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Everyone needs a promotions and publicity plan – long before the event ever takes place.

Maybe I can help you?  Contact Elke at “admin @” (put it all together with no spaces)

Experience with helping to promote:

a.  German Business Association Events
b.  European Festival Events
c.  Lantern Festivals
d.  Fundraising Events
e.  Parent Advisory Committee Events

Here are some questions you might need to review before contact someone to help you promote your event:

  • What is your key message – what do you want people to know about your event?
  • Who is your target audience – you need to know exactly who you are dealing with
  • What is your main goal of the event:
    Establish your expertise among your peers, the press, or your potential clients or customers?Build goodwill among your audience, or your community?Create and reinforce your brand and professional corporate image?Inform and create good perceptions regarding your company and services?Assist you in introducing a new service or product to your market?Generate sales or leads?

    Mitigate the impact of negative publicity and/or corporate crisis?

What kind of things would you like to do? Develop your plan of attack. What communication vehicles will you use to get your message to the public? Examples may include:​

  • Press releases,
  • Articles,
  • Customer Success Stories,
  • Letters to the Editor,
  • Press Conferences,
  • Interview, or
  • Media Tours,
  • Radio, Television, or
  • Press Interviews,
  • Seminars or Speaking Engagements
  • Event Sponsorships,
  • Social media & video campaigns

Think of some viral marketing ideas – how can you make your efforts visually appealing

Find out how successful your efforts were afterwards by meeting with some of the stakeholders or management team.

You can see some of my promotions on European News Facebook Page: or on Germans in Vancouver Facebook Page:

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