25th Anniversary of the Polish-German Neighbourship Treaty

Beatrice Schreiber

Concert Pianist Krystyna Tucka enchanted the crowd

Polish & German "rings" intertwined
Borrowed from the German Consulate of Miami…

The Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of Poland co-hosted a piano concert to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Polish-German “Treaty on good neighbourship and friendly cooperation” between the Republic of Poland and the Federal Republic of Germany.

The treaty was originally signed in Bonn on 17th June, 1991. In the Treaty of Good Neighbourship both countries agreed to respect the rights of national minorities living on the other side of the border, and to promote cultural contacts, particularly among young people. The German text says:  “Vertrag über gute Nachbarschaft und freundschaftliche Zusammenarbeit.”The concert took place Thursday, October 20th, 2016 at 7 pm.

Three ladies with Consul General Beck
©Jadwiga Dobrowolski

The concert featured award winning pianist Krystina Tucka and took place at the Centennial Theatre in North Vancouver, 2300 Lonsdale Avenue.  Admission was free of charge, which was a welcome relief in this busy pre-Christmas season. Several familiar faces from the German community were there – Consul General Josef Beck, Deputy Consul of Germany Bertram Dierkes- Leifeld and Beatrice Schreiber, President of the German Canadian Business Association.

From the Polish side, there were Marcin Trzciński, Consul General of Poland in Vancouver, as well as President Iwona Swiatczak and Vice Presindent

Piano and flags
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Andrew Dobrowolski from the Polish Canadian Congress. The Canadian Polish Congress is a Canadian not-for-profit organization federally incorporated February 7, 1933 in Winnipeg, Manitoba as the Federation of Polish Societies in Canada and reconstituted on March 16, 1948 as the Canadian Polish Congress.

The artist’s repertoire consisted of classics from the great Polish and German classical music composers from Bach, Schubert, Beethoven,

Flowers for Krystina Tucka
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Brahms, Chopin, Szymanowski and Paderewski.

From the website:  https://www.vtixonline.com/event.php?event_id=206 learn more here:

The pianist Krystyna Tucka was born in Poland. She received her Masters Degree in Performing Arts. She completed her post-graduate study at L’Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris Alfred Cortot, obtaining the

Virtuoso Diploma Le Diplome Superieur

The crowd at the Polish-German Concert
©Jadwiga Dobrowolsk

d’Execution de Piano. Later she received an Artist Diploma at The Vancouver Academy of Music where she studied with Lee Kum Sing.

A comment from Beatrice Schreiber was: “Das Concert war einmalig! (the concert was unique or once-in-a-lifetime!) Highlights were the rendition of Schubert – F. Liszt -Ave Maria, as well as the Chopin Polonaise at the end!  Just amazing!”

To find out more about German events in Vancouver organized or co-hosted by the German General Consulate, please see the link below:


Author:  Elke Porter

More pictures from ©Jadwiga Dobrowolskii

©Jadwiga Dobrowolski
©Jadwiga Dobrowolski



Krystyna Tucka
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Opening Remarks
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Beatrice Schreiber & friends
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Beatrice Schreiber
©Jadwiga Dobrowolski
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