A Solution to Replacing Coal in the EU and Canada

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Second Generation Wood Pellets Soon Available…

GLOBAL BIO-COAL ENERGY (GBCE), a privately held Vancouver-based company, has developed the foundation for the creation of a sustainable bio-fuel industry based on converting any type of waste wood fibre from forestry operations (biomass) into Bio-Coal and Biochar.

Bio-Coal is a clean, sustainable alternative to natural gas and coal and significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil coal. It has the same BTU value (22-26 Gj/T) as thermal coal but is considered CO2 neutral. Since it has same properties as coal, it can be stored, mixed, shipped and fed to the boiler without any changes in the user’s fuel handling system. The product can also be tailored to clients’ specifications.

Biochar can be used as a Metallurgic Coal replacement. It is more cost effective and does not have the contaminants of coal. Activated Biochar is also used for the treatment of contaminated water produced by oil and gas industry fracking operations or as fertilizer (Terra Preta) for soil rebuilding and fast-growing trees for forest.

We built 2 prototype plants in different sizes and they both successfully tested the Bio-Coal product in power plants and cement plants in 4 continents. Additional tests have also been successfully done by torrefying white pellets for our clients.

This process has been lengthy and detailed and has involved many professionals on different continents. We own the Bio-Coal patent for our plant, we selected Worely Parsons as our prime contractor to build the plant, we have off-take Agreements, and we selected the Wyssmont Torrefier System to be integrated in our turn-key-plant. We are securing the site and the fibre for our 1st commercial biofuel plant.

Why have we focused on Bio-Coal even though there are other energy solutions? Bio-Coal is an available solution that can be utilized immediately without writing off existing infrastructure. There is also sufficient fibre available worldwide to meet the CO2 Paris Accord target reductions (COP26) until a more permanent solution is found such as hydrogen production from fossil fuels and natural sources, Wind, Solar, Tides, Rivers, thermal etc that are INTERMITTENT in nature and can only be stored/ transported if they are converted into a unit of energy (high pressure or liquid hydrogen).

Bio-Coal is considered as the second generation or advanced wood pellets, usually called black pellets (torrefied wood) due to their appearance after thermal treatment. They are superior biofuel and address the shortcomings associated with the conventional white wood pellets. Their key advantages that have been put forward over the years include the elimination of the need for dry storage and transportation, has higher energy density with better grindability, hydrophobic, non-volatile and no leaching associated with the product, much less dust formation during handling and storage. They focus on power plants, cement and steel plants as direct replacement to coal.

We are looking for investors and /or partners to launch our first commercial plant that will take only 9 months to complete followed by an additional 3 other plants to bring our total production to 1.44 million tonnes per year with an incredible ROI of 0.9 years. To reach this point we have achieved many milestones needed to successfully develop the product.

The company has the technology, experience, and leadership to develop a successful Biofuel business and is now ready to launch its first commercial plant in British Columbia.

For additional information and presentation, please visit our website at: www.globalbiocoalenergy.ca

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