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The information found in this blog post come from this website: https://ec.europa.eu/trade/policy/in-focus/ceta/ceta-in-your-town/

CETA offers new opportunities for EU businesses of all sizes to export to Canada. The agreement eliminated tariffs on 98% of products that the EU trades with Canada. This amounts to approximately €590 million in saved duties per year once all the tariff reductions kick in. It also gives EU companies the best access ever offered to companies from outside Canada to bid on the country’s public procurement contracts – not just at the federal level but at provincial and municipal levels, too. CETA creates new opportunities for European farmers and food producers, while fully protecting the EU’s sensitive sectors. The agreement now means that 143 EU high quality food and drink products (the “geographical indications”) can now be sold under their own name in Canada and are protected from imitation.

Austria in Brief

Some Austrian companies have set up 80
production sites in Canada, including:
 Austria Metal AG
 Engel Maschinenbau
 Doppelmayr
 Frequentis

There are about 30 Canadian affiliates
located in Austria, such as:
 Magna – the largest automobile parts
manufacturer in North America.
 BRP-Rotax – develops and
manufactures engines.
 TMS Turnkey Manufacturing
Solutions – produces automated
assembly systems; subsidiary of
Valiant in the same sector.
Bombardier Transportation –
manufactures trains and underground
railway systems.
 Husky Injection Molding Systems –
supplies machinery for the injection
molding of plastics.

CETA Numbers in Austria
Numbers from Austria

Germany in Brief

Germany’s main services exports to
Canada are:
 transport services
 information and communication
technology services
 maintenance and repair services
 architectural services
 engineering services
 scientific services
 professional and management
consulting services

Canadian firms hold €1.6 billion in assets
in Germany, with important investors
 Rio Tinto Alcan
 Research in Motion
 CAE Electronics
 Bombardier

CETA Numbers from Germany
Numbers from Germany


Luxembourg’s main services exports to
Canada are:
 financial services
 transport services

Luxembourgish goods exports to Canada:
€95 m (2015)
Luxembourg’s major export to Canada
(€60m in 2015) is steel, which is already
tariff free.
CETA will bring big savings on customs
duties by eliminating duties on 99% of all
tariff lines, of which 98% will already be
scrapped at entry into force.
Luxembourg will benefit from tariffs
being removed on virtually all of its
exports, in particular:
 Machinery and electrical equipment

Numbers from Luxembourg
Numbers from Luxembourg
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