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Consular Christmas Market

My father and I attended the Consular Christmas on Saturday to see what was going on.

From their website:  “Visit our unique Christmas market! Over 20 stands will be filled with Christmas items and countries’ specialty food and beverages. Get into an early Christmas atmosphere by the smell of warm Swiss Glühwein and Colombian coffee, and go home with hotel and restaurant vouchers from the auction. Bring the whole family and be welcomed by Santa in the kids’ corner!”

You had to pay $5 admission at the door, which went to the Charity SOS Kinderdorf.  “We are well on the way to becoming the first Developmental, Interactive, and Therapeutic Village in the SOS world, providing unprecedented support to the children and caregivers utilizing a trauma-informed approach. To provide this environment, we strive to offer four experiences to every individual who comes into contact with our services:  a feeling of safety, relationships in which they feel they can trust, opportunities to collaborate and choose the services that they are involved in, and lastly help in building the skills necessary to move forward and function well on the daily basis.”

The event was hosted by Consulate General of Switzerland in Vancouver

The first thing we saw was this sign:

Country Flags & Signs
©Dietrich Klaue

We were surprised not to see the flag of Germany, but they explained that Germany was officially supporting their Christmas Market: if you click on this ad, it will take you to their website.

Vancouver Christmas Market

All of the following pictures show some aspect of the market, with some of the countries being Switzerland, Belgium, France etc.

Rose Hamilton - SOS Kinderdorf
© Dietrich Klaue – She represented the charity SOS Kinderdorf that was being supported by this Consular Christmas Market Saturday & Sunday
©Elke Porter – Swiss offering Raclette
Elke at Consular Christmas Market
©Dietrich Klaue – Elke visits the Consular Christmas Market
©Elke Porter
Table with Flag
©Dietrich Klaue
Beautiful porcelain doll
©Dietrich Klaue
©Dietrich Klaue
©Dietrich Klaue
Consular Christmas Market
©Dietrich Klaue
Beautiful handcrafted dolls/pets
©Dietrich Klaue
The Belgian House
©Elke Porter


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