03 Oct 2015
October 3, 2015

Predicting the Future!

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Real Estate Outlook 2016

Pinnacle HotelThis real estate conference & trade show, which took place on Saturday, September 26th, 2015 at the Pinnacle Hotel downtown, offered 8 hours of predictions, important since, among other things:

  • The stock markets around the world are in trouble;
  • Some European governments are finding an increasingly more militant population.
  • Chinese government is frantically manipulating it’s stock markets and the Chinese economy is likely in free fall.
  • The oil prices are changing
  • The Canadian Dollar is dropping
  • The central bank says Vancouver is 30% overvalued

Ozzie Jurock at podiumThere were 12 speakers, including Ozzie, the real estate guru organizing this event and who gave the introduction and the final talk of the day. There were almost 600 attendees, all who had paid $97 for a ticket to listen to the expert advisors and were hoping to know the best place to invest their money.  There were also 20 exhibiters and even a few sponsors.

Interesting topics included David Steele discussing how the Northeast Bc Site C dam will create jobs, how parking is now a million dollar industry shared by Stephen Freedman, and James Knull gave an interesting talk about the stability of Edmonton.

Other speakers were Michael Geller, Ralph Case, Kelly Fry, Kyle Green, Eric Lynch, Brent Roberts, Clark Sanchez and finally Nick Malis – CEO of FortuneDNA, who is the founder of the elite business and investor forum entitled “Hush, hush, Secrets of the Ultra-Wealthy.”

Facts by Email NewsletterIf you want to learn more, the best thing to do would be to sign up for the next conference, the Real Estate Action Weekend (http://www.reaw.ca/) or sign up to the “Real Estate Insider”  (www.factsbyemail.com) or read Ozzie’s revised book based on “Forget about Location, Location, Location” and is now called ” What, When, Where, and How to Buy Real Estate in Canada” The link is here.

If you would like more information, please check out:


As a young man, Ozzie Jurock set out from his hometown of Cologne, Germany, to travel the world. At the age of 23, he discovered Vancouver and chose to immigrate.

27 Jul 2015
July 27, 2015

Curve Digital Report Card

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Curve Digital Gives your Online Presence a Report Card

Curve Digital ServiceCurve Communications, a PR and Digital Media Company in Vancouver, BC is offering a way to help small and medium-sized businesses across North America by offering them a free “Snapshot Report”. The report looks at your company’s listings, online reviews, site visibility, and their level of engagement on social media. Any company interested in improving their online reputation can sign up with “Curve Digital”, a comprehensive social media, review monitoring, and online listing package.

Once signed up, you will fill out a questionnaire that will help Curve understand what to post and come up with a business strategy. Do you want to entertain? Educate? Inform? Do you want more engagements or more followers? Do you have a key message for a target audience? Are they satisfied with their reputation, or do you want to improve?

At only $499 a month, along with a $500 one-time set up fee, Curve Digital has “got your back” online. They will accurately build your online business profile, manage your social media accounts and engage with potential customers.

“41 per cent of online business listings have an inaccurate address”, George Affleck, President & CEO, Curve Communications, always says. “78 per cent of people surveyed in a recent poll say that it’s very important to look up information about people and businesses online before deciding to interact or do business with them.

For more about Curve Digital, click here http://www.curvecommunications.com/curve-digital/

If you need more than just digital reputation, Curve Communications offers additional services,like marketing strategy, creative production (logos, visuals, websites), advertising & public relations, content creation, online marketing, and video production.

To learn more, visit www.curvecommunications.com.

18 Jul 2015
July 18, 2015

WordPress Decisions for Beginners

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www.dreamhost.com Home PageWhat exactly do you need to start your very own WordPress Blog or WordPress Website? The first thing you need to know is you will have some choices to make and each of your choices will lead to more choices. Before you can make a wise decision, you will need to have the answers to some basic questions both of where you are now and where you would like to be in five years.

Now, since you are reading this, I can only assume you own your own business or manage a charity and need a website with regularly updated content. You have chosen WordPress, since you have most likely heard how it is one of the easiest content management systems to manage and you can start using it for free, or at least a very low amount.

