Name :                                 Patrick Ziliax

Nationality:                         German

Date of birth:                     11.06.1972

Height:                                5.8 ft.

Weight:                               170 lbs.

Hair:                                  Rudy blond

Eyes:                                   Blue

Marital Status:                     Married

Children:                               2

Tel. :                                    (+1) 778-885-5343

Residence:                           1025 Granville St Vancouver, Canada


Studies:                               Direction in Scene study, Michael Russotto,
Wash. D.C. / ‘97


Professional Working Background:

National Geographic – Locked up abroad – Guayaquil, Ecuador 2012

Commercials and Photographs – Quito, Ecuador 2000-2018

Teacher of Theatre and Arts – Cotopaxi Academy, Quito, Ecuador 2002
Improvisation and Dramatization of Real Life Events as Techniques to lose Fear of Spoken English 2010

Training:    Advanced acting for TV/Film, Chuck Paris, Wash.D.C. / ‘97

Acting for Auditioning, Joe Jolles , Wash. D.C / ‘97

Acting for Commercials, Joe Jolles, Wash. D.C. / ‘97

Acting for Industrials, Joe Jolles, Wash. D.C. / ‘97


Skills:                Fluent in German, English and Spanish

Multi – Personalities, Language Instructor

Improviser, Guitar player




Acting and Modelling Experience

Year Name of Production Type of Prod. Character Prod- /Director Client / Place
       1988 Moonlight Shadow Music Video Guitarist (Principal) University of Arts

Jens Lehnert

Student production

Jena, Germany

1988 The Runner Independent


Sprinter (Extra) Czechoslovakia Films

Martin Jelínek

Student production

Berlin, Germany

1990 Carmen on Ice Music-Drama The Spaniard A DEFA Prod.

Horant Hohlfeld (USA)

Horant Hohlfeld

Berlin , Germany

1995 When a little girl makes a difference Short film Teacher (Extra) American University

Shandra Mc. Donald

Film Institute

Wash. D.C. , USA

1996 Fat City Short film Boxer


George Town University

Roy Mritjurijoy (India)

Students production

Wash. D.C. , USA

1997 A well built girl Independent Film Dancer


Michael Blumenstock Summer Film Institute

Wash. D.C , USA

1998 The Wall

(Tributo a Pink Floyd)

Musical Singer Schiller Gymnasium

Michaela Scheithauer

Students Production

Weimar, Germany


Todo a su nivel

Commercial Executive (Principal) Cuest Ordoñez Hotel Colina

Quito, Ecuador

2004 Generico Nifa

(Principal Jeff. Perez)

Commercial Executive Filmar

Ivan Chávez

Pharmaceutics NIFA

Quito , Ecuador

2005 Doctor Commercial Psychologist (Principal) Filmofilm

Fernando Cruz

Ruffles (Nestle)

Quito, Ecuador

2005 Buenos Momentos Commercial Executive 4Publicom

Cristian Klett (Chile)

Banco MM, J. Artega

Quito, Ecuador

2005        50 años

Siempre junto a ti

Commercial Father & Son Filmar

Ivan Chávez

Empr. Electrica Quito

Quito, Ecuador

2005 Familia protegida Photoshot Familyfather Diego Diledes


Banco Internacional

Quito, Ecuador

2006 Tesalia Mundialista Commercial Crowd



Gustavo Coral

Tesalia – (Water)

Quito, Ecuador

2006      Vivant

Siempre Contigo

Commercial Familyfather 4Publicom

Jorge Malatesta (Arg.)

Cheverolet / Gen. Motors

Quito, Ecuador

2006 NIU Banda Ancha Commercial Executive Kino-Productions

Ramiro Bustamante

Alegro (Telephone-Comp.)

