19 Feb 2018
February 19, 2018

4 Double-Decker Graves for Sale!

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$60,000 Each! Room for two, plus one urn…

Ocean View Memorial ParkWhere?

Ocean View Funeral
4000 Imperial Street
Burnaby BC


Please contact Elke at 604 828 8788 or reply to this post


This is a private owner grave sale
Transfer done at cemetery / burial / funeral office.


4 plots side by side- double depth side by side! Heaven’s Gate section- lot 911 graves 1-4. $60,000 Each.


This section was sold out in 1996, so it is extremely challenging to find this many graves for sale at the same time!

A message from Jason McBride:

I am reaching out on behalf of Whitecaps FC.  We are currently running an online auction that features a Bastian Schweinsteiger signed poster.  At the time of this email the bid on it is $100.   I know if it reaches the right audience that it will help us maximize our fundraising efforts for BC Children’s Hospital.  The auction is live until Monday at noon (Pacific Standard Time).  To view this item and more please go to Whitecapsfc.com/auction

Message about Signed Poster

Bastian Schweinsteiger Poster

© Vancouver Whitecaps FC

Own this framed signed poster by German footballer and Chicago Fire midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger!

Schweinsteiger spent 13 seasons at Bayern Munich, playing in exactly 500 matches across all competitions and scoring 68 goals. His honours at the club include eight Bundesliga titles, seven DFB-Pokal titles, a UEFA Champions League title, a FIFA Club World Cup title and a UEFA Super Cup title. He joined Manchester United in 2015, playing sparingly for 18 months before moving to Chicago Fire.

Schweinsteiger played for the German national team from 2004 to 2016. He is Germany’s fourth most-capped player of all time, having earned 121 caps and scored 24 goals, in a 12-year international career starting in 2004. He was selected in their squads for four European Championships and three World Cups, including their victory at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. In 2014, Schweinsteiger was named captain of the national team. He played his last match for Germany on 31 August 2016, after which he retired from international football.

Any help spreading this through your network would be much appreciated.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you,

Jason McBride

p: 6046699283 ext. 2291




German Cultural CentreSeeking those “friendly German, Swiss or Austrian Millionaires” who are interested in sponsoring a German Cultural Centre and Grounds in the city of Vancouver, BC.

As it is one of the most expensive cities, real-estate wise, we most probably are talking about a $20,000,000 to $50,000,000 project.

Even if you personally are not able to support and sponsor this project, you most likely know at least a few people who would be able to.

This project would bring together:
a. Swiss, German & Austrian Choirs
b. German School – Full-time day school & part-time School; Evening School for adults wishing to learn German
c. Art Gallery featuring Germana, Swiss & Austrians
d. Museum Featuring Germana, Austrian & Swiss
e. Businesses Offices to rent out
f. German, Austrian, Swiss Doctors & Dentists
g. Travel Agency
h. Passive House
i. Seniors Services
j. Greenhouse & Organic Fruit/Veggie Gardens
k. Farmer’s Market
l. Shooting Club
m. Restaurant & “Soccer Bar” where visitors can watch German German Soccer Games
n. Auditorium with Stage
o. Library and Video Lending Services
p. Immigration Lawyers, Translators, German Business Consulting
q. Small Chapel/Church for those wishing to do Baptisms, Christening, Marriages or Funerals

How would this project start?
Answer: With One Million Dollars to hire:
a. CEO ($100,000)
b. Legal Consultant/Lawyer ($50,000)
c. Communications, PR & Media Consultant ($80,000)
d. Architect to plan model of project ($100,000)
e. Project Manager ($100,000)
f. Swiss Liaison – ($50,000)
g. Austrian Liaison – ($50,000)
h. Accountant (on retainer) ($20,000)
i. Membership Manager ($50,000)
j. Museum & Art Gallery Manager ($100,000)
k. Archives ($50,000)
l. Technical Consultant ($50,000)
m. Two secretaries ($100,000)

This would leave $100,000 over to pay for:
a. Office space
b. Computers
c. Contingency Fund

If you think there are other groups to be considered, or other positions that should be includes in this list, please let me know. This project would be a great way for a number of Germans to contribute to the younger generation and to ensure that the story of “Germans in Canada” will be passed on. Great way to leave a legacy. All donors & sponsors will be acknowledged in our foyer with fireplace – where future Germans, Swiss and Austrians will walk by and see who to be grateful for. Please join us!

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Alison MacLean is a Seasoned Journalist and Combat Cameraperson

Filming the concert organized by the German Consulate in Vancouver and the Jewish Consulate from Toronto, called “Israel & Germany Two Cultures – One Future” was Alison MacLean’s way of giving back.  She spent 3 months in Afghanistan and really appreciated the help she received from the German Armed Forces at Camp Marmel, among others.

