Der Kiepenkasper in Surrey

KiepenkasperSaturday, January 24th,  Uwe Spillmann from the KIEPENKASPER Theater performed at the Surrey German Language School.

Link to the Surrey German School:

At 9:30 he presented “Reise zur Pirateninsel” and “Die drei Zauberfedern” for the E-classes (DaF or Deutsch als Fremdsprache).

At 11:00 he performed “Du bist ja gar kein Ungeheuer” and “Der Schneemann ist ein armer Tropf” for G-classes (DaZ or Deutsch als Zweitsprache).

It was a community event and therefore they invited family, friends and neighbours. Beatrice Schreiber, President of the German Canadian Business Association, was one of the guests who truly enjoyed herself.

Several years ago, the Kiepenkasper also performed at the Westside German School.  Here is a link to their website:

BeatriceThe Surrey German Language School was proud to offer this Northern German Tradition of a puppet show to their students and were glad to see so much support from the community.

Thanks to Yvonne, for sending us these pictures.

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