100 Years of Swiss Abroad


Fact Sheet for Swiss

Swiss ChoirIf you would like to be included in the book “100 Years of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad”, please download the form here:

ASO_Buch_Concept_EN_151209” target=”_blank”>Organisation of Swiss Abroad

Book on “the 100 years of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad” Fact sheet

A. Profile
First name
Country of residence
Place of origin in Switzerland
Date and place of birth
Something special about you (hobby, short anecdote)

Information not published but necessary for organisation purposes:
Home address

B. Photo
Four passport photos in a good resolution (300 dpi or sent by post). Please mention your name and email address on the back of the photos.

C. Questions
Please answer Question 1 using a maximum of 1500 characters (including spaces)
Who are you? (tell us about your professional and/or private career)
Please reply to three of the following five questions, using not more than 1000 characters (including spaces) in each answer.
1. Is there anything in your daily life which links you with Switzerland?
2. Does your home have a Swiss touch? If yes, in what way?
3. What is your favourite Swiss dish?
4. Do you return to Switzerland regularly?
5. What feature of your country of residence would you take back with you to Switzerland?

D. Language
You can answer all questions in your native language

E. Deadline
Thank you for sending your answers and your photos to us by 31 January 2016, taking care to indicate your country of residence and your name in the file name.

ASO_questions_France_Martin_Patrick.docx ASO_photo_France_Martin_Patrick.jpg

Please use the following email address:

Thank you so much for being willing to participate!

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