Germans at the EuroFest 2015

German Table at European Festival
Elke, Kecia & Manuela at German Table Saturday

This year, Germany was one of 28 countries involved in the EuroFest 2015, held May 30th and 31st.  On our right, we were next to Portugal and on our left, Switzerland.  Our table featured “The Little Black Book of Beer”, an antique globe for children to find Germany on and occasionally the Porsche, Tim, Tam & Tom were on display to delight our visitors. A few feet away, the table with “Free German Books” was also a highlight with many people coming back to pick up even more German books.

For those of you who don’t want the party to end, I would encourage you to get a ticket to the 40th Saengerfest to be held June 5th – next Friday.  Many of the “who’s who” in the German Community will be there.  To network, listen to traditional music and to enjoy being together. Book tickets here:  Horst Zimmermann email: click here or Rudy Milz email: click here

4 Carriers of the German Flag
Consul B. Dierkes- Leifeld , Anika, Beatrice Schreiber, Sophia
Shy Sophia just before flag ceremony
9-year old Sophia just before the flag ceremony, wearing an authentic dirndl

Germany also had 5 volunteers participate in the flag ceremony.  Mr. Wolfgang Christl – aka Mr. Oktoberfest, (not shown here) Consul B. Dierkes- Leifeld, Beatrice Schreiber with the German Canadian Business Association, Anika, daughter of volunteer & German Table organizer Kecia, along with Sophia, daughter of Westcoast German News owner, Elke.

The German Canadian Business Association also planned a “Beer & Bratwurst” event for its members on Saturday in the beer garden at 5 pm.  Saturday was simply a glorious day! Although there are a few people who couldn’t make it due to travels or other  commitments, we had an enjoyable time together.

Wolfgang Christl being authentic
Member Wolfgang Christl holding the beer stein – just about big enough
German Canadian Business Association
German Canadian Business Association enjoying beer & bratwurst
Concordia Choir
Concordia Choir will be one of 8 choirs performing in the Saengerfest Friday
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