Bringing Your Products to the Market

  1.  Are you from Europe and wish to launch a new product in Vancouver?
  2. Are you already established here and would like to spread the word about your product?
  3. Are you hoping to market your new or existing service?

You might need a:

a. Marketing Plan
b. Public Relations Plan
c. Promotions Plan

Perhaps you have an event where Germans, Swiss, Austrians and other Europeans are your “target market”:

a. Soccer Games
b. Concerts
c. Business Associations/Chambers
d. Festivals
e. Trade Shows/Markets
f. Other: ____________________

PR Plan:

a. Understanding the “current state”: is this a first-time event or has this happened every year? See what competitors are up to…
b. Establish a goal: usually selling tickets or giving people an opportunity to find out about and share your event
c. Define your audience: key audience, segmentation of said audience and plans for each of them
d. Choose tactics: where does your audience spend their time and how can you best reach them using a mix of channels?
e. Measure & report: Benchmarking, campaign monitoring and focus groups
f. Prepare a budget

What will you need:

a. Website
b. Blog
c. Facebook Page
d. Media of some kind (podcast, webinar, webcast, YouTube Channel)
e. Company newsletter

In order to set all that up, you will need:

a. Logo
b. Banner
c. Images (photos)
d. Complimentary colours & design elements
e. Vision or Mission Statements and/or policies & procedures

If you would like your event or company to stand out, you need to consider being “media-friendly”:

a. Include past press releases and media coverage
b. Offer detailed information on your products and services — both short blurbs and detailed specs for those who want more info
c. Include high-resolution pictures
d. Highlight your own achievements and successes
e. Offer a media kit with “press ready” quotes

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