Quito, Ecuador

2006 Agua pura Commercial Scientist



Gustavo Coral

Tesalia – Ecuadorian Water

Machachi, Ecuador

2006 Etapa Telecom Commercial Guard Primal

Vicky Quimbiulco

Andinatel (Phone company)

Quito, Ecuador

2006 El Shaman Commercial Gringo Vertigo

Bayardo Chávez

Canal de TV – RTS

Quito, Ecuador

2006 Disfrúte su vehiculo Documental Familyfather Ecuavisa Canal 8

Roberto Rodríguez

Cheverolet Vivant

Quito, Ecuador

2006 Días mundiales Commercial Soccerplayer AND Digital

Fernando Soto

Artefacta (Domestics)

Quito, Ecuador

2006 Rostro Photoshot Facemodel


Roberto Rodríguez (Photographer) Andinatel (Phone company)

Quito, Ecuador

2006 Familia americana Photoshot Familyfather Roberto Rodríguez (Photographer) Atún Starsky

Quito, Ecuador

2006 Planeta moda Commercial Familyfather Resolución

Gabriela Calvache


Quito, Ecuador

2007 Vida larga Commercial Familyfather Spot

Luis Fernando Jervis

Mertens Aso. S.A.

Quito, Ecuador

2007 Vida larga Photoshot Familyfather Spot

Luis Fernando Jervis

Mertens Aso. S.A.

Quito, Ecuador

2007 Día del padre Photoshot Executive


Roberto Rodríguez



Quito, Ecuador

2007 Siempre mejor estar protegido Photoshot Doctor


Ramiro Salazar


Salud S.A.

Quito, Ecuador

2007 Siempre mejor estar protegido Photoshot Executive Ramiro Salazar


Salud S.A.

Quito, Ecuador

2007 Que sabor…? Commercial Familyfather Pablo Escaldaferro Octavo Arte Pinguino

Quito, Ecuador

2007 Gelatina con pulpa Commercial Familyfather Kino-Productions

Ramiro Bustamante

Nestle, Gelatina

Quito, Ecuador

2007 Sentirse mejor Commercial Familyfather Kino-Productions

Vicky Quimbiulco

Chaide y Chaide

Quito, Ecuador




More information:

We’re currently looking for international participants from 50+ nationalities to join our drum circle in Vancouver on July 1, 2018, in celebration of Canada’s diverse culture and together setting a new Guinness World Record for “Most Nationalities in A Drum Circle.” It’d be awesome if you could please help us share the word with the German community! 🙂

Please feel free to shoot me a message at if you have any questions.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration!



From website:

Canada Day 2017 not only marked the nation’s 150th birthday, but also a historic moment of the first ever simultaneous drumming across Canada!

On July 1st, 2017, drummers across five time zones and the eight Canadian cities of Vancouver, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Halifax drummed simultaneously to celebrate Canada’s birthday, multiculturalism, and diversity. Everyone was welcome to drum for six minutes across Canada as the event was broadcasted live on social media platforms.

With the support from all regions, the celebration in Vancouver, BC, attempted a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for “Most Nationalities in a Drum Circle” (single venue). While the attempt fell short of the requirement of 50 nationalities, it marked a special moment of unity and rhythm between the drummers representing 37 nations that participated. Canada, China, Australia, USA, United Kingdom, Syria, Mexico, Brazil and Bulgaria were some of the nations among the 37 nationalities represented in the drum circle.

We thank everyone for coming out to the Canada 150 Atlantic to Pacific Celebration on Canada Day and hope you enjoyed all the energetic and loud drumming!

Following the success of the 2017 Canada 150 Atlantic to Pacific Celebration, the Canada 150 Atlantic to Pacific Celebration committee is excited to announce the celebration will return to take place on Sunday, July 1st, 2018!

Remember the Canada 150 Atlantic to Pacific Drumming Celebration last year? 🥁🇨🇦🗺️

We’re throwing the party again!

Call for international drummers to celebrate #Canada‘s diverse culture with us this July 1 at #Vancouver‘s Creekside Park!

And we need drummers from 5️⃣0️⃣️+ nationalities to set the #GuinessWorldRecord for “Most Nationalities in A Drum Circle”!