I am also going to assume that your business is somewhat related to Europe – Austria, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland – or you are from there and are attempting to set up something in western Canada or US, since you are reading this on the Westcoast German News Blog.

Ask yourself:


  1. Am I on a shoestring do it yourself budget?
  2. Do I have at least $500+ a month to spend on marketing activities?
  3. Do you have $2000+ a month to spend on marketing activities?

Domain Name

  1. Can I easily get the domain name I want?
  2. Can I get a fairly close domain name that I want?
  3. There is a lot of competition for the name that I have chosen.

Web Host

  1. I would like a WordPress friendly web host
  2. I would like someone with fantastic customer service
  3. I would like a host with great back ups and reminders


  1. I would like to use a free/default theme
  2. I would like to use a professional theme
  3. I would like a custom-built website

Two types of WordPress

  1. WordPress.org – you find a host, perform backups, install themes/plug-ins
  2. WordPress.com – hosting, security and backups are included, you must register

Search Engine Optimization

  1. I would like to handle this myself
  2. I would like to hire a company to do this
  3. I have no idea what this even means

Look and Feel

  1. I am going to hire someone to design my logo
  2. I am going to come up with my own logo
  3. I am going to use a generic template


  1. I have a digital camera and will take my own pictures
  2. I am planning to hire someone to do this for me.
  3. I am going to use stock images and free images found online


  1. I am going to write my own blog
  2. I am going to hire someone to write my blog
  3. I am going to use free content found online


  1. Polylang Plugin
  2. Language Switcher Widget
  3. Google Language Translator Plugin


  1. I am going to use social media to share my blog posts
  2. I am going to use YouTube and make videos
  3. I am going to get media attention and make a press room


  1. I plan to use a plugin to sell products on my website
  2. I am going to use an e-commerce platform
  3. I am going to use something like Shopify to sell

Social Media

  1. Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  2. YouTube, Vimeo
  3. Other blogs

Hosting Once Successful (within the next 5 years)

  1. Pro Web Hosting
  2. VPS Hosting
  3. Dedicated Hosting

Once you have made the right decision for you in all of the above categories, then you are ready to take on the next steps. As an example, let us say you are on a shoestring budget and yet still have enough technical knowledge to build your own wordpress site and are now looking for a wordpress-friendly host. I have had an opportunity try a few different hosts and my favourite, so far, is dreamhost. Dreamhost is also connected to themeforest, which allows me to choose a premium theme and buy it right there.

If you running a non-profit or charity and would like to get some great freebies, you can try using bluehost:

Bluehost.com Web Hosting $3.95

Finally, another good web host is hostmonster, which also comes with some good training videos that will really help you understand what is going on:

Host Unlimited Domains on 1 Account

If you need help with reputation management and/or Public Relations & Communications at a professional level, consider these guys:

Curve Digital Service

I am just so excited about the above-mentioned hosts that I have decided to partner with them in affiliate marketing and as a disclaimer need to mention that if you should click on the above link and decide to host your website with them, that I will financially benefit, too. Win, Win, Win all around!

09 Jul 2015
July 9, 2015

Jaegerhof Restaurant Rave Review

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Jaegerhof Restaurant FlowersChristopher and Kassandra Gehry purchased the Jaegerhof Restaurant in 2014, when it was 33 years old. Their motto is:  A Taste of the Alps.

My husband and I were treated to a meal on Wednesday, July 8th, 2015 at 6 pm, where we both enjoyed the Schnitzel with fried potatoes & Bratwurst, and then a delicious Apple Strudl made with phyllo pastry and served with powdered sugar, Vanilla Cream Sauce and a strawberry garnish.  My husband enjoyed a Krombacher Beer, and I later enjoyed a cup of Earl Grey, the Sonnentor Brand – organic tea from an Austrian Supplier. The service was good and our table was seated right by the window.  Here is a picture of our food:

Jaegerhof CollageWe were also introduced to the new menu coming up, which will now include a Black Forest Cake and a Nicoise Salad, as well as a vegetarian option.

Christopher is very open to new ideas and enjoys getting menu suggestions from his customers.

Something new that the Gehrys started were music nights on Wednesdays and Fridays, where the 125-year old piano, a guitar and an accordion take turns playing traditional favourites, jazz hits or songs to sing along to. Chris is also an amazing singer.

