Artist Vernissage

Artist Claudia Wiebe

Vancouver, February 24, 2023 –

The Vancouver Visual Art Foundation is excited to host Sascha Westendorp and Claudia Wiebe at Art @Bentall Gallery.

About the Artists:

Sascha Westendorp is a renowned mixed media artist with over thirty years of professional experience. 

She moved from Germany to Vancouver in 1998 and hasn’t looked back since, mastering skills like silkscreen printing, desktop publishing, graphic design, and photography along the way.

Her signature door paintings capture the imaginations of people who come across them, inspiring viewers to open up to new possibilities and paths in life.

My art seeks to provide insight into life’s duality and depict the idea of stormy events bringing resolution. Each piece portrays a doorway, allowing viewers to consider potential paths and ponder their meanings. The photo transferred onto the canvas and blending with the abstract surroundings mirrors this message. Multiple layers of acrylic paint come together, creating a sense of peace in the turmoil.

Claudia Wiebe is a self-taught artist who creates abstract paintings and mixed-media art with acrylic paints. Her paintings are inspired by the ever-changing complexities of love and loss, and joy and grief.

Having faced many challenges in life, Claudia has learned to be open to new opportunities and has always had the desire to personally learn and grow. Originally Claudia is from Germany, and she has been living in Canada for over 30 years. Her home and her studio are in North Vancouver, BC.

Join us on March 2nd, 2023, between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m., for the opening night reception, at Art@Bentall Gallery.

Sascha, Claudia and members of the VVAF team will be in attendance to meet and welcome you to the gallery.

You are welcome to dress up!

Sascha and Claudia’s art will be on display at the Art @Bentall Gallery from March 2 to March 28, 2023.

Sponsored by the Bentall Center.

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