Angela Spohr Creates Arts Galore

Schwarze KieferRecently, I learned something about an artist from Freiburg.  Angela Spohr Puppel, a mezzo-soprano singer and music teacher was able to realize her dream by specializing not only in piano, singing, accordion and guitar, but also creating paintings that are inspired by the music she loves. Her professional life explores the connection between form, space, colour and music.

Spohr-Puppel also loves ballads and songs with a connection to the past.  Legends such as “Die Lorelei” (the Lorelei), “Koenig in Thule” (the King in Thule), “Der Fischer” (the fisherman) are among her favourites.  The recurring themes in both her music and her art are oceans, fishermen, mermaids and monsters of the deep.  Most of her paintings have some kind of relationship with water, whether it is rivers, shoreline, the ocean or plants & animals that live in the water and of course the lyrics of great composers such as Schubert and Britten.

In 2006, Angela Spohr-Puppel opened up the “Singschule Freiburg”, (singing school in Freiburg), in order to share her love of music with artists of the future.  Her goal is that music is seen as just as important as academics in schools and society and that it becomes a priority for educators and teachers.  Her courses offer something for each milestone in someone’s life.  For pregnant ladies and the unborn, for small children, for educators and teachers, as well as for both young and old.

RiverRecently Angela Spohr Puppel was part of one group exhibition in Freiburg, Germany, as well as 4 single exhibitions in Breisach, Braunschweig, Berlin and Hamburg in 2014.

To learn more about this interesting artist, please visit her website: &  Here is where you can see her resume, listen to a few sample songs, study some of her paintings and learn about all of Spohr-Puppel’s activities, such as the fact that in 2006, she came to Vancouver to perform at a concert sponsored by the General Consulate of Germany.

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