Covid19 in Germany


There are several countries doing better than others during this Covid19 pandemic and one of them is Germany. The other countries are New Zealand, South Korea, Switzerland and Taiwan. Germany has a death rate of only 0.4%.

What can we learn from them?

First all, like South Korea, Germans have been testing as many people as they can since the very beginning of this crisis. This means they were able to isolate infected people sooner and keep them from spreading the infection along to others. They were able to see how many asymptomatic patients they had and were able to treat those with severe or serious symptoms and thereby save lives.

Second of all Germany has an excellent medical system with high staffing ratios, excellent education & training, as well as a high ratio of care beds, especially in the intensive care unit. According to the Financial Times “At the outset of the pandemic, Germany had 28,000 intensive care beds, more than most of its neighbouring countries. In recent days that has been raised to 40,000, as hospitals brace themselves for a huge influx of patients with Covid-19.”

Third of all the health of those with the corona virus varies from country to country and in Germany, many people caught the virus after a skiing trip in a neighbouring country that had a large outbreak. But the Germans who caught it, although older, were healthy enough to travel and ski and were therefore more immune to the disease than those with pre-existing medical conditions and ill-health.

To sum up, test early and often, provide enough medical beds for everyone who is sick and don’t travel to infected countries. Another thing that some countries were reluctant to do at first, is to close borders to unnecessary travellers.

Now Germany, with an older population, might still yet succumb to the corona virus with higher death rates or more spreading of the virus, but in the meantime, they are getting ready in a unique way. According to The Guardian “The eastern state of Saxony is at the forefront of a campaign calling on foreign doctors, including the thousands of refugees who arrived in 2015, to help. According to the Facebook group Syrian Doctors in Germany there are 14,000 Syrian doctors waiting for their qualifications to be approved.”

This is definitely the time to “get by with a little help from our friends” as the song goes, as those countries who have either stockpiled enough masks and ventilators or have close friends or allies who have are doing better than other countries! Germany, so far, has enough ventilators and masks and has even taken patients from Italy who are suffering with the corona virus and couldn’t find a hospital bed to recover in at home.

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