The Jaegerhof has won the Golden Plate Award, the North Shore News Reader’s choice Award and also the “Best Food on the North Shore” on TripAdvisor. It was pleasantly accessible via the Seabus (SeaBus is a passenger only ferry that crosses the Burrard Inlet, connecting downtown Vancouver with the North Shore.) and worth the trip.  Our Schnitzel was crispy, the potatoes had a hint of bacon, the vanilla cream sauce was just right and the Strudl was not too sweet.

Here is their basic contact information: http://www.jagerhof.ca/

Welcome World!Call for a reservation:


Monday – closed
Tuesday – Friday lunch 11:00 – 1:30
Tuesday – Sunday dinner 5:00 – 10:00

71 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver, BC V7M 2E5




Jaegerhof Sign Schnitzel

Westcoast German News Digital Magazine CoverI am almost finished publishing the first summer newsletter of the Digital Westcoast German News. Stories, so far, include information on Beatrice Schreiber, the new Bauhaus Restaurant, the Mulvehill Wilderness Resort, the Roedde House Museum, the Saengerfest 2015 and more.

If anyone else would like to place an ad, I am asking for a “donation” at this time, as my subscriber list is undetermined.  At one point, my Westcoast German News Newsletter had 1,000 people from BC, Alberta and Germany requesting it.

Otherwise, there is still room for one or two small stories or events.

Anybody sending pictures or advertisements, please keep in mind that they need to be high resolution (300 dpi) and at least 500 pixels, so that they can be printed easily.

Designing an ad is a service I offer, but it costs $99 as this can take several hours and need lots of revisions, which all take time.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

03 Jun 2015
June 3, 2015

Successful Swiss Inn For Sale!

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Check this Out:  2.9 Million

Lodge in RevelstokeMulvehill Creek Wilderness Inn and Wedding Chapel on a 33+ acres lake shore property, 2300 ft of beach front on the Upper Arrow Lake Reservoir, 300 ft accessible waterfall, year round creek with a private (50 tons, 70 feet) bridge, fish pond with fountain, 1 mile access road off highway 23 south, several nature trails, great fishing, canoeing, bird and wildlife watching, rock climbing and all water and winter sports on the property or nearby.

The 7,700 sq.ft. inn is fully equipped and operational year round with 2 suites and 6 rooms, all with ensuite bathrooms, owner/manager and staff quarters, open kitchen and dining room, billiard room/bar, huge sun deck, heated pool, romantic wedding chapel (500 sq.ft.) all in a mature landscaped park like setting surrounded by wildflower meadows and untouched forest. The organic fruit-, vegetable and herb garden provides delicious additions for the inn’s kitchen.

An independent hydro power and water system with back-up to the grid fed by the creek takes care of nearly no hydro and water costs. There is enough space for parking, horses, toys…. and much more…..

Revelstoke and its new 1 billion four seasons Mountain Resort with North Americas highest vertical drop is 25 km away. Golfing, hot springs, national parks, attractions – all within just half an hour or an hour drive!

Then it could be …

… a health/beauty/sport spa, a private 16 rooms private estate or a prestigious resort with luxurious chalets, a clinic, a conference or education center … the possibilities are almost endless (including to apply for adjacent Crown Land). Just bring your ideas, start planning now, build during fall, be ready for the next season!

This is the year round playground second to none in a moderate mountain climate with distinct seasons!

Find out more info:  http://www.revelstoke-resort-development.com/MulvehillFeatures1.pdf

Visit their website here:  http://mulvehillcreek.com/

If you see this ad on Westcoast German News, be sure to mention it, as it is important for them to know where the information comes from.

Wedding Chapel Information

Romantic Couple Getting Married at MulvehillThere is no better place than a romantic chapel on a small clearing in an untouched forest for your very special day.

All the amenities such as the welcoming inn with sun deck, pool, game room, gourmet cuisine, the creek with it’s roaring waterfall, the beach at the priscine Upper Arrow Lake, the pond, the mossy trails and many other unique photo spots.

Click here to what Mulvehill Creek offers for you and your guests.

