Book Launch at TenTen Tapas!

TenTen Tapas - under Burrard Street Bridge.
TenTen Tapas – under Burrard Street Bridge.

Last night, Monday, October 19th, also known as Election Day in Canada, I attended Sandra Rechsteiner’s Book Launch at TenTen Tapas, just below the Burrard Street Bridge at 5:30 pm. Her book called “Your Natural Health Beauty and Wellness Guide” was published on Amazon on Kindle late September and will now soon be available in the German language in Europe.

At first, I found the venue a little challenging to find, especially since I had never been there before.  We used to live on Robon Street in downtown Vancouver and had often visited the neighbourhood, because there used to be a Thai restaurant that we liked.  But Sandra made the right decision to hold her charming event in such a nice venue.  ( We all received a gift card for free Tapas and I will definitely be going back to try them out.

Sandra Rechsteiner (left) and Derek Oelmann.
Sandra Rechsteiner (left) and Derek Oelmann.

Once inside, and meeting owner Derek Oelmann, I, and all of the other attendees had such a good time.  Sandra has such a large collection of friends and associates from her days as a fitness coach, from her days as a Networking Marketing specialist for Forever Living Products (Forever Living is a multi-billion dollar company with a presence in over 145 countries that manufacture and sell dozens of exclusive, beneficial wellness products based on one of nature’s purest gifts – aloe vera.), from her days attending Millionaire-related events, from her business as a lifesyle and motivational coach, from her eWomen’s Network and just from everyone she has met along the way. Sandra is also the founder of “Accomplish Now”, her business that will show you how to live a “Level 10 Life”.

She will help and empower you to believe in yourself and your abilities.  As a cancer crusher, she has the power of a “Never Give Up” mindset. She teaches you how she learned to THINK and DREAM BIG, how to transform your body and mind, and how to get rich doing what you love. Find your passion & purpose and live Your life to the fullest. You deserve it. Sandra teaches you how to take action Now.

“I don’t even have to hear what Sandra is saying, I just have to watch the energy and animation she uses to express herself and I am already inspired.”

Quote by me (and everyone else that I talked to about Sandra).

IMG_6576The bookEveryone had an opportunity to sample some flavoured aloe vera gel with either red wine or white wine, to enjoy some tasty Tapas, while choosing the items for the gift bags. We were encouraged to take silly selfies, to leave a video testimonial, to be creative and excited.  Sandra gave a short presentation on Aloe Vera and her book, then she showed us a 2-minute video about aloe vera and how it is produced, and finally she was live interviewed by me with just a few questions regarding her journey to finishing her book, and then the door prize drawing was done.  This is for a 3-day Millionaire Summit that will be held in May 2016.

Sandra was born and raised in Switzerland, where she married had a child and then was diagnosed with cancer when her son was two.  This was the catalyst that helped change her life.

IMG_6587Rest of the story from her website:  (

In 2012, Sandra followed her heart and immigrated to Canada with her family where she decided to live her mission and create greatness. She gave up a great career and a great Lifestyle to find her calling and purpose in life.  For Sandra, her mental and physical health, are always of the utmost importance. She became a certified Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Fitness Coach and teaches others a physical and mental Healthy Living. She is currently pursuing her dream to become a Millionaire and on that journey wants to help millions of others achieve their Health and Wealth dreams too. Freedom means the world to her.

She is now actively helping change peoples lives, she helps ordinary people achieve extraordinary lives by mentoring them simply, effectively and flexibly to develop their own home-based business within one of the biggest industries, Health & Wellness.

Sandra realized early in her career that a) she is passionate about people and their abilities. Her mission is to globally create better Health & Wealth. and b) she is passionate about Personal Growth. She has helped many people find their purpose and passion to succeed in Business and in life.

15 years expertise in Human Resource and Potential Management,  Founder of Coaching/Training Company in Switzerland, World Traveler, certified Personal Trainer, Lifestyle Fitness Coach, Wife and Mother, Certified Train the Trainer, Peaks Training by T. Harv Eker, #1 NY Bestseller “The Secret to the Millionaire mind” Been trained by Blair Singer, Adam Markel, Dennis Cummins, Joel D. Roberts, Sam Crowley, Loral Langemeier

You can purchase Sandra’s book here:

Sandra can be seen here with Monika Becker with Clear Directions (  and Michela Quilici, Managing Director of the eWomen’s Network Vancouver Metro Chapter.

Sandra, Monica, Michela

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