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Please contact Elke by calling me at 604 828 8788 or meet me in Kitsilano in person! You can also e-mail me at

porterprvancouver @ (all together, no spaces)

I am also on the Board of the German Canadian Business Association

Other Websites

  1. www.germancanadianbusiness – German Canadian Business Association
  2. www.luxurybrandsvancouver – Luxury Brands Vancouver

Facebook Pages I am managing:

  1.  Germans in Vancouver – for Germans-speakers in Vancouver – includes Austrian/Swiss
  2. Westcoast German News – connected to my blog
  3. European News – European News Platform
  4. Saarland Büro Vancouver –

Elke has also joined a variety of social media channels:

  1. LinkedIn –
  2. Pinterest –
  3. Youtube –
  4. Instagram –

You can learn more about Elke Porter or Westcoast German News by reading the stories.

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