Innovative German Language Sale

August Campaign: Too Cool For School Sale Get 26% OFF 1- or 2-Year Plans + a Bonus 6.5-Hour Audiobook! Too cool for school? Then join in and learn a language for LESS in LESS time AND get a FREE Bonus Audiobook. Get 26% OFF 1- and 2-Year Basic or Premium plans and unlock our effective […]

Time to Sign Up to a German School

German Schools for 2015/2016 Just in case you are new in town, here is list: Vancouver Westside German School Location: Junior (Tuesdays) Lord Kitchener Elementary 3455 W. King Edward Ave., Vancouver, BC V6S 0C7, Canada Contact School to find out whether your child would be in the Junior Department or in the Senior Section. […]

German Classes During Summer 2015!

Summer is a time when it is easy to forget German for children who are learning it as a second language. If you have children who would like to attend 1/2 hour sessions once or twice a week, please let me know: a. Conjugating verbs b. Memorizing and building on vocabulary c. Writing short paragraphs […]

Keep Up German in Summer Holidays

How can I be sure that my child continues to learn? There are 3 ways to ensure that your child continues to keep up their German language abilities during their 3 months of summer holidays. From the end of May to September 2nd, there is no formal German School and those 12 weeks that can lead to the […]

Ziegler Lecture by Claudia Kost

Developing Critical Thinking Skills The CENES Department at UBC cordially invites you to the Ziegler lecture by Dr. Claudia Kost, University of Alberta. “Taking German Outside the Classroom: Integrating Community Service Learning and Blogs to Develop Critical Thinking Skills” The lecture will take place on Thursday, February 26, 2015 at St. John’s College (UBC, 2111 […]