” and “Westcoast German News”. Finally, I have this blog and my digital magazine, both running under the name of “Westcoast German News.”

My goal is to find:
1. Contributors
2. Sponsors
3. Advertisers
4. Subscribers

Sponsors donating $100+ will get a shout out, a blog post, a free ad and the ability to publish an event/picture.

Looking forward to getting to know you!

Westcoast German News Summer 2015 EditionGerman News Digital Magazine will come out mid-September.  Therefore the deadline for Advertisements, Articles or Artwork you wish to share is August 31st.  We also publish press releases, events and interviews.

Any pictures or artwork should be very high-resolution, 300 dpi.

Advertising Rates can be seen here:

Here are some ideas that we would welcome:

1.  Column Writers – in return, you would get a free advertisement for your services

2.  Event photographers – again, you would get a free advertisement

3.  Freelance Journalists – sharing stories about Germans, Swiss and Austrians in your neighbourhood

4.  Graphic Designer – I need a better logo for the Westcoast German News Magazine – receive a free ad in the magazine, as well as online advertising for one year on my Advertising Page – with a link to your website.

Otherwise, share this information on your social media accounts, in e-mails to German-speaking friends or family and via word-of-mouth.

Westcoast German News, started in 2007 as German Voices Vancouver, and has published 20 newsletters and 8 Digital Magazines, as well as the Westcoast German News Blog.  Sharing up-to-date local news from the west coast of Canada and the US for anyone interested in German news – expats, immigrants, students, business owners, event planners, tourists, German Teachers and those who were born in Germany and have now become Canadian.

Also fans of Fussball, Oktoberfest, Bier, Travelling and environmentally friendly products & services.