💃🕺2 Drummers/Country

🎖️ Personalized #GuinessWorldRecord certificate if attempt is successful. (We’re paying for it!)

💆‍♂️💆‍♀️ Previous drumming experience is not a must. Just show up at the rehearsals.

🥁 SIGN UP, but do it NOW cause the spots go fast.



Wir stellen ein, siehe unten:

Andy’s German Bakehaus, an artisan bakery established in 1957, are hiring an experienced pastry chef familiar with heavy duty, high volume fast-paced pastry production and product development.

Please drop off resumé at our store at 935 Commercial Drive in Vancouver, BC, or send to

Sven Becker, 44, who bought Andy’s German Bakehaus on Commercial Drive in September, 2015.

Becker started his new career modestly enough four years ago, baking German-style cheesecakes in Bon Bon Bakery’s kitchen during their downtimes. He had just finished a research job at the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario and turned 40 years old. He turned down a post-doctoral position at the University of B.C. and decided to make a break for something new.

German baking is traditionally less sweet than most North American cakes. Becker made good cakes, and he soon found a modest market selling to little cafes, private customers and other bakeries. When Bon Bon closed while moving locations, he started renting the kitchen at Andy’s. Two years later, the owners offered him the business.

02 Mar 2018
March 2, 2018

Messe Reise Markt Sucht Nachfolger

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Eventuell hat ja jemand Interesse. Ich gebe das einfach uneigennützig mal weiter:

Liebe Kundinnen, liebe Kunden,
nach sechs Jahren Verlängerungen ist es nun, mit 71 für mich an der Zeit, mein Unternehmen einem Nachfolger zu übergeben. Herumhorchen im Kollegenkreis und Inserate brachten bisher leider keinen Erfolg. Es wäre sehr schade dieses erfolgreiche Unternehmen einfach eingehen zu lassen. Für mich war es die schönste Arbeit in meiner beruflichen Laufbahn. Deshalb meine Frage an Sie: kennen Sie jemanden in Ihrem Umfeld der Interesse am haben könnte?

Handwerkliche und kaufmännische Kenntnisse und Fähigkeiten sollte er haben. Der Umgang mit Kunden sollte ihm ebenso leicht fallen wie zuverlässige und langfristige Planung. Die familiäre Beziehung muss mehrwöchige Dienstreisen im Herbst und Winter aushalten. Dafür ist von April bis Oktober die große Freiheit. Ich spreche bewusst von “er”, die meisten interessierten Frauen schieden bisher wegen der damit verbunden körperlich anstrengenden Arbeit,
dem Aufbau des Messestandes, und dem Fahren mit Anhänger aus. Natürlich ließe sich der Tätigkeitsbereich hervorragend mit einem touristischen Unternehmen, dass selbst Auftritte auf Messen bräuchte, hervorragend kombinieren.

  • Handwerkliche und kaufmännische Kenntnisse und Fähigkeiten haben
  • Einen Gesunden Rücken haben
  • Familiär flexibel und gerne unterwegs sein
  • Führerschein für Kleintransporter mit Hänger haben

Manfred Reuther bietet Einarbeitung und Planungshilfe für die neue Messesaison an. Man kann ihn bei erreichen. Er ist auch gewillt Mitarbeit bei Messebau und -standbetreung als Subunternehmer für einige Jahre durchzuführen… Die Firma ist in München.

19 Feb 2018
February 19, 2018

4 Double-Decker Graves for Sale!

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$60,000 Each! Room for two, plus one urn…

Ocean View Memorial ParkWhere?

Ocean View Funeral
4000 Imperial Street
Burnaby BC


Please contact Elke at 604 828 8788 or reply to this post


This is a private owner grave sale
Transfer done at cemetery / burial / funeral office.


4 plots side by side- double depth side by side! Heaven’s Gate section- lot 911 graves 1-4. $60,000 Each.


This section was sold out in 1996, so it is extremely challenging to find this many graves for sale at the same time!