Countdown to Christmas

Twas the month before Christmas and all through BC,
People were & shopping & setting up their Christmas Tree
The stores started sales beginning in November,
For those celebrating on the 25th of December.

Many cultures added diverse celebrations
From all corner of the world BC welcomes the nations.
The cooking, the baking, the foods for the parties
Were prepared and devoured, appetites were hearty.

The front of the houses were decorated in style
But in the back garbage was starting to pile.
The paper & packaging soon created a mess
Recycling bins & trash cans were groaning in stress.

While cleaning their houses, inside and out
The refuse overflowed and just lay about
Some people thought “Is this right?”
How can I reduce, reuse, recycle more each night?

They researched how to make recycling succeed
By using cloth bags to buy things they would need.
Or how to make home-made paper bag wrapping for free
Or how to rent a live potted Christmas tree.

Where to drop off electronics to make room for new ones
Where to recycle their batteries when they were all done.
How to have parties and events that generate zero waste
How to ensure that treats are healthy, yet still had a great taste.

Reduce the amount of gifts that you buy,
Reuse wrapping paper, decorations or at least try.
Recycle all the things that you can this year
Fill your life with joy, peace, love & volunteer.

Try to keep Christmas greener than white
It’s not that hard to do things that are right
Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy New Year!
And I wish you all a healthy season of cheer!

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