Berlin Connection to VanFashionWeek2016

There are two people born in Berlin and one who started out in Hamburg, but worked in Berlin, at this year’s 27th Vancouver Fashion Week. I will be writing about Scarlett Bruns, president and agent of Leo Management, first of all.

Scarlett Bruns

Rojda Hoda and Scarlett Bruns 2016
Rojda Hoda, designer of Gatsbylady London, with model Scarlett Bruns with Leo Management

1. Where are you from?
I grew up in Berlin, near Lichterfelde West/Steglitz. Now I live in Vancouver, BC

2. What made you decide to get into fashion/modelling?
I started out as a plus-sized model for designers like Reitmans, Addition Elle, Dove etc I did runway modelling in Vancouver, Toronto, LA, as well. Started acting in Theatre in Berlin originally and then moved on to film and TV, had the majority of my success here in Canada for some of the biggest TV shows like Supernatural, Smallville, and Tidewaters

3. What are some career highlights and/or favourite designers?
I enjoyed Ivido Brand Jeans, as instead of number-sizes, they have names like Sambo, Sweet Delicious, Flamenco or Spacy. I also like Green Embassy, which is Australia’s first internationally recognised organic fashion label by Zuhal Kuvan-Mills. She uses turmeric and lavender as dye, for example.

Gatsbylady London 20164. Who inspired you along the way?
My little sister, Sabrina has walked runways across Canada, China, Italy and is heading to Peru for fashion Week on March 26 2016.

Great Gatsbylady London

5. What is your favourite city?
Berlin, hands down. I have lots of friends there, but I have family in  Badneun Ahr and Papenburg as well as Australia and Mira Mar (formerly Burma).

About the Designer for Gatsbylady London: Rojda Hoda started sewing and designing clothes when she was a little girl. She worked in factories where she learned every aspect of sewing and pattern making. After that, she strengthened her knowledge with a postgraduate degree from University of London and MSc degree in Fashion a leading University in Great Britain. After obtaining her degrees and coupled with her production background, she moved to the high fashion design industry.


What sets Gatsbylady London apart is the quality of fabrics, unique hand embellished designs and the flexibility of their fits. Their designs are individual, effortless, comfortable and stretches by a size for an easy fit.

Gatsbylady London 20166. What are some future plans for you (Scarlett Bruns)?
I would like to expand my modelling agency, which also caters to actors, musicians, young models and was started as a “for performers, by performers” kind of organization, run by those who had all been professionals in their careers and could now mentor others who wanted to do the same.

7. Why did you call your talent agency Leo Management?
It was named after my astrological star sign – Leo!

Gatsbylady London
8.What are some contact details?

Gatsbylady London:

Gatsbylady London


  • Scarlett loves volunteering and giving back she is involved with the following charities on a regular, and continuing basis: Make a Wish Foundation, BC Childrens Hospital, Starlight Foundation, Looking Glass Foundation for Eating Disorders, Empty Stocking Fund, Big Brothers, Rick Hansen, Paws for a Cause, City of Hope, North Shore Hospice, World Vision, BC Cancer Agency, and Basics for Babies
  • If the German Monarchy was still in effect Scarlett Bruns would be 26th in line to the German Throne
  • Scarlett Bruns is a direct descendent of the Dere Von De-Gaudelle family and is a member of the German and French artistocratic nobility.


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