Alison Maclean Grateful to German Base in Afghanistan

Alison MacLean is a Seasoned Journalist and Combat Cameraperson

Filming the concert organized by the German Consulate in Vancouver and the Jewish Consulate from Toronto, called “Israel & Germany Two Cultures – One Future” was Alison MacLean’s way of giving back.  She spent 3 months in Afghanistan and really appreciated the help she received from the German Armed Forces at Camp Marmel, among others.

Two ladies at Camp Marmel
Two German Soldiers at Camp Marmel

Camp Marmal is the largest base of the Bundeswehr outside of Germany. It is next to the Maulana Jalaluddin Balkhi International Airport in Mazar-i-SharifAfghanistan, close to the Hindu Kush mountains. The camp was opened in September 2005 and gets its name from the bordering Marmal Mountains. Camp Marmal hosts the staff of the German Armed Forces in Afghanistan, Regional Command North of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), as well as the Quick Reaction Force (QRF), stationed at Camp Mike Spann.

More than 5,000 soldiers are currently stationed at Camp Marmal. Additional forces come from the US, Croatia and 14 other NATO countries as well as from Georgia. From Camp Marmal, ISAF soldiers conduct work in northern Afghanistan related to physical security and joint civil/military projects, in addition to the major task of supplying the Provincial Reconstruction Teams.

People at Camp Marmel
The Police Chief, Afghan Translator and female Police Officer and Uniform recipient.

I am attaching some pictures from Camp Marmal. I have a nice story of my time on Base last year. Very grateful for the support that I received, as all Journalists have become targets in the Arab world. The Base enabled me to have some security. Each day I was in the Mazar E Sharif Community, without protection. I brought Direct Aid to a Orphanage, Women’s Prison, and the Afghan Police Women, who I feature, and outfitted with over 80 Uniforms last year. Camp Marmal has enabled my Direct Aid, and the Vancouver Consulate is now assisting with my Fund for Computers for Orphans, said MacLean in an e-mail.

Three Afghan Orphans
The Third picture is three little girls at the Orphanage that I will continue to assist.

On her last trip Alison MacLean provided Educational, Medical, and Funds to support these three groups.

Now MacLean is focussing on her new documentary called “Burkas2Bullets”, coming out in 2016:

“My documentary focuses on Afghan security, with profiles of police and military women.

Women make up 50 per cent of Afghan society, and a growing number of women are training to become frontline workers.”

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