Brainstorming Session for Potential German Restaurant

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January 19, 2023, Vancouver, BC: Currently there are no German restaurants in the City of Vancouver. My idea is to set up a 2-year German Pop Up Restaurant right here in Kitsilano, offering opportunities to share German food and culture with Vancouverites and other lovers of German food and drink. The question is: is there enough demand for this kind of business? Who would like to help fund it (4 investors donating $500,000 each for a 10% stake, for example). Who will attend the Opening Night Gala? And who will join the Alpen Haus Club (not to be mixed up with the Vancouver Alpen Club) Society (that is still being set up) for only $25. You don’t have to be German to join this project – just love German beer, German food or German pastries. Yum.

To discuss these matters, I have set up a brainstorming session on Zoom next Wednesday at 11 am on January 25, 2023. If you would like to attend to join a volunteer board of directors, arrange to entertain using your artistic musical or other skills, invest in the project or just be a promoter to your circle of friends/acquaintences, please sign up on Eventbrite:

I am also willing to partner up with another type of cuisine to create the first hybrid restaurant of its kind: German/Japanese, German-Korean or German Chinese or Thai etc. Let’s get creative and make it happen!

The only way this dream can come true is to make it happen through partnerships, sponsorship and plenty of local support. The first step is to find a good German-trained chef that we could build our brand around. The second step is to decide to rent or own. The third step is to find investors.

Vancouver still needs a place where people can go to celebrate Fasching, Oktoberfest, Euro Cup Soccer, Christmas, Silvester (New Year’s) and more. They need a place to listen to accordion music, watch the local Schuhplattlers and eat a traditional Schnitzel with Spätzle. We also need pastry, Pastry for breakfast or morning tea. Pastry for afternoon Kaffee und Kuchen and Pastry for dessert at anytime of day. They need Gemütlichkeit, a Stammtisch and “Where everybody knows your name and they are always glad you came.”

In short, let’s make it happen and bring a taste of Germany to Canada.


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