Final European News Mag

Vancouver, September 2019, the decision to go to digital only is final. Unless I can find a sponsor, I will be unable to continue to offer a print version and will be posting strictly on Westcoast German News or European News.

My goal is to bring the German and European Community in Western Canada together through blog posts, articles, photos, event promotions and more. The European News website will offer a directory for European Businesses in Western Canada. Westcoast German News offers Swiss, German, Austrian stories of people, places and products from the west coast of Canada and the US.

Another new thing is to create a membership platform for individuals, charities/non-profits, businesses or corporations who would like to support me and my work. In turn, I will be promoting my sponsors and supporters through all my platforms.

Otherwise, I am busy with other projects, such as Background acting (being an extra on TV), volunteering for my daughter’s school and the European Festival.

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