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Westcoast German NewsSometimes I like to see what is going on (or not going on anymore) in the German Community on the west coast. If you just have a look at this short list of German-related publications or media, you can see that there have been many changes over the years, especially lately. So many Germans came in the 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s that have now reached the Senior stage in life.

This demographic might not be able to or be willing to go online. Yet, they don’t place ads, as they have retired. So we are left with publications that either go under or go online. The ones who go online are then usually almost forced to cater to a younger, more technologically proficient crowd that also has different interests, expectations and culture. It is then all about responsive, mobile-friendly, image-based, “modern” websites that inadvertently leave Seniors by the wayside.

The only solution is finding someone willing to sponsor a German print publication for all ages, or to start teaching our seniors how to use the Internet. This could be a project for the German Schools. Assign each student a “senior” partner and help them set up e-mail, surf the Internet, increase font size and cut and paste content/images. What do you think?

I am listing companies that no longer exist and companies that still exist or are new. If you know of any changes to the following list, please let me know.

I am focussing on German papers, TV & Radio Shows, Newsletters, YouTube Stars etc. that are from California, Oregon, Washington, BC and Alberta.

Media Companies that no Longer Exist:

1. Infokus with Richard Weichsler

2. Kanada Kurier – Der Kurier

3. Neuschottländer Bote

4. Pazifische Rundschau/European Weekly

5. German Today with Bernadette Berry (TV)

6. Dacher Post – with Paul-Peter Dacher

What is still around:

1. California Germans:

2. Prost Amerika:

3. Die Kleine Zeitung mit Herz: no website that I know of

4. AhornTV:

5. Westcoast German News:

6. Swiss Herald:

7. Swiss Info:

What is Around the East Coast

1. Amerika Woche:

2. Das Fenster:

3. German Canadian Directory Inc:

4. AHK Newsletter:

5. Echo World:

6. Hofbraeuhaus News:

7. Das Echo:

8. German Life:

9. Wochenpost USA:

10. German Corner New York:

And new, from October, 2014, here is Information regarding Sputnik:

Sputnik produces its own multimedia content and broadcasts in: Russian, Abkhaz, Azerbaijani, Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, Crimean Tatar, Dari, English, Estonian, French, Finnish, German, Georgian, Hindi, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Latvian, Moldavian, Polish, Portuguese, Pashto, Spanish, Serbian, Turkish, Tajik, Uzbek, Ukrainian, Japanese.

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