$1000 for German Cake Sponsorship at Multicultural Fair

German Cakes

Seeking Sponsors to help cover the costs for the $1000 for Apple Strudl.

What is the Multicultural Fair:

Objectives are to celebrate the diverse cultures at the Prince of Wales Secondary School, to bring together the school community with the community at large and to enhance global learning.  To help students connect with diverse languages, social studies, art and music.

11:05 am to 12:40 pm
February 23, 2018 on Thursday

Prince of Wales Gym.

2250 Eddington Drive
Vancouver, B.C.
V6L 2E7
Phone: 604-713-8974

Tickets cost $5 each and it is ok to buy more than one.

Tickets cover the performances, the display tables, the international foods and the chance to win a prize.  People don’t need to buy a ticket, if they plan not to eat anything.

There will be at least 10 performances around 5 minutes each.

We could also use someone wearing traditional outfits to stand by the German Booth.

Germany would like to present a typical German dessert and would order 20 strudels from Klaus and his Kaffeehaus for everyone to enjoy.  Each strudel would be cut into 20 to 25 pieces, as it is lunch time and there will be lots of other food there, too.

We are seeking at least 3 sponsors to help out – so far, we have the Westside German School, some waiving fees by Klaus and Westside German News sponsoring cake.  Let me know if you would like to be involved!

Regards, Elke

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