February is coming up fast, and that is when the next issue of “Das Schwarze Brett” will be coming out at the end of the month.

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What kind of stories do I post on? Anything to do with Germans, Swiss and Austrians in Vancouver and BC.

The best thing I like to report on are new stories and ideas – new businesses, new clubs, new organizations, new associations and new media.

14 Oct 2016
October 14, 2016

Das Schwarze Brett on MagCloud

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Das Schwarze Brett

By Elke Porter in Das Schwarze Brett

16 pages, published 10/11/2016

German news, events, festivals, business, arts & entertainment & culture in Metro Vancouver

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Das Schwarze Brett will share events and stories in the German/Swiss or Austrian Community in Metro Vancouver. Anyone wanting to get involved is encouraged to contact me. I am interested in your stories regarding German soccer, fashion, architecture & design, filmmakers, singers, dancers, actors, concerts, artists and more. This magazine will soon be available on MagCloud, PressReader, Westcoast German News and on social media.


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11 Oct 2016
October 11, 2016

Das Schwarze Brett now published

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Das Schwarze Brett is a German Canadian Magazine focussing on Metro Vancouver and for those with an interest in the German Community or with a German background.

This one includes stories on:
1. The 30th Anniversary of the Deutscher Platz
2. The new German Canadian Care home for 2020
3. The new venue for the 7th Annual Christmas Market
4. The Year of Jubilee for the Martin Luther Church in 2017
5. Importantly also some advertisers:
Oktoberfest Posters for Sale!BCIT Make+ Applied Research Tour

You can order the print version of the magazine on the MagCloud Platform:


Das Schwarze Brett

Das Schwarze Brett: Das Schwarze Brett

German news, events, festivals, business, arts & entertainment & culture in Metro Vancouver

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