Braun Foundation for International Exchange

International Student exchange

Vancouver, BC April 14, 2023 –


The Non-Profit Braun Foundation sees itself as a mediator for the needs of schools, universities, businesses and exchange organizations, and a facilitator for the intercultural education of (future) applicants, the further education of internationally placed employees, as well as supporting individuals and organizations in other related areas.


We would like to contribute towards a mutual understanding between cultures, and develop and promote different educational and economic systems. To this end, the foundation facilitates crucial exchanges and meetings at an international level.


Tolerance, Integration and intercultural communication are very complex terms. The Braun Foundation brings these principles to life, and through an operational and supportive foundation business, incorporates them into our daily lives and our society.

To reach our goals and fulfill our vision we cooperate, support and interlink colleges, high-schools, state and private universities, Language Schools and Exchange organisations, NGOs, NPOs, private companies and State Organizations.

Together with the extensive and diverse Braun Foundation network we have established the International Exchange Service of the Braun Foundation (PESIE) and the International PESIE Student ID Card (IPSC).

The project “Preparation Colleges in Germany” complements the Foundation’s main purposes and activities.

Here is the website:

The foundation developed a portal solution called (portal of expert services for international experiences) in cooperation with universities, associations, exchange organizations and companies.

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