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German Classes During Summer 2015!

Learning GermanSummer is a time when it is easy to forget German for children who are learning it as a second language. If you have children who would like to attend 1/2 hour sessions once or twice a week, please let me know:
a. Conjugating verbs
b. Memorizing and building on vocabulary
c. Writing short paragraphs
d. Learning one song each session

These classes could be organized on a weekly basis and held here in Kits. There will be a $5 drop-in fee, and your child should bring their water bottle & a snack, as well as a notebook & German dictionary. Ages 8 to 18. Note: this is for children who aren’t native German speakers and need extra help to learn basics. I myself have a “Sprachdiplom 1” and have workbooks and dictionaries here to use. Maximum 10 kids per class.

No need to sign up regularly, as classes will be held on a mutually agreed basis.  First class would be Thursday, July 2nd, 2015 at 11 am, just to get us started, and then we can all discuss the next class at pick-up. If you are away on holidays, you can just contact me to see about next time.
If there is a particular area that your child is struggling with, please let me know and we can build it into the curriculum.



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