German Canadian Business Association AGM

New Board Elected at the 2016 AGM of the German Canadian Business Association

April 5th, 2016; Vancouver – The German Canadian Business Association held their Annual General Meeting at the Jaegerhof on Monday, April 4th in North Vancouver. The meeting began at 6 pm, while members were finding their name tags, and networking or catching up with old and new friends.

German Canadian Business Association Goodbye Rebecca
Rebecca Lees smiles after receiving her gift basket thanking her for 20 years of service!

Monika Redekop chaired the meeting, which began at 6:30 pm. There was one minute of silence observed for members that had passed on before. The directors then gave their reports and the old Board was released. The new Board was chosen quickly and everyone was accepted into their position with unanimous support.

The four positions that remained the same were: Beatrice Schreiber as President. Hans Gust as Vice-President. Monika Redekop as Membership Director. Alden Aumann as Treasurer. The Secretary position was split into two: Kirsten Friedrichs as Bookkeeping Director and Elke Porter as Communications Director. Finally, Susanne Ziehr offered to take on the Social Director position.

Bill Konnert
Bill Konnert, the Social Director for the last 5 years, is happy to have new energy on the Board.

Wolfgang Christl, though not officially on the Board, offered to continue to be in charge of the Welfare Committee. The Community Service Committe, responsible for distributing additional funds to charities or churches was tabled. Both new and returning Directors were thanked for their commitment and loyalty to the German Community. Rebecca Lees and Bill Konnert who both moved on to focus more on their careers and families, and will be missed.

Wolfgang Christl requested that any members who wish to participate, share their birthdays with him and the Association, so he can acknowledge and celebrate with them every year. There was also some discussion around giving businesses an opportunity to be featured on the website and on Facebook or for business owners to write a blog post sharing their latest promotion or product. A new member suggested sharing everyone’s business, service, product or company, so people can easily network with one another, or mentor newcomers.

Salad at the JaegerhofThe meeting ended and the Schnitzel dinner, followed by an house-made apple strudl was enjoyed by all. many of us also enjoyed the jaegerhof Version of the Hugo Drink:  The word Hugo is a derivative of the old high German word ‘hugu’, meaning ‘mind’, ‘heart’, and ‘spirit’. The cocktail is believed to have been originated in Tyrol, the western part of Austria famous worldwide for its ski resorts. It is refreshing and light, similar in look and taste to the already popular mojito. Ingredients are 1 shot elderberry syrup (or St. Germain liqueur), 2-3 slices lime, 2 pieces mint, 5 ounces prosecco, 3 ounces mineral water and ice.

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