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Some Updates for 2015

Last year, Deutscher Platz received its first Facebook Page, seen here:

Deutscher Platz Facebook PageSo far, we only have 44 likes, but we are hoping to have at least 500 by October 3rd, 2015.  If you are on Facebook, please like this page, and share it on your wall, so your friends can like it, as well.

The GERMAN CANADIAN  HERITAGE PLAZA COMMITTEE is an independent, non-prof­it society, which, on behalf of the German-speaking public, assumes the responsibility of maintaining the space and carries out these responsibilities based on jointly established regulations. Every year, a different association of the Board takes over as Chair, in order to keep the distribution of duties dynamic and up-to-date.

Each year, the Board of Directors invites VIP’s, honoured guests, members of the German Community and the general public to the Anniversary of the German Canadian Heritage Plaza on Sunday, closest to October 3rd (Tag Der Deutschen Einheit) at 2.00 PM to an Official Celebration followed by a traditional Reception at the Vancouver Alpen Club.

Blog of Deutscher PlatzNext year, there will be a very special year, as the Deutscher Platz turns 30!  In honour of this, I have created a blog, that I will keep updating to not only invite people to our event in 2015, but also to start getting ready to contribute to our event in 2016!  If you are an artist or know of any artist who would like to be involved, we would welcome you to step forward to contribute in some way. More information about this will be available soon. You can click on the picture of my blog to take you to it.

Some of the content I am hoping to provide soon are biographies of committee members, as well as more information about the sponsors who have so faithfully given annually to keep the Deutscher Platz going.  We are very grateful for their support.

A Little History

In honour of EXPO ’86, GRACE McCARTHY, the Minister of Transport at the time, contacted all multicultural groups in Vancouver, to construct park-like areas along the new Sky Train  route. Immediately, the GERMAN-CANADIAN CONGRESS founded a working  group known as the “Parkway Committee”, which pursued the idea with a great deal of initiative and enthusiasm. The next step was fundraising. Through the intense commitment of all  committee members, they were able to collect very generous dona­tions.  in  BC as well as in Germany in a very short period of time. Thanks to the German-speaking population in Vancouver, associa­tions, corporations, churches, schools and the media, this space could be created.
The Place was build after a model that adapted ideas of the design provided by landscape architect G. Edel. The GERMAN CANADIAN HERITAGE PLAZA was born. Once the construction was complete, Axel Hoyer began laying out the garden. Ebco, Eppich brothers” made the plaques and had the donor names engraved at no charge.In 1953, Helmut Eppich emigrated to Canada from Yugoslavia and together with his twin brother, Hugo, established EBCO Industries Limited, of which he is now Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.  Mr. Eppich recently received the order of BC: Goetz Lange-Michels donated the log; Mr. Martin Hammerl from Armstrong carved the logo free of charge. Here is the website of the company that used to belong to Mr. Hammerl : that still exists today, although he has retired and now Steve Reimer owns it.
Sign with original donors of Deutscher Platz

The opening ceremonies took place on June 29, 1986. Reputable representatives from public life and about 2,000 enthusiastic partici­pants attended.

Here is a plaque listing some of the original donors, which includes my parents, my grandmother and my great-grandfather.

If you have any interesting pictures, stories, news items about Deutscher Platz, please forward them to me, and I will publicize them on my blog or on my next edition of Westcoast German News Magazine.

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