Pub Nights

Three wheat beersTuesday, April 28th, 2015 will be the next Pub Night, organized by the German Canadian Business Association. It usually starts around 6 pm, although people trickle in at 7 pm or even 8 pm, depending on their office hours. Pub Nights can suit every schedule. Either people eat at home and just have a drink, or they arrive later and eat when the Pub Night has dwindled to just a few people. The usual location is down at Stamps Landing at the Pub called “Mahoney & Sons.”

You can spend as little as $3 on a non-alcoholic beverage, or as much as $30 on a complete meal with drinks. The best news is that this is a great way to “try before you buy” (membership, that is) if you are considering joining the German Canadian Business Association in Vancouver. The membership fee is $280 for a year, and this is pro-rated, if you join in the middle of the financial year. The AGM is usually held in April.

Pub Nights can be a challenge for shy people or newcomers, so here are a few tricks to make you more comfortable:
1. Arrive early, so you can get a good seat where you are facing the door.
2. Bring lots of business cards to share with anyone who comes up and talk to you.
3. Sit next to people that are outgoing and fun and spend the time listening to them
4. Bring a friend that you know well, who can stand beside you and offer you courage.
5. Bring some small items to give-away – this will make you popular right away!

Of course, you also want to do the “typical” networking activities – try to learn everyone’s name, listen to what other people have to say, ensure you have circulated around the room and then always follow up any promises you have made with phone calls, e-mails or texts.

Hope to see you there on Tuesday!

German Canadian Business Association

The goal of the German Canadian Business Association is to create an environment where members can connect and socialize. Thereby, this community helps to actively promote and foster professional and social relationships and to contribute to the enhancement of our European heritage. We talked to several members of the Association, and they told us how they came to be members and what the community means to them.


Bright Green AlgaeIn cooperation with Connex Innovations, Walas Concepts and Basic Design, Dudoc Vancouver will organize this event “Discover Urban Resources” from April 28 to May 1 2015. It will be all about sustainable innovations, Circular Economy and greening the city. The workshops will have an urban context and resources will be (re)covered in different ways (food, waste, people, money, economics, etc). Martin Kerner will talk about the use of algea as energy source.

From their website:

A façade can be far more than the aesthetic or energetic clothing of a building. Rather, façades will in the future be able to take on multifunctional tasks. Following this approach a bioreactor facade was developed which allows to produce biomass and heat from sunlight. Within the frame of the International Building exhibition worldwide for the first time such a bioreactor facade was implemented in Hamburg (Germany) at a residential building, called BIQ- Das Algenhaus.
To further improve functionality and thus economic viability the technology for coupling an anaerobic water treatment with a bioreactor façade was developed. By doing so, the nutrients and the CO2 released during water treatment are recycled in the bioreactor facade. In addition, biogas is produced during anaerobe water treatment.

Date and time
April 30 2015; 5.00 – 7.00 pm

100 – 1445 West Georgia Street

Ticket price
General admission: $ 14.50 plus tax
Students and members: $12.00 plus tax

Order your tickets here: Discover Urban Greens Talk by Martin Kerner

Here is a short glossary to explain some of the terms used:

1. A facade is the front of a building, especially an imposing or decorative one or any side of a building facing a public way or space and finished accordingly.

2. Bioreactor facade is: Microalgae are cultivated in the glass elements that make up its “bio skin”. These are used to produce energy, and can also control light and provide shade.

3. Biotechnology is expected to help meet the most urgent global challenges – growing and ageing populations, limited resources of raw materials, energy and water, the threat of global warming – by facilitating the development of a sustainable economy built on biobased industrial processes. On a global scale climate change is regarded as one of the most challenging issues to be addressed right now.

4. KBBE is Knowledge-Based Bio-Economy

Dudoc is a platform for sustainable Dutch companies to promote their business cases for sustainable development. It provides an opportunity for exceptional Dutch innovators to introduce their advanced environmental designs and products to the Canadian public. As such, it bridges the gap European expert knowledge and the Canadian consumers.

Our goal is to achieve a low carbon economy and resolve environmental challenges through international partnerships and cutting-edge solutions Located in downtown Vancouver, at the centre of its urban agglomeration, Dudoc brings together creative minds in order to reduce the environmental impact of urban and rural communities in an integrated manner.

