08 Jul 2016
July 8, 2016

Job Seekers Can Post at no charge

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Free Resume Listings for Job Seekers

Westcoast German News, based in Vancouver, BC (Canada) is now encouraging German-speakers who are seeking employment to post their resumes, cover letters and optionally an updated photo on the new page created for Job Seekers that can be found here:


With CETA, Brexit, the US election and other life-changing world news, I have a feeling more and more people are seeing Canada as an oasis of peace and tranquility and are hoping to come here. Canada is a believer in all the freedoms of western Society, but also a defender and champion of human rights and those who seek a better life.

Westcoast German News is there to share stories about German people places or things on the west coast of Canada and the US and builds community; bringing Swiss, Austrians, Germans and Europeans together. If you are intrigued or motivated to come here, even if you are waiting for the ratification of CETA in 2017, now is the time to take action. Stay tuned for more information, which will be available soon.

Hint: the Canadian resume is usually about one or two pages long and just highlights your education & skills briefly.

Seeking Exceptional, Experienced Staff

Vancouver, April 2016, Sent in by the Bauhaus:  We are hiring for front of house staff and would love to have more German speaking people working at the restaurant. If you know someone German in Metro Vancouver seeking employment, please share this blog post with them!

Bauhaus at NightBauhaus Restaurant is at the cutting edge of fine dining, delivering innovating techniques, fresh flavours, and exceptional service to downtown Vancouver. Our menu, designed and prepared by world-renowned Michelin Star chef Stefan Hartmann, reflects a contemporary approach to German cuisine and brings a new style of dining to the Vancouver Gastown district. Bauhaus uses local, organic, and fresh seasonal ingredients as inspiration for our featured menus, including a chef’s tasting menu.

Since Bauhaus’ inception in early 2015, Bauhaus quickly escalated in the rankings as one of Vancouver’s top fine dining establishments. Bauhaus has been featured in the Vancouver Sun, Huffington Post, Global News, the Vacay, the Guardian and has been given an overall rating of 4.5/5 stars on YELP and other review sites. For more information about us, please visit our website. www.bauhaus-restaurant.com

Given the growth of Bauhaus, the soon launch of our patio and in order to maintain the status of being known as one of Vancouver’s top fine dining establishments, we are now seeking an exceptional experienced full-time and part-time; Floor manager, sommeiler, bartender, servers, hostess and support staff.

Please email Natalie Boll nboll@bauhaus-restaurant.com

10 Feb 2016
February 10, 2016

Cabinet Maker Position Explained

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Hoffman Holdings Ltd. began over 25 years ago in s small basement apartment in Montreal. What initially was a hobby, soon turned into a full time passion and a living. We have moved our business to the West Coast as it seemed more prosperous here. During the time that Jurgen worked on his own business, he also had a job with a German cabinet making company and was trained under German standards. Closely mentored by the main craftsman, he learned most of the trade working under very meticulous surroundings. The business continued as a small operation manufacturing projects in the carport of our house. Jurgen has been working in this field for over 35 years and custom cabinet making was always for him a craft with artistic creations.

As no project in this field is ever the same, customers often require specialty cabinetry. We make it our priority to manufacture what the customer has envisioned. Some examples of our projects:

– Complete Kitchens and/or refasing or building new doors.

– Bedroom furniture.

– Bathroom Vanities.

– Specialty built-ins to accommodate existing space and design.

– Projects that require specialty veneers and/or exotic wood.

– We also do commercial projects.

Now located in a woodworking shop in Port Moody, our projects have become much larger and our reputation for quality is getting known throughout the industry. No product of ours is ever sent out, we manufacture everything from raw lumber and make it into something unique. We work off drawings supplied to us by designers, or rough drawings from customers and/or we can also design and work off the customer’s rough ideas and sketches.

This ad will be shown here until the end of March 2016.

This ad will be shown here until the end of March 2016.

Our company has been growing steadily and our future holds promising. We maintain a close relationship with our business associates and customers. Though labour intense, we enjoy what we do, and try to keep the tradition of old fashioned cabinet making alive.

Now a family owned and operated business, Katherine, his wife has joined the team making sure that staff and clientele get taken care of. With a background in Communications (U. of Ottawa), Katherine does the P.R., customer service, accounting, sales, often giving an extra hand where needed (in the shop, on deliveries, etc.). Zachary our son, also works part-time on weekends with his dad and is learning the trade and has gained much experience over the years.

Although the business is still growing and because of this, it is a close-knit operation. We are looking for cabinet makers that will fit in with the same work ethics. In other words, someone who loves the trade, is willing to learn new things, and will make it a priority to be detail-oriented and can be left to figure things out on their own. Jurgen is patient and an excellent teacher, but expects the employees to listen and follow his lead. Always open to new ideas he strongly believes as he says: “there is a right way and a wrong way of doing things”. Hopefully there is someone who is passionate about this trade and will come to us for a position. German and/or European training is of course an asset. Salary is negotiable depending on level of experience. A cabinet making background is mandatory.

Please send a detailed resume to:


or you can phone the office at (604) 937-0253

Hoffman Holdings Kitchen


Casting – Testimonials

We (Kathleen Widdows Casting Inc.) are conducting research for a major

marketer. They are looking for girls between the ages of 11 and 18 who are

personable, thoughtful, insightful, naturally outgoing and engaging. We would like

people that are willing to share their day-to-day story, as well as what they think

they want to be, and do, when they grow up.

Girls of all ethnicities, recent immigrants or children of first generation Canadians/

Americans are welcome. The Director would LOVE it if the girls spoke English

but had a slight accent of their mother tongue.

Initial interviews, which will take approximately 20 minutes, will be held on

December 3rd, 2015 at a Casting Facility in Vancouver. After reviewing the initial

submissions, a few girls will be selected for a second in person interview with the

Director, which will also take approximately 20 minutes, and will be held on

December 8th or 10th at the same Casting Facility in Vancouver. Finally, a few

girls will be chosen for a third interview, which will happen on December 12th, and

if that interview footage is used, each girl will make a minimum of $1000 US. You

must be in town December 8th and December 12th in order to take part in this


If you fit the criteria above and would like to book an appointment to audition on

December 3rd, please email us at iwanttoaudition22@gmail.com


If you cannot make the above, I will also be holding auditions on Saturday,

December 5th from 1:30 – 6:00pm at the West Vancouver Rec Center (Main

building) in the Art Studio. No appointment (or acting experience) necessary, I will

audition people in the order that they arrive.

Thank you

SchnitzelAre you an excellent cook who enjoys making Schnitzel and Vanilla Kipferl? Are you working around a schedule, such as postsecondary education or do you have young children at home? This might be the job for you! German-speaking is an asset. Must like dogs.

This 70-year old Gentleman is seeking a well-groomed, kind, happy homemaker to keep the house beautiful and dust-free, to keep the cookie-jar full and some lovely European dishes – Rolladen, Kartoffelsalat, Bratwurst, Spaetzle, Cabbage – and soups in the fridge.

The position is live-out, 3-4 hours a day at least 2 days a week. Flexibility is important, and we are also willing to be flexible with your schedule.

We are basically seeking someone who is willing, and helpful and fun and enjoys a good conversation, while working.

Please call Gerry at 604 537-5402 to arrange for an interview.

$18 an hour.

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