German Show at the Vancouver Fringe Festival

Paco Erhard running after Berlin subway
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Vancouver, September 6, 2022 – In 2018, he sold out the Waterfront Theatre and won Pick of the Fringe with his 5-Step Guide to Being German ,a stand up comedy show about cultures. Now, one pandemic later, German comedian Paco Erhard returns with this darkest, most personal, and possibly most hilarious show yet: Paco Erhard: Worst. German. Ever.

In Paco Erhard: Worst. German. Ever., the Munich-born comedian mixes biting social satire with deeply personal experiences: his father’s slide in to dementia, his ideas to get Red and Blue States to compromise, baffling run-ins with neo-fascists in Calgary, COVID causing his and his Canadian partner’s break- up, and why he is nervous about moving to New York:“ I’ve been woke for quite awhile now, but I’ve never done it competitively.”

Most famous for his cross-cultural stand up, Erhard explains: “I realized that the more I opened up about my struggles and rough times recently, the more people went ‘oh my god, me too’ and opened up themselves. Around the world, the personal and political spheres haven’t been this intertwined in a longtime–and laughing about everything together has been cathartic.

”The German funny man has been a staple performer at comedy festivals worldwide since 2011, selling out shows at Edinburgh Fringe, Edmonton Fringe, Melbourne International Comedy Festival and New Zealand International Comedy Festival among many others.

Now based out of the USA, Erhard is hot off a stupendous run at two of the America’s largest fringe festivals, Orlando and San Diego, winning multiple awards, including Critic’s Pick and Patrons’ Pick. And he has his eyes on yet or e impact in Canada and the US.“

I am well aware that nothing makes people dig out the word‘ oxymoron’ more than a German comedian”, he says. But, Erhard says, being funny was his way to fit in as he grew up in eight 00 different regions of Germany, lived in the UK, Italy, Spain, and America and travelled the world for many years.Being forced to develop a sense of humor to adapt, he quips, “helped me overcome this of course completely factual developmental disability of all us 82 million Germans. I’m an inspirational story of what is possible.”

Paco Erhard sits by graffiti

And being the great-grandson of a high-ranking German politician ousted by the Nazis and reinstated by the Americans after the war, his political comedy he says may “have a lesson or two from German history to help America not completely f***up in 2024”. However, Vancouver audiences should not think that Paco Erhard: Worst. German. Ever. is a show about Germany and America only and that Canada will escape Erhard’s mischief: “If your trucker protests earlier this year showed us anything, it’s that Canada needs fixing and deserves lampooning too. So buckle up, my friends!”

Venue, dates, and times:

Revue Stage, 1601 Johnston Street, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9

•Fri, 9 September–10:00pm
•Sun, 11 September–6:30pm
•Tue, 13 September–4:30pm
•Fri, 16 September–6:15pm
•Sat, 17 September–4:05pm
•Sun, 18 September–4:30pm

Runtime: 75mins.


• Online:
•By phone: (+1) 778-918-8273 (Tue–Fri: 11am–4pm).
•In person: At Festival House, Cartwright St., Granville Island, V6H 3R8

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