Curve Digital Report Card

Curve Digital Gives your Online Presence a Report Card

Curve Digital ServiceCurve Communications, a PR and Digital Media Company in Vancouver, BC is offering a way to help small and medium-sized businesses across North America by offering them a free “Snapshot Report”. The report looks at your company’s listings, online reviews, site visibility, and their level of engagement on social media. Any company interested in improving their online reputation can sign up with “Curve Digital”, a comprehensive social media, review monitoring, and online listing package.

Once signed up, you will fill out a questionnaire that will help Curve understand what to post and come up with a business strategy. Do you want to entertain? Educate? Inform? Do you want more engagements or more followers? Do you have a key message for a target audience? Are they satisfied with their reputation, or do you want to improve?

At only $499 a month, along with a $500 one-time set up fee, Curve Digital has “got your back” online. They will accurately build your online business profile, manage your social media accounts and engage with potential customers.

“41 per cent of online business listings have an inaccurate address”, George Affleck, President & CEO, Curve Communications, always says. “78 per cent of people surveyed in a recent poll say that it’s very important to look up information about people and businesses online before deciding to interact or do business with them.

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If you need more than just digital reputation, Curve Communications offers additional services,like marketing strategy, creative production (logos, visuals, websites), advertising & public relations, content creation, online marketing, and video production.

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