Beatrice & RichardThe Annual Christmas Party took place at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club in Kitsilano in the main dining hall.  Around 80 or so people attended, the December 1st, 2015 event, which began with a champagne reception at 6 pm.  Beatrice Schreiber, President of the German Canadian Business Association, introduced the VIP’s, which included Deputy Consul Bertram Dierkes-Leifeld.  She also read two poems, one traditional German one and one Christian German one, which talked about Advent, Nikolaus and Christmas.

Board members included President Beatrice Schreiber, Secretary Rebecca Lees, Treasurer Alden Aumann, Communications Elke Porter. Hans Gust (Vice-President) and Monika Redekop (Membership) couldn’t make it.

Then Hardo Ermisch, Pastor of the St. Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran Church gave a talk about Christmas and finally it was time to eat. The budget included tasty vegetables, roast beef, turkey, fish, salads, crusty French Baguette slices, rice, potatoes, and, of course, an amazing buffet.Every guest could choose between coffee and tea, and then the performance of Richard Theiss (tenor) and his trio began.  There was a pianist and a soprano, and they began the 45-minute show with the song “Hosanna in Excelsis”. The performance included Opera pieces, a song with Andrew Lloyd Weber, The Bluebells of Scotland, and singalongs, such as O Tannenbaum und Stille Nacht.  Music was performed in English, German and Italian.  In one song, we were even asked to sing along. “Don’t cry for me, Argentina.”

Here are some more pictures:

Champagne Reception

Champagne Reception

Buffet Dinner

Delicious buffet dinner.

Deserts at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club

Sampling of deserts

Richard Theiss and two colleagues performed.

Richard Theiss and two colleagues performed.

Sing-along Songs in German

Audience sang along

Prize winner of beautiful portrait.

Prize winner of beautiful portrait.

Honorary member holding rose.

One of our honorary members.

Christmas Wreath with Yacht - fitting for the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club!

Christmas Wreath with Yacht – fitting for the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club!

Quaint winter decorations.

Quaint winter decorations.

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Of course, Beatrice Schreiber was re-elected President!

Here is Beatrice introducing the others:

1.  Hans Gust is the Vice-President again!

2.  Second term 2014/15 for elected Membership Director of the GCBA, Monika Redekop.
Great Job , Monika- we love to have you on board!
Your President

3.  Congratulations to our new elected German Canadian Business Association Community Service and Public Relations Director, Elke Porter.
She is the Teamleader of featured Germany at the 17. European Festival on May 31./June 1. at Swangard Stadium / Burnaby, BC this year!
Welcome to this ” new and fresh addition” !

Beatrice & Elke in 2013