German Artists Needed ASAP

HeArt of Europe Festival 2014The “HeArt of Europe” festival is going to be part of VIVA Granville Social Vancouver – weekend of July 18th and 19th creatively transforming streets into vibrant public spaces during the summer. The festival will be located on Granville Street.

HeArt of Europe Festival, an exciting family-friendly event, where everyone can experience and enjoy the rich and diverse cultures of the countries of Central Europe. Support and join us in celebrating the arts, music, folk dances and much more in the heart of the city – Granville Street Vancouver! 

The “HeArt of Europe” Festival will be celebrating the arts, dancing and music of Eastern Europe and presenting the artists from different arts disciplines.

An entrance gate in the shape of heart will invite visitors to walk through and enter into the “Heart of Europe”. There will be several big wooden hearts, symbolically representing each Central European Country. These hearts were designed by well know European artist Fero Liptak who was a special guests of the festival last year. He was a set and costume designer of a popular international show “The Magical Theatrical Vending Machine” which was commission for Cultural Olympiad and it was a part of all celebration sides during the 2010 Winter Olympics Games.

We are also planning to have a public interactive art creation by placing two big wooden hearts on the street and marking down the questions: “What does art mean to your heart?” & “What country are you caring in your heart?” Visitors can answer these questions by writing on the hearts with a marker.

During the day of the festival we would like to have a Flash Mobs with the popular “chicken dance”.

We have a “Call for Artists” to:

Transform a metal barrel into beautiful artwork. City of Nations Society encourages unique and creative use of materials, innovative approaches and originality. Each artist will paint one used barrel ahead of time and one during the festival. Art pieces will be displayed at the festival.


We will also have a traditional beverage garden with European drinks and food.

Here is the link for the vendors application:


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