First-Time Author Sandra Rechsteiner!

Interview with certified trainer & lifestyle coach Sandra Rechsteiner!

September 2015

Sandra HappySandra has recently written her first book: Your Natural Healthy Beauty and Wellness Guide, where she shares the benefits of “nature’s purest gift” Aloe Vera. After helping Sandra edit and prepare her book for publication, I felt that my readers might be very interested in learning what motivated Swiss-born Sandra to want to write this particular book and why you should buy your copy today!

1. How did you get an idea for the topic?

My idea was to create an everyday guide to educate people about the many benefits of the power of nature’s purest gift Aloe Vera. This amazing plant has been around and known for centuries and yet in today’s world is not being used on a daily basis to prevent and help heal sickness. I personally have experienced how important mental and physical health is and personally have experienced how aloe vera can you stay vital, fit, healthy, beautiful and happy. Little plant with big benefits!

2. Who inspired you along the way to keep writing?

My husband and all the people around the Globe already introduced to the amazing benefits of Aloe Vera and who I successfully helped in becoming Forever FIT, healthy and beautiful with Aloe Vera. I experienced people getting rid of allergies, ekzymans, restless leg syndromes, joint pain, headaches, colds, excess weight, digestive problems, sleep problems, burns, lack of energy and much more, and in my case Aloe Vera has helped me becoming pain free after holistically smashing my untreatable cancer over a period of 8 years.

3. Did you enjoy writing when you were in school?

Not at all and I don’t do it now honestly either. It is more my passion for the message that I want to get our there and my drive to help millions of people. And the great thing is, I ask for help, I provide the content and there are pro’s, who can turn my writing into a outstanding writing:-)

4. What is your background in health and fitness?

I love watching sports and doing all kind of sports. I used to play a team sport called handball (popular in Europe) as a teenager. I experience people, who do fitness, with a different mindset – it is kind of a natural drug and energy and happiness source. Being active helped me a lot during my illness, my body recharged and I had less pain. I became a certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

5. What do you hope that your readers will do after reading the book?

After reading this book, you will simply feel like you have to run out and get some Aloe, trust me. I help you to make the right choices to add Aloe to your daily routine and I hope you will decide to value Health as your # 1 priority and take action now before it is too late. I help you change your Lifestyle and you will become unstoppable.

6. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Me and my husband are traveling the World, living at different places. I will be speaking on stage in front of thousands of people and empower and educate them all, on all contingents to choose NOW to live their live at its best and to Dream BIG.

7. How can people use this book?

This book is available in e-book version and paper version. A MUST-READ for all the people you care about. The more people read about the power of Aloe and how it can positively increase their well being, restore their beauty for a longer lasting life, the more we all can help others. I can’t do this alone and therefore I invite all the readers to invite others to get the book. I invite you to carry where ever you go, the every day use tips are easier to look up that way and you are always ready to make a difference to the World, because when you meet someone, who can benefit from this book and who can not, you can sell it to that person too.

Your Natural Health, Beauty & Wellness Guide is HERE:

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