German Castle wins Second Prize!

“Winter Castle at Christmas!”

We got the results back from Grouse for the Gingerbread Village competition and the German Winter Castle at Christmas created by the Metropolitan Hotel and sponsored by the German Canadian Business Association came in second place! Here is what our contact at Grouse wrote:

German Gingerbread CastleIt was a very tight race! Based on popular vote (5376 hard ballots, 798 online votes – weighted 25%) and votes from a panel of four judges (including Z95.3, SONiC and Jack FM – weighted 75%), the top overall placing competitors are…

1) It’s Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas (Team: The Sweet Shop)
2) Winter Castle at Christmas (Team: Metropolitan Hotel and Pastry Chef Emiddio Isernia)
3) Baby It’s Cold Outside (Team:

The castle was sponsored by four members of the Association, among them Beatrice Schreiber (President) and Rebecca Lees (Secretary).

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