Two ladies at Camp Marmel

Two German Soldiers at Camp Marmel

Camp Marmal is the largest base of the Bundeswehr outside of Germany. It is next to the Maulana Jalaluddin Balkhi International Airport in Mazar-i-SharifAfghanistan, close to the Hindu Kush mountains. The camp was opened in September 2005 and gets its name from the bordering Marmal Mountains. Camp Marmal hosts the staff of the German Armed Forces in Afghanistan, Regional Command North of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), as well as the Quick Reaction Force (QRF), stationed at Camp Mike Spann.

More than 5,000 soldiers are currently stationed at Camp Marmal. Additional forces come from the US, Croatia and 14 other NATO countries as well as from Georgia. From Camp Marmal, ISAF soldiers conduct work in northern Afghanistan related to physical security and joint civil/military projects, in addition to the major task of supplying the Provincial Reconstruction Teams.

People at Camp Marmel

The Police Chief, Afghan Translator and female Police Officer and Uniform recipient.

I am attaching some pictures from Camp Marmal. I have a nice story of my time on Base last year. Very grateful for the support that I received, as all Journalists have become targets in the Arab world. The Base enabled me to have some security. Each day I was in the Mazar E Sharif Community, without protection. I brought Direct Aid to a Orphanage, Women’s Prison, and the Afghan Police Women, who I feature, and outfitted with over 80 Uniforms last year. Camp Marmal has enabled my Direct Aid, and the Vancouver Consulate is now assisting with my Fund for Computers for Orphans, said MacLean in an e-mail.

Three Afghan Orphans

The Third picture is three little girls at the Orphanage that I will continue to assist.

On her last trip Alison MacLean provided Educational, Medical, and Funds to support these three groups.

Now MacLean is focussing on her new documentary called “Burkas2Bullets”, coming out in 2016:

“My documentary focuses on Afghan security, with profiles of police and military women.

Women make up 50 per cent of Afghan society, and a growing number of women are training to become frontline workers.”

09 Apr 2015
April 9, 2015

Women’s Personal Safety Workshop

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Attention:  All ladies!

Karate GirlThe Community Policing Services Unit is hosting a women’s personal safety workshop to cover the following objectives:
·        Understanding the importance of situational awareness and how it relates to personal safety.
·        Prevention
·        Understanding concepts of what is required in a violent encounter
This presentation will involve classroom instruction to discuss personal safety and prevention strategies.  There will be practical gym training to practice physical moves that can provide an opportunity to escape effectively.  You will be required to sign a waiver to participate.
Date:  Thursday April 23, 2015
Time:   6:00 pm – 8:00 pm  
Location:   Strathcona Community Center 601 Keefer St
Registration:  604.713.1838 or in person prior to April 15th
(There is no cost)
Women interested in participating in this seminar are asked to contact the Strathcona Community Center @ 604-713-1838 or in person prior to April 15, 2015.
11 Feb 2015
February 11, 2015

2015 Arctic Cleanup Cruise Expedition

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Paying Passengers Needed!

UpGyres is partnering with Oceanwide Expeditions, an exclusive Dutch vessel operator organizing voyages that make it possible for passengers to enjoy the scenery and nature above and underwater in the world’s most unique areas. The regions visited during these wildlife expeditions contain hardly any infrastructure and are almost only reachable by boat.

UpGyres is promoting a seven night Trip to the Arctic from August 28 to September 4, 2015. Supported by the Arctic Expedition Cruise Organization AECO, and the Governor of Svalbard, Cleaning the Shores Polar Bear Special brings the garbage collected during the voyage to the incinerator in Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen.

Oceanwide Expeditions, AECO and UpGyres are studying possibilities to divert the plastic recovered during the expedition from incineration and instead, produce low emissions fuel for use at ports and in vessels in the Arctic.

By getting 10 (ten) of your colleagues, followers, friends and/or associates to become paying passengers on this Polar Bear Special, UpGyres will cover travelling expenses for you (or someone of your choice) from your departure city to Oslo and back, and Oceanwide Expeditions will host you on-board of the m/v Ortelius free of cost.

For more information please visit: http://upgyres.org/arctic/

Here is some basic information about the non-profit organization:

The Upcycle the Gyres Society wants to collect and convert ocean plastic into usable fuel.

deadfishOver the past three years, I’ve written about the plastic debris or plastic gyres, in our world’s oceans.   The latest news is that the gyres are growing larger, making the need to find solutions to clean them up even more critical. The Upcycle the Gyres Society is a new, not-for-profit that plans to upcycle floating ocean plastic debris into diesel, gasoline, and kerosene. The possibility that this venture presents is exciting. The plastic is there, albeit in zillions of fragments throughout our oceans, so there is accessibility. The technology of converting plastic into fuel is proven. Offshore production, storage, and offloading technology is there. And green ships that are powered by the sun, wind, and wave propulsion already exist, which would make this kind of venture economically feasible. Also on the plus side, converting plastic into fuel creates a carbon capture from the recovery operation which leaves the water right where it is – no water demand.