17 Apr 2015
April 17, 2015

German at Eat! Vancouver

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The 2015 EAT! Vancouver Food + Cooking Festival is a food festival taking place throughout downtown Vancouver from April 26th to May 3rd, showcasing this city’s multicultural culinary culture. The German contribution seems to come from Thomas Haas, while the Swiss ones comes from Christophe Bonzon.

EAt! VancouverEAT! Vancouver at BC Place Stadium
Festival Hours are:
Friday, May 1, 2015 | 2 PM – 9 PM
Saturday, May 2, 2015 | 10 AM – 9 PM
Sunday, May 3, 2015 | 10 AM – 5 PM
Seniors – $12
Adults (19+) – $15
Youth (13 to 18) – $9
Children 12 and under – Free

EAT! Canada offers a variety of events –

1. Enjoy the Eat!Vancouver Pastry Tasting & Panel Discussion
Wednesday, April 29th, 2015
4:30 pm to 5:45 pm
Pinnacle Harbourfront Hotel
$45 includes tasting of each chef’s signature pastry.

Join Vancouver’s Pastry Chefs: Thomas Haas (German) of Thomas Haas Fine Chocolates & Patisserie, Christophe Bonzon (Swiss) of Chez Christophe Dhocolatiere Patisserie and Adam Chandler (France/Belgium) of Beta 5 Chocolates, in a discussion on the art and science of sweets. A tasting of each chef’s signature pastry will accompany the discussion.
Seats are limited to 40 attendees.
$45 includes tasting of each chef’s signature pastry.

2. Enjoy an evening with chefs from some of Canada’s best known restaurants showcasing bites of Canadian cuisine paired with the spring releases from the Naramata Bench Wineries Association. An evening to celebrate Canadian food and wine.
April 30th, 2015
7:00pm – 9:30pm
Terminal City Club
837 W Hastings Street
Dress attire: fancy chic and suits
$125 + tax

Hillside Winery
The Vanilla Pod
The Kitchen

Wolf in the Fog

Edible Canada
Vancouver Aquarium
YEW seafood + bar
Bella Gelateria

Charcut Roast House
River Cafe

The Westin Edmonton

Cora Schupp, AuthorWhen Cora Schupp started her “Masterpiece Floor Maintenance Ltd.” business in 1986, she never dreamed that it would someday lead to her writing a book. Yet in 2015, Schupp published her first work, entitled “Cleaning Up in a Dirty Business“, which references her experiences with the janitorial company she successfully founded and helped run for over twenty years. In 1995, Schupp also founded the “Janitor Room Supply House Ltd,” to ensure she and her clients had adequate, quality janitorial supplies on hand.

When both businesses were sold in 2005 Schupp began offering her accounting and bookkeeping skills to a variety of new clients, including Curve Communications Group Ltd, a PR and Marketing Company. Curve Communications decided to start publishing “How-to” eBooks through a new arm called “The Learning Curve Series”, and Schupp jumped at the chance to write about what it was like to run a successful company with over 100 employees.

Her ultimate goal is to inspire young adults and to give them the message that “

If you have a dream, you should follow it and not let insecurities hold you back.”

Cora’s parents were both from Germany and they had an enormous influence on her life. Lessons learned were concepts like “Being on time means being five minutes early”, “Let your yes mean yes” and “Work first, then play.” Schupp also likes to meet her deadlines, plan well ahead, be organized, precise and detail-oriented. She values cleanliness and still feels the best way to achieve this for her clients is “plenty of hot water and elbow grease.”

Another important value is finding that work-life balance, which is why Schupp sings in two different German choirs – The Concordia Choir in Vancouver and the Austrian Melody Choir in Richmond. Singing helps her to relax and take a break from her busy work-life and her life as an author, promoting her book.

“Cleaning up in a Dirty Business” is also available on her website or on Amazon. If your goal is to “make money fast by starting a janitorial company,” you won’t want to miss this. Read more on www.coraschupp.com or find it on Amazon: http://www.amazon.de/Cleaning-Up-Dirty-Business-Janitorial-ebook/dp/B00U34VLAG.