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Germans in Vancouver

Hi, this is Elke Porter with Westcoast German News! We have focused on Austrian, German and Swiss people, places and products since 2007. We also promote European events and organizations. Our business directory of European products & services can be found on

I am also excited to finally put together a handbook for Newcomers to Vancouver from Austria, Germany or Switzerland. It is mostly a 25-page directory of German-speaking businesses, organizations & associations.

Moving to Vancouver Living in Vancouver

By Elke Porter

26 pages, published 1/3/2021

This is a Handbook for Newcomers from Germany, Austria & Switzerland who are either preparing to move to Vancouver or are already living in Vancouver.

I am also involved in the German Canadian Business Association, the European Festival and have published magazines, newsletters and other publications for the Swiss and the German Community in Western Canada.

Recently, I have published the following book and would be honoured if you would like to download the .pdf or get a print copy. Learn all about the history of German-speakers in Vancouver, while getting to know the story behind so many of the shops, buildings, organizations or charities established by Austrians, Germans and Swiss.

75 German-Speaking Influential People


By Elke Porter

124 pages

Find out more on MagCloud


Who’s Who both past and present!”


This book is also available on Amazon:

In Fall 2020, during the era of COVID19, we will be focussing on:

  • Business Directory on European News
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Selling the new book “75 German-Speaking Influential People in Western Canada” – a “Who’s Who” both past and present
  • Increasing number of blog posts
  • Banner Ads
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Contact me at:

Elke:  604 828 8788 – Business Directory – Contact Elke – Advertise

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Here are some of the things I have been involved in over the last 20 years:

  1. Supervisor of a German Preschool in Sydney, Australia
  2. Communications for the European Festival
  3. Teaching German School
  4. Public Relations for the Swiss Singing Festival
  5. Swiss Society “Swiss Herald” Editor for 3 years
  6. German & European Blogs
  7. Ran a German Playgroup for 6 years
  8. Secretary for German Canadian Business Association & German Canadian Heritage Plaza
  9. Guest and host on AhornTV, as well as German Today

For 2020, my plan is to expand this blog to include all areas of the magazine and to make it useful for Germans, Swiss, Austrians and any other German-speaking countries represented in Vancouver.

Areas this blog will focus on:

a. Employment opportunities or finding German-speaking employees

b. Events and promotion of events

c. Real estate – both rentals and sales – and finding places to live

d. New in town – expats, immigrants, short-term visas

e. Business promotion, PR, communications and publicity

Let me know if there is any way I can help you with marketing, sales, PR and communication for your business, your event, your product or service. I, of course, always encourage everyone to join the German Canadian Business Association to get together with other Canadians selling German products or Germans selling Canadian products. Besides monthly meetings, you can share your business information on their website and network with like-minded people in Greater Vancouver.

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