Germans at the EuroFest 2015

This year, Germany was one of 28 countries involved in the EuroFest 2015, held May 30th and 31st.  On our right, we were next to Portugal and on our left, Switzerland.  Our table featured “The Little Black Book of Beer”, an antique globe for children to find Germany on and occasionally the Porsche, Tim, Tam & […]

Tickets for the Saengerfest Still Available!

There are still some tickets available for the amazing singing Festival to take place in Surrey, BC on Friday, June 5th. See 280 voices sing in 8 different choirs, with 3-4 different songs, from 2 different countries in the Chandos Pattison Auditorium. You will even have a chance to sing yourself! If you want tickets, […]

40th Saengerfest – Complete Program Here!

Here are some great reasons to join the MGV Lyra Choir from Vancouver, BC at the 40th Saengerfest. Looking forward to the Hallelujah Chorus, especially. What is your favourite song on the list? Prelude by Karl Schindler and the Edelweiss Musikanten Welcome Horst Zimmermann Chairman National Anthems a. Canada b. United States of America c. […]