German Media in Canada and USA

Sometimes I like to see what is going on (or not going on anymore) in the German Community on the west coast. If you just have a look at this short list of German-related publications or media, you can see that there have been many changes over the years, especially lately. So many Germans came […]

Transgender Rights – Canada vs. Germany

How are these handled by the Law? Transgender topics and trending terms are now dominating the news, thanks to Caitlyn (aka Bruce) Jenner. It is a new world out there, with change coming through the governments, the schools, the courts of law, the media and driven mostly by the GLBT community around the world. Since […]

7 Reasons to Read Westcoast German News

German News from the West Coast of Canada & the US Westcoast German News started as a newsletter originally called “German Voices Vancouver”. I felt that changing it to add “news” to the title would instantly let people know what my newsletter was about. With a more generic name like “German Voices”, I had people […]