2015 Election Poem

Nicht gerade Deutsch!  Not German, sorry!   There are strange things spun as the election is run To choose Canadas leader this year. The election trails lead to Facebook tales That will fill you with wonder and fear. The Internet sites have the strangest prizefights But the one that has me floored Is the pushing […]

Guide on the Side vs. Sage on the Stage

Unpacking the new draft curriculum in BC (this is one of the few topics that have really nothing to do with German or Germany, but may be of interest to those from Germany interested in moving here and have their children attend school in the district of the Vancouver School Board). “BC participants in consultations, […]

Three Reasons Why Private Schools are Better!

Besides having more money, stringent entrance exams and sometimes excluding children with special needs, which seems to come up in every single conversation about this topic, there are three major reasons why private schools are better: And they wouldn’t cost a lot to implement in public schools. 1.  Code of Conduct:  Private Schools almost always […]

Top Ten Excuses Your Teen Uses to Avoid Work

This post has nothing to do with Germans or Germany, but it is just something I felt the need to write, as there are hundreds, if not thousands of people who are going through the same struggles with their teens in the western world. Our goal is to raise independent, self-reliant, children with an ability […]

Countdown to Christmas

Twas the month before Christmas and all through BC, People were & shopping & setting up their Christmas Tree The stores started sales beginning in November, For those celebrating on the 25th of December. Many cultures added diverse celebrations From all corner of the world BC welcomes the nations. The cooking, the baking, the foods […]